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Message Corner-471

Message Corner

(Shumara 471)


It is Allah's favour that circulation of the paper "Al-Qalam" has widened. It is a very lovely paper. Many people inform me that the said paper became the source of their guidance. Forty days' Training Course at the headquarters is going on in which man gets ample religious knowledge. The heart swells with pleasure at the arrival of non-scholar companions that they are anxious to embellish their Din and the Hereafter. When a few members of the Advisory Committee came to join this training, love for them increased even more. The door for three formations remains ever open in the organization. 1. Warfront and training 2. Madrassah Awais Qarni to rememorize the Holy Quran. 3. Initial and basic training courses, Tafseer of the Holy Quran and training for virtue. O brothers! These are very sacred training courses. Get benefit and quench your thirst. It is Thursday. Competition for Durood will start if Allah wills. Goodbye.


The Muslims should remember the months and dates that Allah has mentioned in the Holy Quran. It is 29th Muharram. New Islamic month, safar, may start with Maghrib. Most probably, this new month may not start today but tomorrow. No one knows which day becomes whose day of death. So, every day and every month may be started with Allah's Remembrance and the Sunnah supplications. Goodbye.


May Allah make this new month the month of Belief, Faith, Peace, Safety, Islam and protection for us? The moon has been sighted. Routines should, please, be observed. Goodbye.

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