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Message Corner-466

Message Corner

(Shumara 466)


Allah is very kind, very Merciful, the All-Merciful. It is His assistance that the task of the organization is progressing rapidly and spreading beyond imagination. The Recording Book of the comrades who are working sincerely is becoming weighty.  They are making a strange spiritual progressماشاء اللہ لاقوۃ الاباللہ. Think a little please that Allah has given us an organization of Belief. So, we should work with complete openness of heart, zeal, zest and gratitude. What will happen tomorrow? Who will exist tomorrow? No one knows. Why should we worsen our present by imposing tomorrow's  doubts upon us? Allah be praised, the task of the organization is flourishing from the Masjid to the war-front. None should recede nor consider himself pensioned. Thank Allah and value this bounty. It is Thursday. Friday is approaching. If we value it, it will  escort us to the paradise. A tradition is that Friday will come very beautifully on the Day of Judgement and escort those to the Paradise who value it. So, we start competition of reciting Durood. Allah be praised. Good-bye.لاالہ الااللہ محمدرسول اللہ


One of the priceless bounties of Allah is the capacity to work for Din. Everyone is not blessed with this grand bounty. Those who are blessed with it, should keep offering thanks from the core of the heart. When the provincial body of the organization was being framed today in Rawala Kot, I missed Haifz Commander Sajjaad Khan Shaheed. He had strong wish to spread and strengthen  the task of the organization in Rawala Kot. Regionalism is prohibited in Islam but love for one's area and mad-love of promoting religious task there is a desirable deed and requirement of Belief. Brother Sajjaad wanted this thing. Today, the Standard of the organization is raised bearing Kalimah Tayyibah and persuasion to Jihaad in the way of Allah with new zeal and zest. See the miracle of the Shaheed that the good luck of standard bearing fell to the lot of Rawala Kot. Good-luck Sajjad Shaheed! Good-luck Azad Kashmir. On the other hand, the internal Sind had also been made a permanent administrative province and work with new zeal and zest has started. Good-luck to the people of the Sind It is hoped that both these provinces will collect a huge assemblage of loyal Muslims and Fedai of Islam in the lap of Din. Good-bye.لاالہ الااللہ محمدرسول اللہ


May Allah better the last part of our lives than the past one! Hijrah year 1435 is going to end i.e. another year of  our lives has passed. Now, how many days or minutes are left, we don't know. It will be good if we think of our next abode and reduce anxiety for the present. Alas! So many Mujaahideen who had sold their lives in lieu of the Paradise are lost in the bazaars. They are wasting their time for plots indulging themselves in the world. Is it not disloyalty to the transaction made with Allah? O brothers! Nothing is gained thus. This world is a deception. Those who were in Jihaad for the time being are lost in business. They should not oppress themselves. They will be neither for Jihaad nor business if they do not repent. None should say that none has advised them. Business is not unfair but they have devoted themselves to business. Sahaabah also did business but they were firm to their covenant. They did the work of the world for the sake of Din. They followed Shariah. They did not abduct anyone when they became caliphs on the earth. The  Caliph of the time resorted to the court to receive his armour from a Jew so that religion may be used only for Din not for wealth and their own lives. O brothers! Accept this compassionate advice. I nourish nothing in my heart than well-wishing and love for you, neither jealousy, nor rancour, nor hatred, nor conspiracy. If you follow this advice, it will do good to you first of all, then your children, then the organization and then the Ummah. However, those who already do business or a service besides part-time work for the organization should continue their business in lines with the Shariah. Goody-bye.لاالہ الااللہ محمدرسول اللہ

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