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Message Corner-533

Message Corner

(Shumara 533)

Message. (18-2-2016):

There is no Lord but Allah.  لا الہ الا اللّٰہ There are numerous bounties of Allah on us but our sins are greater in number than those bounties. May Allah forgive us! This three point Zikr is very effective                                            لا الہ الا اللہ الحمد للہ استغرفاللہ Of them لا الہ الا اللّٰہ in the best Zikr, الحمد للہ is the best supplication for those who have more capacity for virtues, استغفراللہ is also the best supplication for those who have sins in abundance. In other words, الحمد اللہ is the best supplication for those who are much invaded by despair and ingratitude,استغفراللہ is the best supplication for those who are hit by arrogance, pride and self-aggrandizement. All this will be accepted when we believe in Hazrat Muhammadﷺ as the Final Messenger and take up his Shariah. Neither is Kalimah complete nor is Din accepted nor is prayer corrected nor is Jihaad accepted without believing in Hazrat Muhammadﷺ. All the Dins are abrogated after the revelation of Hazrat Muhammadﷺ. Now there is only one path to success that is لا الہ الاللہ محمد الرسول اللہ . As it was obligatory to the people in the life of Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ  to believe in him, it is obligatory to the succeeding ones also because the period of the Final Prophet will continue till the Day of Judgement. O Belivers! Be attached with your lord firmly. Friday with Maghrib, Durood in abundance. Goodbye لا الہ الاللہ محمد الرسول اللہ

Message; (19-02-2016)

May Allah protect us all against irreligiousness! Our utmost anxiety should be to live and die in faith. Denial of Prayer is irreligiousness. Denial of Jihaad in the Way of Allah is irreligiousness whereas negligence in Prayer and Jihaad is a deed leading to irreligiousness. "Yesterday, I was listening to a speech of Hazrat Mufti Rasheed Ahmad. He uttered the following three words, "Thirdly comes the point to which even the great people don't attend that is the biggest crime and the biggest sin of negligence in Jihaad. There is no bigger sin in the world like this." Think over these words of Mufti Rasheed Ahmad who would speak from the depths and heights of knowledge. All of us are to go to Allah. All the members of the organization should read the paper "Al-Qalm" attentively. I am greatly pained when even the members also do not read their paper. Value this blessing of your own. Maulana Talha Saif's column in the last two editions under the title "Statement on Jihaad" was very informative, reformative and important. Study and memorise it and convey it to others also. More than Eighteen hundred thousand individuals study the Rang-o-Noor. But more than all this is that all the administrators must study it and act upon it. Goodbye  لا الہ الاللہ محمد الرسول اللہ

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