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Message Corner-477

Message Corner

(Shumara 477)


Allah does not let go waste the deeds of Shuhada of Islam. Today, I met commander Sajjaad Shaheed in dream. He was greatly happy and delighted. He met me with great love. I was thinking about its realization that the news came, "Twenty-three individuals from Rawalakot have set forth to get Religious Training." I perceived the cause of his delight. The Holy Quran tells us that the Shuhada are anxious about their surviving successors. Salutations to all the Shuhada of the Battle of Hind. Salutations to all the Shuhada of Islam. Friday is going to start after a short while bringing with it two types of contests: 1. First competition for Durood, hasty march to Friday prayer and recitation of Surah Al-Kahaf. Second is competition for labour of Din, persuasion to Belief competition to populate the Paradise, filling the lap of Islam with loyal sons of Islam; the competition for the determination that changes the direction of the oceans and causes the descension of heavenly assistance. Do start and make these moments of your life precious. We have wasted much time in gossips, hooting, marriage ceremonies, playfulness and other rites. Now, repent of it and devote full time to religious work devotedly and courageously. Goodbye.


Allah has made man His vicegerent which is a very high post. Allah has made man His slave which is a great good luck. How strange that Allah's slave and vicegerent wastes his life in eating drinking, love making, amassing wealth, treatment of diseases, gossips, fulfilling his wishes, playing and sleeping. Alas! O man, you do not estimate your lot. Allah has blessed man with a great bounty i.e. courage. He who seeks finds. Man conquers mountains and oceans with this courage, controls snakes, anacondas and lions, melts iron, captivates air and controls fire. The Satan always tries not to let man take courage. If he does so, he may invest it in useless tasks. The Holy Prophetﷺ told us the supplication and inculcated hatred in us against discouragement. اللھم انی اعوذبک من العجز و الکسل  O Allah, I seek refuge with You against disheartedness and lethargy! We come to know that disheartedness and lethargy are bad things. We should seek refuge with Allah against them. The Holy Prophetﷺ says, "When Allah wants to bless a slave, He uses him." He was asked,  "What means using?" He said, "He grants him with the capacity to work for Din before dying." O brothers! Competition for courage. Let yourselves be used for Din and become precious. Look? How many people are used for the Pagans. How many are used in the hands of the Satan? It is a great misfortune. Is there any courageous youngman to be used for Allah's Din? Goodbye.


Have you ever thought which is the biggest bounty of Allah sent down on the earth by Allah? That bounty is Hazrat Muhammadﷺ. O Yes! Uncountable mercies and blessings on the Holy Prophetﷺ ever since the earth has been created and will remain existing. O Muslims! Feel pride in your good luck, offer thanks and  exult that we have been blessed with the biggest bounty all over the earth. Whoever gets attached with this bounty becomes so precious and gains nearness with Allah. Like the members of the family and venerable Sahaabah, we could not find the company of the Holy Prophetﷺ but the door to link, the door to love, the door to slavery, the door to obedience and fidelity with the Holy Prophetﷺ is open. The door to getting sacrificed for Din and pleasing him is open. The door to falling at  the enemy as a punishment  is open. Fragrance from Madinah is arising. Clouds of resplendence from the Holy Grave are appearing. O brothers! Strengthen your link with your compassionate dear lord. This is guarantee for success. He gave us Kalimah, prayer, Jihaad, Life, character and honour of Islam. Muster up courage and protect everything given by him at the cost of your lives. Goodbye.


May Allah protect us all! He is the biggest of all the protectors. Allah says .ان ربی علی کل شئی حفیظ   Do invoke this verse. When the situation in the battle of Ahzaab grew intense, and the hearts began to come to the mouths, the Sahaabah requested the Holy Prophetﷺ to supplicate for them. He said, "Recite اللھم استر عوراتنا وآمن روعاتنا."  This supplication is really the key to protection and conquest. The members of the organization should make it their routine and recite Kalimah Shahaadat for fifty times for safety against capture and not to be afraid of capture. It is the Sunnah of Hazrat Yousaf. The government has intended fully to destroy this country. It is rendering its long boundary unsafe by pestering the Afghan Taalibaan on the one hand and is torturing the religious sect on the other hand; the sect which maintained peace in difficult hours even. There are raids and captures everywhere. All the comrades should supplicate, repeat the deed of بسم اللہ  and gear up their positive labour and not to be afraid of the people who are not afraid of Allah. Keep in mind, fleeing from task of Din is not at all fair. Demand help and courage of Allah and put in hard labour. Listen! Hark! How sweet voice is coming from the cave of Thaur. Listen    لاتحزن ان اللہ معنا.. Do not grieve! Allah is with us. Goodbye.


May Allah bless the Muslim Ummah with Muslim rulers who understand Islam and act upon it. The name of present president of Afghanistan is Ashraf Ghani. His wife is a Christian. She has established a church in the royal palace. She says that her husband does not have information about Islam but understands Christianity  fully. This is Ashraf Ghani's Din. As for his power, he is requesting the foreign forces not to quit Afghanistan so soon leaving him all alone. The state of his love for Pakistan is that he has seated every enemy of Pakistan in Kabul and has provided sixteen headquarters to the Indian RAW. Still our government relies in Ashraf Ghani but is pestering the Islamic Emirates and is displeasing her well-wisher like Hazrat Mullah Muhammad Umar Mujaahid. O dear, fear Allah and come to senses. There is ferocious Modi to your one side and cunning enemy Ashraf Ghani to the other side and poisonous enemies in the country in the name of civil society. You are establishing military courts in the country under stress of these three sects. Neither robbers, nor rapers of chastity nor thieves nor lingual killers will be tried in those courts. Only the religious sect will be crushed so that military as well as masses may get defamed even more and none may survive to defend the country. What sagacity is it? Which peace will be established through it? But what anxiety you have. You, like Shoukat Aziz, will settle abroad. The loss will fall to the masses here. O Allah, bless the ruling people with perception and guidance. O brothers! Invest all in labour for Din. Only labour for Din and sacrifice are solution to every sedition. Place trust in Allah and set up the field for competition. If you feel any fear, do utter ecstatically. حسبنا اللہ و نعم الوکیل  Goodbye.

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