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Message Corner-579

Message Corner

(Shumara 579)

Message (17-1-2017):

Allah's dear slave Hazrat Maulana Abdul Hafeez Makki has also passed away. He was a living example of love, generosity and compassion in this age. He had a large heart, wide eyes, broad temper, vast thinking and great generosity. Hearing the news of his desmise, I felt numb as if a compassionate shadow had been removed. When he embraced someone, all the miseries were removed. Allah had blessed him with vast generosity. There can be no country of the world whose soil would not have verified his prostrations. He undertook so arduous, so long consistent journey with his slow speed so much so he died during journey which carried an ever-travelling passenger to a new but peaceful journey. His life was so lively that no one could believe his death. He was tinged in the colouring of the Prophetic morals. There was no trace of complaint, backbiting, misgiving, confusion and stinginess in him. Thousands of people today can claim that they were his intimate friends. Alas! The world will not be able to watch those charming eyes. Goodbye.

Message (19-01-2017):

Allah be thanked that Obama is leaving tomorrow. He was very cunning, shrewd, deceitful and hypocritical person whose style was friendly but deed was devilish. That serpant killed many great people of Islam and imposed ban on the Muslim world. His plan was to push Iran to the Holy Sanctuaries even but could not succeed. That serpant will become an earthworm tomorrow whereas Islam and the Muslims are still present. Now Trump is coming. He is so stupid that he will blow out Ameica. Allah be praised that more than 450 individuals took part in the Training Session in Peshawer. May Allah forgive them all! Allah be thanked that the circulation of the Al-Qalam has widened. May Allah protect and accept this lovely paper! Allah be praised that invasion of the Mujaahideen at Nagrota has punctured India. She is following Chankiya's policy of deceit. Allah be praised that the foreign cartoon Ashraf Ghani seems yielding to the Islamic Emirates Afghanistan. Allah be praised that thousands of Muslims have memorized the Sunnah supplication of Istikhaarah due to the blessings of its campaign. In this way, their hearts and minds have been brightened with the Holy Prophet'sﷺ words. Allah be praised that Friday is approaching with Maghrib. Keep the deed of Durood and Aayat-ul-kurrsiy in mind. Goodbye.

Message (26-01-2017):

Frightening Allah's slaves of the Infidels is a satanic deed whereas rousing Allah's slaves to fighting the enemies of Islam is the practice of the prophets. The Holy Quran has stated both these points. Now, it is everyone's lot who takes up prophetic method and who takes up satanic deed. These days, many people are frightening the Muslims of Trump and are spreading fear knowingly or unknowingly. Why? Was Obamah a friend of the Muslims? During the last three hours of his presidentship, Obamah got two hundered Muslims killed through an air raid. The same wicked person removed ban from upon the cruel government of Burma and provided it with a chance to kill the Muslims. Despite all enmity of Obama, Islam and the Muslims were strengthened. Then what will poor Trump do? He has neither لا الہ الا اللّٰہ nor محمد رسول اللّٰہ nor faith, nor prayer nor Jihaad, nor good face nor good character nor good past nor good repute. There is timely power for two days and then there will be dark night and dark grave. When Trump and Modi sit together, even the ugly and immodest animals will move away in shame. O Muslims, fear Allah and fight the enemies of Allah in His way. Don't be afraid of anyone save Allah. Friday is approaching smiling with Maghrib. Durood and Aayat-ul-Kursiy should be kept in mind. Goodbye.

Message (29-01-2017):

May Allah make our lives precious and our timings bountiful! The new moon, the new month, the new resolution, new repentance, new courage and new faith with this Maghrib today. It is Jamaadi-al-Awwal 1438. Goodbye. لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

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