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Message Corner-648

Message Corner

(Shumara 648)

Message (08-06-18):

Allah's three great bounties are: Shahaadat, Ramazaan and Friday. How great credit it is if a Mu'min is blessed with all the three! Three companions have got killed. Supplicate today to convey them reward and for the protection and safety of all Mujaahideen. Make the contest of 25th Ramazaan strong expressing love and loyalty with the Shuhada. Talah Shaheed says to me in dream, "O Maternal Uncle, hold competition in our commemoration and then see the result. We are witnessing the result. Miraculous invasions are daily made in Kashmir. Those who pronounced the operation "All Out" are now busy with the operation "Flee Out." Yesterday, the picture of a rifle was showed on the media. The Mujaahideen had snatched it away from the Indian army as the spoils. In order to make the Muslims recall the spoils, a complete Surah named Al-Anfal is found in the Holy Qruan. Anfal means the spoils. How lucky are the Mujaahideen who are reviving Quranic words and phrases in their lives! The Mujaahideen on the fronts, this year, worked on daily objective basis. Now, the member of Guidance Deptt. should put in hard labour during the last seven days of the campaign. People rob Muslims' wealth in the name of numerous so-called wel-fare organizations whereas you have honesty, duty, and sacrifice so advance and do favour to the Ummah. When their property is invested in Jihaad, their lot will become good in this world and the Hereafter if Allah wills. Goodbye لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

Message (09-06-18):

May Allah bless us with perception of Din! Venerable Sahaabah acquired this Kalimah and Din after great hardwork and sacrifice so they valued them by loving Islam and hating Infidelity. They would forgive their personal enemies but did not spare the enemies of Islam. They would curse the Infidels and enemies of Islam in the last decade of Ramazaan specially. They wanted to wipe out Infidelity from the world. They abominated Infidelity so they waged Jihaad against the Idolators as well as cursed them. Both these things weakened the Infidels, and Infidelity and the wealthy of faith reached trillions of Muslims whereas we do not value Din nor hate Infidelity rather love the Infidels regarding them as successful and superior to the Muslim. We consider cursing them against civility. The situation has worsened so much that Infidel children are brought up in the Muslim families whereas Allah curses the Infidels again and again in the Holy Quran as لَعْنَۃُ اللّٰہِ عَلٰی الْکَافِرِیْن O brothers! tomorrow's competition should be so grand that the Shuhada should greet us. Goodbye لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

Message (10-06-18):

Only the lucky individuals are blessed with the chance to serve Din. Allah be praised, some of our companions put in hard labour by the sweat of their brows despite old age, fasting and heat. Allah willing, they are kings of the Paradise. Everyone is not blessed with openness of heart about labour for Jihaad. Many people get tired very soon and indulge themselves in comforts and luxuries whereas constant work in this sacred path without fail, without getting tired and without fear is actual success. May Allah bless us with perseverance till our enviable death! For this purpose, it is obligatory to all the companions to create mildness and humility in their manners. Mildness and service beautifies, popularizes and stabilize every deed whereas harshness and arrogance make every deed ugly and rejected. Work much but do not consider it much in quantity because the Hereafter and the Paradise are very great and precious. If we calculate, we cannot buy even a few square foot room their byinvesting all our labour, wealth and life. It is Allah's grace that He makes our deeds weighty so make your deeds weighty with the help of four things like sincerity, constant work, mildness and service. Moreover, all of us should be anxious about our enviable death. Goodbye لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

Message (11-06-18):

May Allah bless the Muslims with good reward! May Allah bless those who are investing their wealth in Jihaad with health, bounty, security, honour, protection and holy children placing at least 10% multiplicity in their wealth, removing their worries making their children a source of coolness for their eyes and ridding them of diseases, disasters and troubles. May Allah guard them against punishment in the grave and difficulty in Hashr and bless them with the Paradise blessing them with honour and high ranks due to their financial participation in Jihaad! This is supplication of the heart sought with humility on the tongue. Allah be praised that the competition in commemoration of the Shuhada stood glorious and powerful. The province Abu 'Ubaidah won this competition. On the other hand, the province Syedina Zubair won this competition. We should keep in mind the actual target of this campaign i.e. Allah may bless us with enviable death in a state of faith by getting pleased with us! What more if we are blessed with enviable death we have interest in the wealth which people give us? We should always look to Allah. Goodbye لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

Message (12-06-18):

May Allah accept the sacrifice offered by our companions. They have offered great sacrifices. Ah! Six companions have got killed. Good luck to the grooms of celestial wives in the month of Ramazaan who were blessed with the first night in the Hereafter on 27th Ramazaan. May Allah accept their Shahaadat! I remind all of you and myself of Jihaad in the way of Allah in the light of fragrant blood of these Shuhada. This is sacrifice of life, wealth and wishes for the sake of Allah's Din. We should not entangle ourselves in the world. We should not make high plans for the mortal life in the world. After dedicating all our time to Allah and the organization, we should not indulge in the business of the world. We should show utmost care and honesty in collective wealth. We should deal with our subordinates kindly and justly and should not prefer anyone to any other due to our personal interests. We should use our authority according to the Shariah. We should regard obedience to the Amir as our honour and credit. We should keep demanding Shahaadat from Allah sincerely in love for Allah. Getting fed up with the world, we should never demand Shahaadat nor death. We should reform our morals so much whoever sees us, begins to love Jihaad and Din. We should weepingly seek refuge with Allah against hypocrisy. The dangerous hypocrisy of the last era is to persuade people to good things but indulge oneself in evils. O Allah, we seek refuge with You. The cure of hypocrisy is to regard sin as a sin and to repent of it. Goodbye لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

Message (13-06-18):

Allah has placed life in Shahaadat. It becomes known from narrations that when the Muslims are tyrannized by the Infidels or the Muslims meet a loss, a few Muslims set forth to revenge, special help from Allah comes down. Allah be praised that we have experienced and observed it many times. It certainly happens the same. When six companions got killed the day before yesterday, the fire of revenge was ignited in the hearts of a few valorous young men. They made so wild fierce attacks that the enemy found no chance to hold festivitieis rather is duly weeping, wailing and mourshing. Surely Allah's promises are true. The Muslims of the occupied Kashmir and India should join the Jaish-e-Muhammad. You need not cross the border nor need any foreign aid. Jaish is found there very high-ranked Shuhada are leading it. The spiritual domain of those Shuhada is spread far and wide. Seek help from Allah after establishing two Raka't then search out the Jaish and then become the Jaish-e-Muhammad which is the caravan of faith, tauheed, mad-love for the Holy Prophetﷺ caravan of determination, meeting of knowledge and Jihaad, foundation of mysticism and fighting and persuasion to modesty, piety and God-fearing. O Allah! Accept it. Goodbye لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

Message (14-06-18):

One of the bounties of Allah is capacity to pay the Sadaqah Fitr. Despite being so Generous, Allah honours His slaves by accepting Sadaqah Fitre from them and accepts their fasting and devotion in Ramazaan due to its blessings removing faults in fasting and Ramazaan. Sadaqah Fitre is an annual devotion which works the whole year and life. Pay Sadaqah Fitre from your own side and the individuals and children under you very fondly. The richest should pay Rs. 3000 for each, the average should pay Rs.1000, the lower than they should pay Rs. 500/- and the poor should pay Rs. 100/- the indigent should pay Rs. 60/- but those who cannot pay Rs. 60/- even, should recite third Kalimah the maximum and enjoy themselves as their reward is confirmed. How strange that the Muslims who eat Rs. 1000/- meal for one time, pay Rs. 100/- only. This is deprival and loss for them. Every devotion has its own impacts and benefits. The bounties of Sadaqah Fitre can be gained through Sadqah Fitre only not by any other expenditure. So do not waste this opportunity which comes after a year. The campaign is working well but much, behind the target. O dear ones of Karachi, achieve the last year's target. May Allah bless us with good ending of Ramazaan as well as our lives! Goodbye لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

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