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Message Corner-465

Message Corner

(Shumara 465)


May Allah absolve us all! Do you know, "What is absolution?" It means so great forgiveness from Allah that there is not any interrogation, "Why did you do this and why did you not do, this?" Only the dictum comes that there is no accountability and the letter to enter the Paradise is issued. Subhaan Allah! A tradition says,  "There are a few moments in the world when absolution is granted at once if asked." O Allah forgive us!  Good-bye


Allah Akbar! The Holy Prophetﷺ taught Salaat Tasbeeh to his dear Uncle Hazrat Abbas. It is a very wonderful prayer. We are ordered to invoke Tahleel, Takbeer and Tahmeed in abundance in the first decade of Zulhajjah. These words occur for  300 times in these four Raka'at. In other words, the first step of abundance is completed. We start Salaat Tasbeeh with Allah Akbar! Now, there is neither any call nor interference. Abundance of Takbeer, Tahleel and Tahmeed in four Rak'at.  Some learned people differ on the proof of this prayer but the leader of the Mujaahideen Hazrat Abdullah bin Mubarak is inclined to it. So, we establish it peacefully. Good-bye.


 اللہ اکبر اللہ اکبر لا الہ الا اللہ . Salutations to those who worked for Sacrifice in this decade of Zulhajjah that they earned much reward in a grand task in a situation when there was flood, seditions and dangers. I hope this year's campaign will far excel the last one. May Allah accept their labour and bless them with forgiveness. Now, the actual days i.e. the day of Arafah, the day of Nahr and days of Tashreeq have started. So, excelerate your work. It is night of Friday. Competition for Takbeer and Durood has  started. The pilgrims have assembled in the Mina. Tomorrow is their day of Arafah. One of your brother today made his blood his witness and became Shaheed of his Lord. Good-bye.


 ..لبیک اللھم لبیک..اللہ اکبر It is the day of Arafah in the field of Arafaat today i.e. the day of Hajj. At present, the valley of Arafaat is echoing with the Talbiah of the Believers asلبیک اللھم لبیک.  O you who dream of wiping out Din of Muhammadﷺ, cast a glance at the field of Arafaat, your souls will tremble and shake due to awe. O you  who draw sketches, Hazrat Muhammad'sﷺ name is the dearest after Allah's name in the field of Arafaat. Salutations to the Shuhada of Islam, their blood is receiving its reward in every deed. The souls of the dear Shuhada also assemble in the field  of Arafaat on the day of Arafah every yearلبیک اللھم لبیک.  O you who keep guard at the Jihaad fronts, your Recording Book is becoming weighty today on the day of Arafaat. Excellences of the Day of Arafaat are numerous. Allah's love for His slaves on this day is unique. The fact is that even the laws on the day of Arafaat are separate. If you observe fast, the past and future sins are forgiveness. Is it not a different law? It is said that maximum slaves of Allah are freed from hell on this day. O Allah! Include us in them. It is said that Allah feels pride in the presence of the angels of the people of Arafaat. It is said that the best supplication is on the day of Arafah. All these excellences are found in authentic narrations. O Allah, we humbly request You for forgiveness, Your good-pleasure, protection against the hell, Your mercy, good end and accepted Shahaadat. Good-bye.


May Allah be kind. The Ulama of Afghanistan have made a very wise decision to celebrate Eid and Ramazaan according to Makkah and Madinah. Same is the religion of Hazrat Imaam Abu Hanifah that there is no separate moon for every street and ward.  Owing to this blessing of this decision, there is no dispute in Afghanistan about the moon. There is much discussion in Pakistan about Eid-ul-Azha. Some people want to celebrate Eid on Saturday, the KPK people on Sunday whereas the rest of country on Monday. Our organization was assigned the duty of  donated sacrificial animals. So, it is stressively pronounced to slaughter these animals on Monday  not at all before this so that no Muslim's sacrifice may go waste. The responsible members of  the organization are advised to get these animals slaughtered under their charge. Not a single sacrifice should be missed. No sacrifice should be before Monday because most of the people who donate sacrificial animals belong to the regions where Eid will fall on Monday. Animals of such people cannot be slaughtered before Monday. Secondly, all the donated sacrifices should be complete till Tuesday evening because the day of sacrifice for the KPK people is Tuesday. I advise you to fear Allah and observe piety with regard to the matters of Shariaha'h. Good-bye.


Allah Akbar! Allah be thanked for the wealth of Belief and Kalimah Tayyibah. No wealth is equal to  it. Allah be thanked for every bounty that is falling on us due to His mercy. Allah be thanked for the fall of so sweet decade of this Zulhajjah. Allah be thanked at the bounty of Jihaad, Hajj, Sacrifice and the Organization. Only those know the value of this organization who endear their Faith, who demand the Hereafter and who endear the prevalence of Islam. How can those know the  value of the organization who have got enmeshed in their whishes and desires. This is the organization that persuades to every virtue and forbids every vice. This is the organization of the Fedai for Islam, people of sacrifice, Allah's rememeerance, Friday and mad-lovers. Beautiful faces of the Shuhada have begun to come beore me. The campaign for sacrifice is coming to an end. Now, the direction of labour should be towards collection skins of animals. This campaign is very precious. There is sacrifice of one's own Eid for the sake of Din. It causes nearness to Allah. There is exhaustion and dirt in this campaign. This exertion causes the routes open. There is humility in this campaign which leads to the actual heights. It is investing blood, labour, sweat and hardwork for the sake of Allah's Din. This labour is showered on the dear ones whose day of death is the day of their actual marriages, comforts and delights. O Allah! Include us in them. Good-bye.


Allah Akbar! Eid greetings to those with whom there is Eid today. Delight of the Mu'min lies in pleasing his Lord. Keep in mind the Takbeer Tashreeq after every prayer particularly from 9-13 Zulhajjah Asr. Good-bye.


May Allah protect us all against negligence of Allah, rust and death of the heart! Firstly, the heart grows negligent. Then it rusts and that rust kills the heart. O Allah protection! Death of the heart is a very dangerous thing and ticket for the hell and Fire ..اللھم یا مقلب القلوب ثبتنا قلوبنا علی دینک وحی قلوبنا بذکرک.  It is Thursday. The days of Tashreeq are ending. The competition for the life and purification of heart i.e. Durood will start with Maghrib if Allah wills. Good-bye.

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