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Message Corner-518

Message Corner

(Shumara 518)


May Allah protect all the Muslims against disheartedness and laziness! It is essential for a Muslim to regard  laziness as an evil, an illness, a defect and a calamity because the Holy Prophetﷺ would hate laziness. So, we should seek refuge with Allah against laziness again and again because we have shown negligence and laziness with regard to rights of our Holy Prophetﷺ. Those who cut or shave their beard do not realize that they are revolting against the Sunnah of atleast one hundred and twenty thousand Prophets. Ever since the menace of photo, video, mobile phone, TV Talk Show  and Facebook has gained ground in the religious people, the number in those who persuade to beard has also decreased. Allah be praised, recitation of Durood on Thursday and Friday is linking so many people with truth and the Holy Prophetﷺ. We do not collect its date but heart begins to dance with joy when some detail comes before us itself because there is Durood in two and three millions with different people. This competition is a great bounty. Do advance in it. Goodbye. لاالہ الااللہ محمدرسول اللہ  04-11-2015.


May Alalh bless all the Muslims with good health which is Allah's grand bounty. The best and most effective of all the treatments taught by Allah is Al-Hijaama (cupping). Cupping purifies human body of diseases, human soul of negligence and laziness and human self of the Satanic filths. Cuts in cupping cut magic and spell and pierce the satanic nests in human body. The angels get pleased and the devils are perturbed due to cupping. Good luck to you the campaign of cupping on 12th  November. Goodbye. لاالہ الااللہ محمدرسول اللہ  6-11-2015.

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