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Message Corner-490

Message Corner

(Shumara 490)


May Allah bless us all with His true and accepted love! We should live and die for Allah, call Allah and demand of Him only. We should please Allah in our delight and weep before Allah in our worry. We should thank Allah for His bounties and observe patience at troubles for His sake. If we do virtue, we may seek it through sincerity. If we commit a sin, we should please Allah through Istighfaar. Our greatest yearning should be to witness Allah and union with Him. O Allah, inculcate Your love in our hearts. Allah be praised. The campaign for Masaajid worked well. Of big provinces, the province Usmaan stood first, Abu Ubaid second and Ali third. Of the developing provinces, the province Zubair stood first and Syed Ahmad second. Allah be praised, more than the require amount for the Masaajid is collected. Possible two more Masaajid also be constructed. Good luck to you. May Allah be pleased with you! You set out for seven Masaajid but your Lord got nine Masaajid constructed by you. Is it not a scene of love? Friday is going to start. Competition for Durood be kept in mind. Goodbye.


May Allah shower His mercy on Shoaib Shaheed and his parents! Good luck to his parents, his relatives and companions. He was an enviable youth and he got great Shahaadat. What else a Muslim needs if he gets Shahaadat! Funeral Prayer will be held at 3:PM. Participation in such funerals is a good luck. Goodbye.


May Allah help the believers! Our companion Imran in Karachi has been killed. May Allah punish his killers and bless the killed with forgiveness and Shahaadat and bless his grieved parents and companions with patience. Funeral prayer will be held after Isha at Peerabaad, Muhammadi Masjid near Chaati Hotel, Qasbah Morre. Participate in the funeral fondly. Goodbye.


1. Allah's angels are ever with man more or less with different people but in hosts with some lucky ones. This thing is proved by the Holy Quran and the traditions.  2. When the Holy Prophetﷺ, went out on the journey of Me'raaj, the angels said to him at several points,  "Order your Ummah for Hijaamah." 3. Devils also live with every human more or less with everyone. 4. Human body is purified of the Satanic impacts and diseases due to Hijaamah due to which, the nearing angels are consoled.  5. The Satan runs in human blood. The Satan is unholy and filthy. Its effects are cast on blood less upon the blood of the Zaakireen but more upon the negligent.  6. The Holy Prophetﷺ has described the excellences, virtues, traits, places, timings and methods of Hijaamah himself. Seventy traditions exist on this topic. There would not have been so many traditiosns if it had been the matter of the world.  It becomes known that in Hijaamah there is physical treatment as well as spiritual and religious benefits. Only that person gains religious and spiritual benefits who believes. The best season i.e. spring for Hijaamah has set in. The best dates are also at hand. It will be 17th of the lunar month. O Muslims, avail this opportunity fully by acting upon the Sunnah. Then offer gratitude to Allah  and recite Durood. Goodbye. 

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