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Message Corner-463

Message Corner

(Shumara 463)


Allah has placed bounty in the day of Thursday. The deeds of Allah's slaves are presented to Allah on that day. The Holy Prophetﷺ would observe fast on Monday and Thursday. Thursday is the neighbour of Friday. Fragrance is created in the people who remain attached with the people of fragrance. The impact of Friday's fragrance is found on Thursday even. It will be good if we pay for the sacrificial trusted animal the very today and invest our wealth in it. It will be very useful if Allah wills. Keep in mind, the loved one i.e. Friday is approaching with Maghrif. So, competition of reciting Durood should start. Goodbye.لاالہ الااللہ محمدرسول اللہ 


May Allah grant us with the capacity to do good! Do you want to become a millionaire? When the British ruled  over India, the person possessing Rs. 100,000/- was called a millionaire because currency was strong then. The entire army of Hazrat Syed Ahmad Shaheed would eat food twice in Rs. 02/- today's millionaire is the person who has countless wealth. Do this if you have courage. Take a hair cutting machine and cut the hair of a lamb, a goat or a cow equal to the space of a palm, put them in a polythene bag, go home and count them. Is it not very difficult?  The Holy Prophetﷺ has told us that there is a virtue of in lieu of each hair for the one who slaughters an animals. It is infidelity to doubt the Holy Prophet'sﷺ promise. If you slaughter only one sacrificial animal, you will become a trillionaire with countless virtues. O Brothers, this grand occasion comes only once in life. So, offer sacrifices generously but enjoyment of devoted trusted sacrifices with "Ar-Rahmat Trust" is unique. One is delighted to know how many holy needy peoply eat its meat. It is Allah's favour that I have paid for it. So, do not delay. لاالہ الااللہ محمدرسول اللہ.


Allah has blessed the first ten days of Zulhajjah with great excellence but sorrowfully, most of the people do not know it. Venerable Sahaabah would discuss that each day of the first decade of Zulhajjah is equal to 1000 days and 9th Zulhajjah equal to 10,000 days. Collecting traditions on the excellences of this decade, Ibn Katheer says, "These ten days are better even than Ramazaan i.e. the value and weight of virtuous deeds increase in these ten days." So, our ancestors would  put in hard labour for Hajj, Jihaad, fasting, sacrificing animals, charity and other worship so that the Recording Book might become weighty. All of you are requested to create awareness in you and the Muslim Ummah about the excellence of these days. Prepare just now to gain and earn these days. Tell the traditions of excellences of these days in your speeches. Tell the excellences of this decade in a way so that they may instil in their hearts. A fresh column is going to be published on this topic soon if Allah wills. Moreover, the message will try to remain with you till the day of Eid. It is an uphill task so, it will be next if Allah wills. Goodbye.لاالہ الااللہ محمدرسول اللہ.


May Allah protect us against His wrath and punishment! Getting tired of worship, hating Allah's friends and loving the disobedient to Allah all are the signs of Allah's wrath and punishment. As death approaches near, the Satan's invasions increase. He makes man discouraged and dishearted so that we may stop preparing for the Hereafter. There is discouragement, disheartedness and ill-luck. Those who watch  movies, matches, work as servants, keep watch for eight hours in Rs. 1000/- only do not get tired but the workers for Din get tired. Why? It is invasion of the Satan and the Self. O Believers! It is a very short life. We will be dead today or tomorrow. We will be able neither to work nor labour. Accounts for our life's deeds will start in which a virtue equal to a grain of rice will be counted and a sin equal to a particle of cotton will be taken into account. Then, some people will say, "O Allah, send us back we will do virtuous deeds. We will work much. The answer will come, "No, not at all! No, not at all! Now the Recording Book has closed." O Brothers! The Recording Book is open now. It can be filled with virtues. So put in hard labour. Those people whose hearts have withered should gain courage and power through Allah's  Zikr. Accelerate the campaign for sacrificial animals. Those who receive it every year, are demanding it now whereas the givers are not many. Do not cause me ashamed and disappointed. Goodbye.

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