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Message Corner-484

Message Corner

(Shumara 484)


May Allah grant us all with the capacity of accepted prostrations. The status of prostration is very high. Its virtues are so many. The slave is blessed with maximum nearness with Allah in prostration. These days, the doctors have deprived so many people of the bounty of prostration. Whether there is backache or spinal problem, neck or disk problem, the first dictum comes,  "Do not prostrate nor recline." So, there are chairs in every Masjid these days. So many healthy people walk to the Masjid but sit on the chairs. This situation is not good. The Muslims should love prostration and collect maximum accepted prostrations in their Recording Books. When a Muslim prostrates, the Satan weeps bitterly. Supplications in prostrations are granted. The Holy Prophetﷺ will recognize his Ummah from the marks of Prostrations on the Day of Judgement. So, take courage. Give up chairs and prostrate. Do not deprive yourselves of prostration as long as there is a pressing obligation. Goodbye.


May Allah bless us all with His Zikr i.e. Remembrance of Allah. Remembrance is the thing that takes hold of the mind and the heart. We should forget everything when we remember Allah. Prayer is granted if we recall Allah in it. Jihad is successful if we recall Allah in it. Business becomes sacred if we recall Allah in it. Allah! Allah! Allah! It is 29th of the lunar month. The new Islamic month may start with Maghrib. It may also start tomorrow. Keep waiting so that you may ask Sunnah supplications and good deeds. Friday is also going to start with Maghrib today. Competition for recitation of Durood be kept in mind. Goodbye.
Message: Allah has made this month the month of victories and blessings. The new moon has been sighted. Routines should be observed. Goodbye. 

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