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Message Corner-561

Message Corner

(Shumara 561)


اللہ أحد..اللہ الصمد Allah is only One. Allah is Samad. No comprehensive word to translate Samad in Urdu exists in Urdu. Samad is the One whom everyone needs and who needs none. He is the Need Free whom everyone needs for his needs. اللہ الصمد، اللہ الصمد The latest Rang-o-Noor has reached India. The Muslims are holding festivities because they have been encouraged but the rulers and TV channels are very worried, upset and shameful. They read it in parts to tell it to the people and to come out of grief. The Holy Prophetا says, "Wage Jihaad against the Polytheists with your lives, wealth and tongues." The traditionists have written the meaning of Jihaad with tongue, "Tell the Polytheists the things hearing which they may be pained and be disgraced etc." Allah be praised, your supplications on the last Friday were granted. So many of our companions have been released this week. There will also be Friday on tomorrow. Supplicate for the release of other captives also after Asr Prayer. So many innocent companions of Karachi are captivated. Salutations to their determination and sacrifice. O brothers, these days will become resplendence and accompany you. Welcome to Friday with Maghrib and competition for recitation of Durood. Goodbye لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّہٰ

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