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Message Corner-488

Message Corner

(Shumara 488)


May Allah bless the Muslims with domination! The regular campaign for Masaajid was launched so that only that wealth on Masaajid may be expended which is specified with Masaajid. We do not spend Jihaad Fund on Masaajid. Jihad Fund should be spent on Jihaad only. It is strongly stressed. Care with regard to wealth and its heads is essential. Only wealth is the biggest test of this Ummah.  No deed of that person is accepted who does not avoid unlawfulness and dishonesty. Lust for wealth slaughters man's Din. Misappropriation in collective goods is a great sin and a big sign of the Day of Judgement. It is written in the explanation of a verse of Surah Al-Maaidah, "When the Muslims take up the lawful and avoid the unlawful, the Pagans are disappointed of them saying that they cannot face and defeat the Muslims. When the Mujahideen become disinterested in wealth, victories and spoils lick their feet. When lust for wealth enteres their hearts, their work stops and they begin to recede. Disputes on wealth, disobedience due to wealth, allegations due to wealth, misappropriation in collective goods and love for luxurious life are fatal for the Mujaahideen. Allah be praised, Allah showered His grace due to fool proof system of honesty and made us construct Masaajid costing billions. O Allah, thanks to You! Allah be praised. Goodbye.


Where else can be greater blessing than Allah's House? Human deeds affect the earth. The Hypocrites had constructed headquarters of Infidelity in the name of Masjid. So much portance befell there that smoke kept arising from the earth for centuries. Then people settled there but no one was blessed with a child. Some sins are there. Wherever they are committed, the earth produces blood when it is dug. Mercy, O Allah mercy! Allah be thanked so many virtuous deeds are done in the Masjid that cannot be done in years at other places. So, there is all blessing in the Masjid. Wise slaves of Allah reap benefits from this blessings. Imaam Bukhaari settled in the Masjid and wrote a book which gave out so great blessing that the whole world is fragrant with it. Shah Abdul-Qaadir sat in the Masjid for years and wrote explanation of the Holy Quran which prepared hosts of Mujaahideen. That explanation became a landmark in the world of knowledge. People roam about the graves for supplications whereas graves are places to weep, learn a lesson and to fear of stages of the Hereafter. The place of supplication and contemplation is Masjid. Resplendance from the High throne falls on the Masjid. If only Muslims had understood the high status of Masjid! Alas! Majnu understood the status of his beloved's house but when will Allah's mad -lovers perceive the status of Allah's House and visit it? Goodbye.


Allah's slaves find peace in Allah's House i.e. Masjid. They do not nourish the hypocritical thinking that their time is wasted. The Satan and his disciples have hatched out an organized network to depopulate Masaajid. A  youngman, during a foreign air journey, sat beside me. During conversation, he said, "Allah saved the faith of so many of His slaves by making the Maghrib prayer obligatory. If there had been no Maghrib prayer, I would have been a drunkard. My friends and relatives are drunkard. The time of their drinking starts with Maghrib. The drunkard are attacked by despair and intoxication with the fall of evening. But then Azaan echoes  as Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar! And He persuades His slaves to the Masjid. I also go to the Masjid. Prayer needs ablution, piety, clean clothes and clean mouth. Then the time for 'Isha comes near. In this way, I am protected of black nights of sins."

    The object of all the packages of TV, trades and celebrations offered by the Satan is to take the Muslims away Masjid. The Muslims gain the company of the angels and their supplications in the Masjid. This company and these supplications write off Satanic empacts. As long as a workshipper stays in the Masjid in a state of ablution; the angels pray for his forgiveness as "O Allah, forgive him and shower Your mercy on him!" Friday is going to start with this Maghrib. Get recitation of Durood and campaign for Masaajid recorded in your Recording Book. Goodbye.


My Allah make us all the observers of Friday! Friday is king of all days. Weight for every deed increases on Friday. A tradition is that the best prayer is the congregational Fajr prayer on Friday. Whoever finds it, is absoloved. Lo See! The Fajr becomes precious when it befalls on Friday. Only three days for the campaign are left. Activity found in the beginning has become dim. Now, make your Recording Book and the campaign weighty with your labour on Friday. Goodbye.


May Allah bless Haafiz Muhammad Naeem Shaheed with forgiveness and honour! The Christians of Lahore burnt him and another young Muslim alive. We condole with the grieved families of both the Shuhada. The Muslims are oppressed wherever they are in minority but same is the case with them in majority. The government should listen attentively that it is her duty to capture and punish the killers of both these Shuhada. Blood of a Muslim cannot be forgiven. Goodbye.


Allah is a Truth. The Day of Judgement is a Truth. Death is a Truth. Resurrection after death is a Truth. Allah! Allah! Allah! Man will need every virtue on the Day of Judgement. None will be ready to share his virtues. The virtue that we can do with Rs. 50 today, will not be done with billions of rupees on the Day of Judgement. Pray to Allah humblyاللھم اجعل خیر عمر آخر.   O Allah better the last part of my life. The Satan tires us and orders us to stop. The Self entices us to the world. Diseases throw us down only to think of treatment, medication and remaining alive. Children indulge us in their love. Bad companions mislead us to luxuries of life. O yes, attacks increase with increase in age so that the end may be blemished. So be careful. Keep begging of Allah. Don't get fed up with virtues and labour. Only a few days. Then eternal rest if Allah wills with all comfort, hostage and luxuries. Goodluck to the head-offering sacrificers of Islam who meet so enviable end when there are cries of the Inindels but they utter Allah Akbar, and love for the Muslims. O brothers!, the 6th month of the Islmaic calendar has started. It is moon night. Routines of the moon night are reminded. Goodbye.


It is Allah's favour that He blesses the Muslims with the bounty of gratitude. Keep offering thanks and increase Your bounties. It is a very authentic prescription but very few get benefit from it. Allah says, " There are very few grateful slaves." It is Allah's grace that He blesses the Muslims with the bounty of Istighfaar. Keep asking forgiveness and get your sins written off, wash away losses and heal your wounds as every sin  injures man, weakens him and leads him to loss. These are two bounties i.e. Gratitude and Istighfaar. Whoever is blessed with these is the king in the world, in the Hereafter and in the grave. Offer thanks at your faith, prayer, Jihaad campaigns, health and living from the core of your hearts. No experiment but certain point. Tonight, when you assess your campaign, recite a Surah or remember Allah and then offer thanks, "O Allah! So great favour that You made us collect so much contribution for Masaajid. At that time, you should become totally unaware of your surroundings, so much so the people sitting near you may blurt out, "Where have you been lost." If you do so, the next results will double up. If we offer thanks for lawful living today, the next day's living will be much better. If we offer thanks at good health, disease will not come near us. A companion wrote to me, "Sometimes, congregational prayer is missed." I wrote to him, "When you offer congregational prayer, offer thanks to Allah at it from the core of your heart, you will automatically get congregational prayer." Now, today's last point. When the government started the present operation, I requested you to remain attached with Allah and keep working. At that time, some people clapped with delight, "Hang every Mujaahid." Those very people now beat their heads and say, "Hang Mirza." Lo, See, Brothers! Allah listens. I want to raise a boisterous laughter but not. I say,  "Allah be praised and thanked." Goodbye.

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