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Message Corner-469

Message Corner

(Shumara 469)


It is Allah's favour that He keeps the door of repentance open for 24 hours, accepts repentance, and loves those who repent۔ He stretches His hand in the morning to forgive the sinners of the day. He forgives every sin due to true repentance no matter the sins are bigger than mountains. He blesses us with Friday regularly so that we may gain Allah's nearness, repentance and His mercy. It is His favour that He multiplies reward of Durood on the Friday night and makes it a source for us to earn more and more. It is His favour that He blesses us with Friday prayer, its sermon and effort to remember Allah. He makes death on Friday a source of absolution from punishment in the grave. He makes Surah Al-Kahaf a refuge for protection against seditions. It is Allah's favour that Friday is again starting from this Maghrib. Goodbye.

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