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Message Corner-467

Message Corner

(Shumara 467)


May Allah bless us all with eternal sweetness of Faith! It is Thursday. Friday is going to  start from Maghrib. So offer presents of Durood, recite Surah Al-Kahaf, rush to Friday prayer excelling others in Remembering Allah, sweetness of washing and fragrance, tranquillity due to supplications, spending in the way of Allah, treasures of Charity and Shahaadat on the day of Friday and fondness for union with Allah. Greetings to the Muslims. Good-bye.


May Allah make the time period of our age precious! New Islamic year in the Holy Sanctuaries has started i.e. it is 1st Muharram, 1436. It is Zulhajjah 29 with us. Possible, the new year starts with Maghrib.  You are requested to pray attentively. If the moon is sighted, the message about  Muharram will be conveyed. Good-bye. 


May Allah make 1436 AH. the year of virtues, blessings, mercy and conquests. The moon has been sighted. Detailed message could not be sent. I shall try within two days if Alalh wills. Good-bye.


May Allah be kind to the Muslim Ummah! The Muslims of Khaiber Agency and Jamrud are homeless. These honourable, modest and religious Muslisms who had been leading prosperous lives in their houses, are undergoing hard trials of homelessness with their modest veiling ladies and innocent children. May Allah remove the trouble from upon them! We heartily pray and sympathise with them. All the Muslims should pray for the timely emigrants to Peshawar. Relying in Allah, our organisation has started the Relief Work for them. The pious people should cooperate with the organisation. Good-bye.

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