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Message Corner-489

Message Corner

(Shumara 489)


There was neither funeral, nor coffin nor camphor for Allah's slaves who laid down their lives for Allah's Din. They believed in Allah's promises without watching Him. They forsook not only worldliness for Allah's good-pleasure but also left the whole world. They fulfilled their promise with Allah. Meetings to convey them good reward will be held today evening. Offer them spiritual gifts fondly and sincerely. Goodbye. لا الہ الا اللہ محمدرسول اللہ


Allah says ..نبیء عبادی انی انا الغفور الرحیم وان عذابی ہو العذاب الالیم       (O Messenger) tell My slaves, I am the    All-kind, the All-Forgiving. My punishment is painful.

Subhaan Allah! Inform my slaves of my forgiveness. How good the slaves whom Allah calls His own. What punishment then? A saint says that the letter   ’’ی‘‘  at the end of  عبادی   in the Holy Quran means "My." He lifted our honour and esteem to the sky and filled the heart with hope. My dear, that Great Lord Himself says, "My slaves." Think a little please. Only that man is followed in the word who is dear one to the SHO. Only that struts in the city who is the slave of the governor. No one withhold the man at the airport who is near to the President or the Prime Minister. Only that is the owner of the entire Sindh who is dear to Zardaari. Only that is lord of he Punjab who is dear to Nawaaz or Shahbaz. Only that is obeyed in the country who is dear to America. O dear, when this is case with so weak and filthy people,  what will be the state of the slave of the All-Powerful Allah! Who can withhold him? There is dignity and protocol in the world as well as the Hereafter with graceful welcome in the grave and good stage in the Resurrection with the words, "Allah's slave is coming! Allah's slave is coming." O brothers, success is at hand provided we become Allah's slaves devote solely to His Din. Allah! Allah! Allah! Goodbye. لا الہ الا اللہ محمدرسول اللہ


Allah has blessed Masjid with a great dignity. After emigration,  the Holy Prophetﷺ constructed Masjid Nabvi at once, himself taking part in it. After the Ghazwah Khaiber, he constructed it again. Even  then he himself carried bricks and did all the other tasks. Do estimate, how elevated and essential task will be for which the Holy Prophetﷺ himself invested wealth and labour. Doing that, he was perspired from head to toe. You know, only one drop of his sweat  is more precious than all the treasures in the heaven and the earth. It is labour of the Satan and the Infidels that the job for the Masjid is considered small. This is sedition of the Self and hypocrisy that a few people called Mujaahid criticize the construction of the Masaajid whereas a true Mujaahid is a mad-lover and servant of the Masjid. Now, the Muslims have given up the Sunnah of participating in the construction of Masaajid. O mad-lovers of Din, do advance, carry bricks yourselves fondly and get soiled and sweated. It is a true type of Beauty Parlour. If we are blessed with the soil of the Masjid, I hope, we will also get a chance to acquire the soil of "Jihaad Front." If that is obtained, it will be all enjoyment and delight. Smoke as well as Fire of hell will be unlawful to us. The campaign is going well by the grace of Allah. Friday is going to start with Maghrib. Competition for recitation of Durood be kept in mind. Goodbye.  لا الہ الا اللہ محمدرسول اللہ


May Allah be kind to the Muslim Ummah! Hazrat Umar extended the Masjid Nabvi. Then Hazrat Usmaan did so. Before doing so, he consulted big Sahaabah. When all agreed to it, he gave a very effective sermon after Zuhar prayer explaining excellence of constructing a Masjid and then made pronouncement of its extension. The work started the very next day. The old Hazrat Usman also took part in it, when he shouldered the responsibility of state. He always observed fasts and spent most part of night in prayers but he knew the importance of construction of a Masjid. He did not let his old age, caliphate, fasting and worshipping at night become a hindrance in the construction of the Masjid. It is because only the learned  people know the status of the Masjid. It is Friday. All the companions should supplicate for the Muslims of Yemen because Hothi Devils attack there. Formerly, these Hothi terrorists joined Bashaar-ul-Asad's forces and oppressed the Muslims of Syria. They are supported by Iran and America. Yemen is a very dear country. The Holy Prophetﷺ has described excellences of the people of Yemen. It is good that Saudia has operated against the Hothi Devils. We support this operation fully in the interest of Islam. Every Muslim should support Islam in opposition to the Hothis, Nasiris, Christians and every type devil's disciples. Goodbye.  لا الہ الا اللہ محمدرسول اللہ


It is Allah's favour and grace that He granted us with the power and capacity to serve Masaajid. Allah be praised, five provinces have till now achieved their target in this campaign. The lagging behind should exert greater energy during these days and excel others. Our old companion "Brother Ubaidullah" died on Friday yesterday. He kept driving my car for a long period. His funeral prayer will be held in Burewala today at 3:30 pm. The nearing should participate  in it but the others should supplicate for him. Goodbye.  لا الہ الا اللہ محمدرسول اللہ


Allah's slaves' hearts are themselves attracted to Allah's Masaajid. During construction of Masjid Quba, Sahaabah would work at day time. When night fell, a lucky woman with her relatives would gather stones. Only those avail themselves of such darkness of night who have light in their hearts. Same was the scene in Masjid Nabvi. When night fell, an old woman would sweep the Masjid fully. Funeral of both these women is discussed in traditions. If the man gripped by love for a woman is invited by his beloved to her house, he leaps to her very fondly with thumping heart. O brothers! Just leap once to Allah's House with thumping heart, anxious wet eyes and steady steps totally unaware of the surroundings. When Masjid is in view, you should offer thanks to Allah. Then enter the Masjid observing ten Sunnahs and respectabilities with the intention of observing I'tkaaf and becoming Allah's guests. Only one day for the campaign is left. One benefit of this campaign is that the companions who would go to the Masjid like a naughty  boy to school and anxiously waits for the time being over to escape back, now go to the Masjid very fondly. Allah be praised. Goodbye.  لا الہ الا اللہ محمدرسول اللہ


Wherever the Holy Prophetﷺ would go to wage Jihaad, he  would construct Masjaajid on the way. 16 or 20 Masaajid were constructed in the Ghazwah Tabook and many in the Ghazwah Khaiber. The Ghazwah Ahzaab was near. Masjid was constructed in it also. The biggest Masjid in the universe i.e. Ka'bah was also liberated due to Jihaad. The Jews yielded to the forces of Hazrat Umar and the Muslims occupied the Masjid Aqsa. When the crusaders occupied it, Sultan Salaah-ud-Din Ayubi's sword brought that Masjid under control of the Muslims. The Mujaahideen constructed the maximum Masaajid in the world. The Mujaahideen reaped maximum benefits from Masaajid only. In short, Masjid and the Mujaahideen have very deep, old and sweet friendship. May Allah bless you with good reward! You launched a campaign to continue this historical companionship.  Seven out of nine provinces have achieved their target. Allah be praised, construction of seven Masaajid has started. Land for so many Masaajid is acquired. Construction will start next year if Allah wills. This fragrant campaign will end with today's Maghrib Azaan. This is the last message of this campaign.  Hearty greetings, good wishes and supplications. Goodbye.  لا الہ الا اللہ محمدرسول اللہ

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