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Message Corner-557

Message Corner

(Shumara 557)

Message (18-08-16):

Allah is only One. It was written in today's mail, "I have benefited greatly from the article and recitation of اللہ احد Allah is only One. These words help us when negligence and idleness begin to occur in deeds. اللہ احد،اللہ الصمد O brothers, this is a very high and elevated recitation. They are purely Quranic and Bilallian words. While undergoing oppression of his polytheist lord named Umayyah, Hazrat Bilal used to invoke, "Allah is only one. Allah is only One." This slogan of Hazrat Bilal weakened Umayyah and strengthened Hazrat Bilal and at last a day came when venerable Sahaabah were congratulating Hazrat Bilal on the murder of Umayyah. This narration is found in Al-Bukhaari. This was our last lesson in Kot Bhalwal jail. There is the same tale of Hazrat Bilal and Umayyah in Kashmir today. There is oppression and then slogans of احد, احد One, One everywhere. The end will surely be good if Allah wills. Modi who is dirt and filth incarnate from head to toe is threatening but fear is clearly discernible in his threats. Friday is starting with Maghrib today. The deed of reciting Durood benefits greatly at the time of death. So many enviable incidents have occurred that the heart is beside itself with happiness and is never inclined to give up this deed even in a state of utter compulsion and exhaustion. O brothers and sisters, recitation of Durood is a great bounty. Goodbye لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

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