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Message Corner-535

Message Corner

(Shumara 535)

Message 02-03-2016: 

Allah Akbar! ..اللھم صل وسلم و بارک علی سیدنا محمد..   Uncountable Durood for the Holy Prophetﷺ whose sweat was perfumed, in whose hand twigs became a sword for Jihaad, who could see in the dark as if it were  daylight, who set forth for the Ghazwah Hamra-al-Asad with bleeding injuries from Ghazwah Uhud, whose spittle sweetened bitter water, who took pledge of allegiance from his Sahaabah for death under a tree at Hadaibiyah, with whom the moon would talk in his swing, who could fight at the forefront in the fierce battle, who was created first of all the souls, who undertook long and arduous journey of Tabook at the age of sixty-two, at the indication of whose finger the moon was split into two, who yearned again and again to get killed in Jihaad, when his daughter Fatimah crosses the Siraat Bridge, all the people will be ordered to shut their eyes, who conquered Makkah through Jihaad and purified Ka'bah of idols, who will be brought to the field of Resurrection on a Buraaq, who said that Jihaad will continue till the Day of Judgement as no oppression of an oppressor, no justice of a judge will be able to stop Jihaad. Allah be thanked that He has created us as His slaves and lovers in his Ummah and we have been granted with Friday due to his blessings. We have been granted with capacity to recite Durood  for him. Reward for Durood is dedicated to the seven Shuhada whose sacred smell I feel. Join your intentions with mine and convey them reward in abundance. Surely, they were loyal slaves of the Holy Prophetﷺ. Goodbye لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ


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