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Message Corner-511

Message Corner

(Shumara 511)


 .اللہ اکبر،اللہ اکبر، لا الہ الا اللہ و اللہ اکبر ،اللہ اکبر و للہ الحمد Sacrificed animals are lucky souls who are to be slaughtered in the name of Allah; who are to become a source of nearness with Allah, who are to become carriage of the Mu'mineen on the Siraat Bridge, whose hair is counted to be placed as virtues in the Recording Book of the  Mu'mineen. These animals lay down their live to fulfil Allah's dictate. So, they are dear and esteemed. Buy them sincerely, rear them fondly never hurting and teasing them and slaughter them mildly. Learning a lesson from them, learn to sacrifice for Allah. Survival and welfare lie only in nearness to Allah. There is life in living for Allah and eternal life in dying for Allah. The people at Bahwalpur have purchased animals with hard labour which has pleased the heart. This same is the result when target is earning for the Hereafter. Our companions have purchased better animals in low price which cannot be purchased in less than Rs. 60,000/- to Rs. 70,000/- where there is collective sacrifice in the organization, there is this type of labour. Keep raising the voice  Allah Akbar when you go out to purchase sacrificial animals. Friday is going to start with Maghrib. Don't forget reciting Durood. Goodbye.


اللہ اکبر،اللہ اکبرلا الہ الا اللہ، و اللہ اکبر،اللہ اکبر و للہ الحمد   It is 1st Zul-Hajah in Arabia whereas Zul-Hajah will start with Maghrib with us. Discussion on the excellences of Zul-Hajah has caused good change. So many Muslims have learnt how precious these days are and how weighty the good deeds become during them. The Muslim men and women who are to offer sacrifice of animals should pare their nails before Maghrib. When this month starts, not cutting hair and not paring nails is a Sunnah deed. We are to earn the decade of Zul-Hjah through sacrifice, fasting, Allah Akbar, Jihaad and service of Jihaad, charity and kindness to the relatives. Its brief syllabus has been explained in the Ran-o-Noor well.  The incident of Haram has also been discussed. The government has raised the price of everything but has brought down the price of the skins of slaughtered animals in order to harm the religious institutions and religious organizations. They do not know that Allah runs all these sacred tasks. Allah is the Master of the treasures in the heavens and the earth. Continue work for the skins of the sacrificial animals and supererogatory sacrifices with the intention of worship.  Welcome Zul-Hajah with this Maghrib and avail yourselves fully with the chance of making your Recording Book weighty. Goodbye. لاالہ الااللہ محمدرسول اللہ

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