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Message Corner-492

Message Corner

(Shumara 492)


May Allah be kind to us at the time of death! Today, the demand was to delay the message on Thursday. Allah has blessed us with another bliss with His grace. So, there was congregation of ladies. Allah be praised I got the statement recorded and sent it which was heard in that meeting. That statement will be played at the Jaami Masjid Usmaan and Ali in Bahawalpur. Those who want to listen to it should reach before time. After the Friday prayer, this statement will be handed over to Publicity Department. You can obtain it from there easily. This is statement just for forty minutes.  Women also benefit from the religious points issued for men. When it is for women, it benefits men also. This statement is for Muslim women. May Allah make it useful for us all! Friday is going to start with Maghrib. Keep in mind the competition for Durood. Goodbye


Allah blesses some people with preference to some others. For example, Allah has blessed His Messengers and Prophets with preference to humans. Then He has blessed the Holy Prophetﷺ with preference to all the other Messengers. Allah has blessed the following with preference. Of the days; Friday, of the nights, "Laila-al-Qadr," of the pieces of land; Masjid, of months, the month of Ramzaan and months of Sanctity. Sacred months are four. One of those i.e. Rajab is starting with Maghrib today.   It is a sign of Belief to accept and confess the greatness and honour of those who are blessed with greatness and honour by Allah. So, respect Rajab which is the month of sanctity. It is in a way that we should avoid sins and increase in the number of virtues. Normally, fragrance of Ramazaan is felt with the start of Rajab. The lovers of Din have set out for "Ushr Campaign" in intense heat to revive one obligation and to serve the other. Hearty supplications and greetings to all. Goodbye.

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