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Message Corner-550

Message Corner

(Shumara 550)

Message (14-06-16):

Allah Almighty is All-Powerful.  Allah Almighty is Doer حسبنا اللہ ونعم الوکیل  (Thirst) At the start of fasting in the morning, recite Surah Al-Faatihah, blow at both hands along with spittle, rub the hands at the face and belly, you will not feel thirsty all day long. (Disheartedness) If you are dishearted of work, worship or virtue all of a sudden, start reciting Durood in abundance at onceرب شرح لی صدری و یسرلی امری ,  the heart will open and begin virtues more than before. (Difficulty Ends) If a task becomes difficult all of a sudden, recite the following Sunnah supplication again and again, it will become easy if Allah wills. Goodbye.

Message (15-06-16):

May Allah protect us against destruction! (Strict Warning) Ruined be the man who finds Ramazaan and is not forgiven. Ruin means unsuccessful, unlucky and deprived. (Alas!) The lips that dripped mercy are saying yes to this curse. Unsuccess and ruination of such a wicked person is sealed. (State) O Allah! You gave us so many months of Ramazaan thanks! Thanks to You at the capacity granted by You in those months of Ramazaan. (Repentance) O Allah forgive us of all the negligence, mistakes, sins and depreciation in these months of Ramazaan! Forgive! Forgive! Forgive! (Beggar, Poor) Ramazaan has approached again but our ill-luck is raising its head again with unripe virtues but ripe sins, more laughing less weeping, more clamour less labour, more pretension less worship, but the heart turns to You begging as a poor mendicant. Bless us with the charity of forgiveness this Ramazaan. O King of the kings, forgive us! (Flickering Lamp) O Allah, though we are not entitled to forgiveness, you are اھل المغفرۃ Your mercy as well as Paradise is very vast. Your mercy falls direct in Ramazaan. O Lord! One drop of that mercy should fall on us also. O Allah! We demand faith and Your love. O Allah Ramazaan is passing! Forgive! Forgive! Forgive! Goodbye

Message (16-06-16):

Allah is very near to us. (I know) Someone asked a saint, "If you know someone whose supplications are granted, tell me also." He said, "I do not know such person but I know the one who grants supplications. I beg of Him only." (Lesson) You search about someone who may let your needs granted by Allah but do not turn to Allah who grants needs whereas He is the nearest, the All-Seeing whose door is ever open. (Faqir) This is a stage of faith.  Faqir is need-free and selfless. He demands of none except Allah. If you are not blessed with this state, do not call yourself spiritual-fashioned Faqir. (Harmful) The most harmful creature in Ramazaan are frank friends. They waste time, raise laughter, make you negligent and backbite saying that they have stopped eating lawful things in Ramazaan. If you go away such frank friends for a month, you can succeed or enter into a faith covenant with those friends that there will be talk of faith, light and piety in every sitting.  Then this friendship will also cause success. (Good And Bad) Quarrelling with Muslims in Ramazaan is very bad whereas fighting the enemies of Islam is very good. Goodbye.

Message (17-06-16):

May Allah forgive us all! Yesterday, I missed talking of reciting Durood. It should be missed at times. Compulsory are only Allah's obligations. I missed reminding you but Allah be thanked, you as well as I recall. Can a Muslim forget reciting Durood for the Holy Prophetﷺ on night and day of Friday? Allah be praised, all recited Durood. May it continue and be accepted! The decade for forgiveness has started. Ask forgiveness, forgive others, like forgiveness and develop inclination of forgiveness. اللھم انک عفو تحب العفو فاعفواعنا   Goodbye.

Message (18-06-16):

A few slaves of Allah are ever blessed with good reward of Worship, Zikr and Jihaad for 24 hours. These are the slaves specially favoured by Allah Who grants them with the power and capacity for confirmed virtues which remain operative for 24 hours. For example, Allah may make him the Mujaahid whose terror and awe are settled at the Infidels as He says about Sahaabah  لیغیظ بھم الکفار  Then the Infidels will always try to wipe out, capure and kill him day and night, conspire against him, invest money, take risks and will remain terrified. In this way, that Mujaahid's Jihaad will be operative. How can such a Mujaahid be made? The Holy Quran tells its method. Same is the case with other worship. Worship and Zikr of a few individuals remain operative due to them or their agency. When Masjid in our Madrassah Syed Ahmad Shaheed was under construction, I envied a few individuals who were erecting so big market of virtues for them i.e. Masjid for Mujaahideen. Subhaan Allah! How many pious people prostrated before Allah there! Now, construction of Masjid Subhaan Allah is near completion. The dates of construction and calculation were finalized thrice but more work came to the view. Stepping into this Masjid, it seems how enviable are individuals who invest here in this super market of virtues. Subhaan Allah! Goodbye

Message (19-06-16):

Allah manifests ever new glory daily کل یوم ھو فی شان  (Cure of Heat) The best tried cure of heat is to stop saying, "Ah heat! Oh heat! Whoever gives up complaints is blessed with gratitude. As much fear of the creature is inculcated in the heart, so much it harms. Special slaves of Allah never complain of excessive heart or cold. They say that both heat and cold are sent by Allah. Then turning to Allah, they say, "O Allah protect us from wickedness of heat and cold." Then neither heat nor cold upsets them.
(Method of Making the Campaign Successful)  The companions everywhere should gather, establish two Rak'at for the sake of Allah, then bow their heads and be lost in repentance  for gratitude at bounties, and Istighfar at sins. Tears should be dropped between praise for Allah and Istighfar. Then hold consultation. All should forgive one another, supplicate for others. Then make bare their heads and be lost in humble supplications conveying reward of this sitting to Amir-ul-Mu'mineen and Shuhada. Now every step will be usefully final. Goodbye

Message (20-06-16):

Allah Akbar! (Look Into The Mirror) Look into the mirror today any moment because looking into the mirror at times is a Sunnah. If you watch full beard on your face, be lost in gratitude to Allah as Allah be praised. Many thanks to You O Allah that You have blessed me with this Sunnah and similarity with Your beloved Hazrat Muhammadﷺ. Now have mercy and protect this bearded face from Fire. Remain busy in gratitude and supplication and satiate your bearded face with tears.  (Ah! Ah! Ah!) Going before the mirror, if you do not watch the beard or undersize beard, utter from the heart Ah! Ah! Ah! Deprivaion of the Sunnah of the Holy Prophetﷺ and one hundred and twenty-four thousand prophets, all the venerable Sahaabah, their followers and their followers respectively, all the conquerors, all the leaders, all traditionists and their caliphs. Ah deprivations of nature! Alas deprivation of similarity with holy saints. Ah! Ah! Ah! Obama's first task early in the morning is to shave the beard and mine is also the same. This is the filthy task that was done by the people of Hazrat Loot. Mercy! Mercy! O Allah Mercy! Throw down and break the mirror, take the heart to Madinah, sit at the foot of the Holy Grave and resolve, "I shall die but not shave my beard nor cut it less than a handful,  shall look into the mirror only when my face becomes similar to the Holy Prophet'sﷺ. Goodbye.لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ  

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