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Message Corner-475

Message Corner

(Shumara 475)


May Allah make us work for Din! Good thoughts are also a blessing. I think, the number of participants in the Training Course in Karachi will reach 500 if Allah wills. Millions of Muslims will strengthen their Faith through training for Jihaad if Allah wills and beneficence of the Shuhada of Balakot will be discernible from Hazarah division to Shahrah Qaraquram. A new province of the organization after long meditation and consultation is going to be announced on Friday under the title  "Province of Syed Ahad Shaheed, Hazarah division at Mansehra under the good management of Mujaahid Anwar.بسم اللّٰہ مجرھاومرسھا There will be persuasion to Kalimah Tayyibah, establishment of prayer and Jihaad from Hazarah, Bonair to Gilgat. O Allah help us and accept it! Friday is going to start from Maghrib. Respect it, serve it, offer it presents and receive presents through recitation of Durood and Allah's mercy.


May Allah bless us all with enviable death in a state of complete Faith! When I listened to the BBC after several days, comments of an evil-spirit upset me. Wealth from usury is unlawful in Islam and filthier than the filth coming from the body of the dog. "Nobel Prize" is formed from usurious wealth. An evil-spirit named Malallah was expressing delight and pride at receiving this prize. Seeing all this, I thought how greatly  Allah's enemies value the people who can be put to work against the Muslims. But do we also value the people who are precious for Islam and the Muslims and whose living and dying is solely for Islam and the Muslims? O brothers! Friday is about to start from Maghrib. Your thirteen devoted brave brothers got killed in the way of Allah a few days ago. Make arrangements to convey reward to these princes on Friday night and Friday day and present them maximum gifts individually as well as collectively. Their names are: Nek Muhammad, Mazhar, Ijaz, Aqil, Usmaan, Altaf, Shoukat, Farooq, Abdul Shakur, Zaakir Allah, Maqsud, Mash-hud and Abdul Wahhaab. Good luck to all those Shuhaada  and holy saints. Now start recitation of Durood. Goodbye.


May Allah be kind to the Muslim Ummah! The mishap of Peshawar has shocked us greatly. More than 132 innocent children have been killed. It is really an open oppression and barbarismانا للہ وا نا الیہ راجعون. I heartily condole with the affected families. May Allah bless them with patience and courage! Alas! The flames of crusades of Bush are burning every house in Pakistan. There is merciless massacre of Muslim children at some places and inhuman bombing at the Muslim houses at other places. What to weep and what to tell? O Allah mercy! Goodbye.


O slaves of Allah! Don't fear anyone save Allah. I do not say so. Allah is saying again and again, "Fear only of Us not anyone else." The Holy Quran started teaching this lesson from the very first para and continued doing so to the last one,  "Fear only Allah. Do not fear anyone else." How should we not feel fear? The enemies are very poisonous. Allah said, "Take My shelter and enter My castle reciting.قل اعوذبرب الناس.قل اعوذبر ب الفلق."    Sahaabah were waging Jihaad. The enemies raised clamour, "Be afraid! Be afraid! Run away!" Sahaabah said,  "Why to be afraid? Allah is with us. حسبنا اللّٰہ و نعم الوکیل   Those who feel fear in the present situation should recite the last two Surahs of the Holy Quran for one hundred times each and recite حسبنا اللّٰہ و نعم الوکیل the maximum. O brothers! None save Allah can give us life and death. Stand firm in the path of Allah. Both life and death in this path are dear and sweet. Goodbye.


May Allah bless us with good in the day and the night! This is 30th of Safar, according to the Islamic calendar. The new Hijrah and lunar month will start with Maghrib if Allah wills. The name of the month is Rabi-ul-Awwal. Welcome it warmly. I remind you of the Sunnah deeds. Goodbye.

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