۱۰رمضان المبارک۱۴۴۰ھ



Rang-o-Noor (BY SA'DI)

(Shumara: 647)

Allah's dear slave Hazrat 'Umar bin 'Abdul-Aziz is not a Sahaabi but a Taabae' (Follower of Sahaabi) still رضی اللہ عنہis written with his name which is totally justified and correct. رضی اللہ عنہ means, "Allah is pleased with him" or it is a supplication, "May Allah be pleased with him." What is the dictate about writingرضی اللہ عنہ. So many people write رضی اللہ عنہ with the names of some following scholars. This ruling and point will be discussed next. It is 20th Ramazaan today. Let us spend a short time with Allah's saint. He was companion who held the position of the "Truthful" i.e. Hazrat 'Umar bin 'Abdul-Azizرضی اللہ عنہ.
Wonderful Slaves! Pronouncing والعصر, Allah has explained a wonderful secret but very few of Allah's slaves understand this secret. Hence those slaves also become wonderful who are different from common people away from general traditions. The secret of والعصر is that time does not stop so actual life in the Hereafter should not be spoilt in order to better the timely situation. Be patient a little. Time will pass. You will say, "All know this point. Then how is this a secret?" O yes, all know it but very few people get benefit from this point. That's why; it is really a secret. Most of the people prove helpless in the face of their timely constraints. If they fall ill, they are to get treatment, no matter, they have money or not; they do so whether they have to steal or practice dishonesty, beg or undergo disgrace so much so they do not hesitate from committing Infidelity and Polytheism. If they are captured, they are to be released at any cost though they have to forsake their Din. If they face poverty or some need, they are to grow rich, no matter, they have to sell unlawful meat. Those people should think that time passes. Allah has stated this thing by vowing والعصر. What harm if patience is observed for a while. Time of the cruel rulers who filled their treasures by snatching the wealth of the masses also passed. They were either buried or burnt. The time of the rulers who faced difficulties but did justice also passed and they settled under eternal luxuries. They are really wonderful slaves. They take up contentment when they own every thing. They go out of authority when they have unlimited powers.
Small daughter of the king of the vastest kingdom on the earth came weeping. Daughter's tears are a great test for the father. The caliph of the time put her in his lap and asked the reason. The innocent child began to say, "It is 'Eid today. All the children are in new clothes whereas my brothers and sisters and I myself have no new clothes."
All the children were holding festivities whereas daughter of the caliph was weeping in old clothes. The father was moved by the daughter's point. He went to the public treasury and said to the treasurer, "Can I receive the next month's allowance in advance?" Being asked the reason, he told the tale. The treasurer said, "You can get the next month's allowance on a condition," He said, "What's the condition?" The treasurer said, "Give me the surety to remain alive till next month." Hearing this, he wept and went away. Collecting his sons and daughters, he said, "O my children, take either of the two points. Either fulfil your desires and your father may go to hell or observe patience and all of us should be admitted to the Paradise." The children said, "O father, we shall observe patience." Then festivities of Eid came back to their house. Man's delight or misery is not due to clothes and luxury goods but due to thinking. Everything is happy if the heart is happy. It was the time when the public treasury was full to the mouth due to Hazrat 'Umar bin Abul-Aziz' justice. There was so great prosperity that people with coins in hands would try to search out beggars but no baggar was found anywhere so much so some governors wrote to the Amir-ul-Mu'mineen, "There is so much affluence and prosperity that there is danger of common people's growing arrogant." He said, "Advise them to offer thanks to Allah. Surely, gratitude is cure for pride." Hazrat 'Unar bin Abdul-Aziz considered caliphate a responsibility and then exhausted himself and his children in shouldering that responsibility. Hence Allah's mercy covered the entire country and the people were happy. He knew that it was an uphill task but time would pass and would be useful in the Hereafter. Hence time passed rapidly. It was only approx two and half years and there was all mercy, comfort and peace.
I Have Recalled a Point: The topic of the column this year in Ramazaan remained "Spending in the Way of Allah." I am to say an important point to the indigent Muslims in this situation. Those who cannot spend wealth should study the following point:
On the eve of the Ghazwah Tabook, when the Holy Prophetﷺ ordered the Muslims to set forth for Jihaad, all the rich and the poor set forth. The horses and camels arranged by the rich Muslims were distributed among the poor Mujaahideen by the Holy Prophetﷺ still there were the Muslims who had no carriage. Their state was very belief-provoking. They shed so much tears on that occasion that their tears were secured in the Quranic verses. One of those individuals was Hazrat Ulbah bin Zaid whom no provision for setting forth for Jihaad was made, he set out at night and kept establishing Salaat for a long time and said weeping, "O Allah, You have ordered us to set forth for Jihaad persuading us to it. You did not give carriage to Your Messengerﷺ who may give it to me to go forth for Jihaad. (Now I do this deed) I forgive the person who has exercised tyranny on me with regard to property, life or honour and donate the reward of that forgiving to all the Muslims." Then he joined the people. The Holy Prophet ﷺ said, "Who did charity this night?" No one stood up. He again said, "Who did charity this night?" He stood up and recounted the whole tale. The Holy Prophet ﷺ said, "Glad tidings to you from Allah who is the Master of my life, your deed has been counted with accepted charity." Hayaat-us-Sahaabah)
Wonderful Slaves: Everyone yearns for post and position but these wonderful slaves avoid and feel fear of posts and positions. When Hazrat 'Umar bin 'Abdul-Aziz guessed that he could be deputed caliph, he began to make efforts not to be given that post. When pronouncement for his caliphate was made, two individuals blurted out simultaneously انا للہ وانا الیہ راجعون. One was Hishaam who said so why he had not been given caliphate. The other was Hazrat 'Umar bin 'Abdul-Aziz who said why he had been given caliphate.
Everybody increases in his comforts with the passage of time but these wonderful slaves progress in faith with the passage of time. Hazrat 'Umar's beginning stage of life was very imperious. There was fame of his dress and fragrance everywhere. He did not wear one dress twice. His personal goods was loaded on thirty camels; but his character was high and unblemished. He was noble-tempered and God-fearing.
When caliphate was conferred on him, he had only one dress which was patched here and there. He deposited all the jewellery of his wife in the public treasury (Bait-ul-Mall) and she was happy at it الطیبات للطیبین. That time passed. It is remembered till today and will be remembered to the Day of Judgement. Centuries of the mundane people are equal to a pile of dust but minutes and hours of Allah's loyal slaves are more precious than centuries. O Allah! Bless us also with reliable faith, accepted virtuous deeds, perseverance at truth and those who observe patience and advise others the same. Aamin.

لا الہ الا اللّٰہ، لا الہ الا اللّٰہ ،لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

اللہم صل علی سیدنا محمد والہ وصحبہ وبارک وسلم تسلیما کثیرا کثیرا

لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

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