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518-Lofty Still Easy

Lofty Still Easy

Rang-o-Noor (BY SA'DI)

(Shumara: 518)

A great man of our age named Hazrat Maulana Doctor  Sher Ali Shah has departed.انا للّٰہ واناالیہ راجعون May Allah bless him with forgiveness and high ranks! He was the chief of the scholars. We find none equal to him far and wide.  It is Allah's grace that He blessed this holy man of Akurrah Khattak with Friday, the chief of the days, for death.

    Beauty fades away, diminishes and dies if it does not get love and lover. If there is love without beauty, it gets burnt and scatters due to failure. So many people are there who have knowledge which is not used anywhere. So many individuals yearn for this field all their lives; the field wherein to display their capabilities.

    It is Allah's grace to bless someone with appreciation as well as appreciator; making him precious and sending an appreciator; blessing him with beauty and appreciator.

    The successful labourious  life of Hazrat Sher Ali Shah needs contemplation so that much may be learnt. These successful hardworking people are very useful. They teach us much in their lives and leave behind so many useful lessons for us after their death. Seeing his funeral in Akurrah Khattak, a journalist blurted out, "Those who clamour for the power of media are liars. The pronouncement of this funeral had neither been published in any paper nor was the place and time of funeral propagated at any TV channel. So much so, the news of his death was broadcast after his funeral prayer. Then how have these billions of people reached? From where has this flood of people rushed here?"

    These days, people do not deem that individual scholar who does not appear at the media. People presume the Mujaahid who does not appear on the media dead or his task completed. We don't know how great labour people put in to appear on the media. Much of it is anti-Shariah and shameful. But despite being much away media, the said doctor ruled over the hearts  of the people. While departing, he gave this lesson to the Mujaahideen, "Get out of the spell of media and work hard. Name and fame do no good to a Mu'min either in the world or the Hereafter. Only sincerity and labour are useful." There has been Allah's great favour to Hazrat Sher Ali shah. This chain was discernible on the day of his death even. Dying on Friday is a sign of enviable death for a Mu'min.  There is a tradition in Tirmizi ما من مسلم یموت یوم الجمعۃ او لیلۃ الجمعۃ الا وقاہ اللّٰہ فتنۃ القبر     Allah protects that Mu'min who dies on  Friday or night of Friday from sedition in the grave. (Tirmizi)

    So many other narrations about death on Friday or Friday night also exist. We learn:

1.    Death on Friday is safety from punishment as well as questioning in the grave.

2.    The Muslim will reap benefit of dying on Friday on the Day of Judgement.

3.    The Muslims who die on Friday will be resurrected with a special sign on the Day of Judgement.

    Hakeem Tirmizi says, "Allah removes the curtain from upon the Muslim who dies on Friday; the curtains that He has erected between the Muslim and the bounties that Allah has prepared fro him because the fire of hell is not ignited on Friday. So, the power of fire cannot work as much on Friday as does on other days. When Allah snatches the  soul of a Mu'min on Friday, it becomes a sign of auspiciousness and enviable death for him.

    Although all these traditions are not reliable with regard to authenticity yet the learned people and researchers deem them reliable. Death on Friday is not in man's power but it is not essential that only that deed is good luck that is gained with one's own choice. Allah is the Appreciator. When He appreciated His slave or his deeds, He showers blessings on him showerlike both optional and opt-optional.

    Although Doctor Sher Ali Shah was a researcher, exegete, traditionist and author with his true field of teaching and guiding yet he was mad lover of Jihaad and Shahaadat. So, the Appreciating Lord chose the day of Friday for union with Him. It is itself an accepted Shahaadat. Hazrat Sher Ali wrote two books on Tafseer in Arabic. Once, while studying his exegesis on Surah Al-Kahaf, I was moved to ecstasy so much that I began to think of translating it into Urdu. May Allah grant me or someone else with this capacity. The job is not so difficult but is full of knowledge, repetition and research. The second exegesis encompasses the sayings of Imaam Hazrat Hasan Basari. Half of it was compiled by Hazrat Sher Ali and the half by his Arab companion. He  writes about Hazrat Hasan Basari "Allah is pleased with him and he is pleased with Allah." Although he was a follower yet he was born and bred among the Sahaabah. He also holds high learning and spiritual status. He was a mad-lover of Jihaad in the way of Allah. Hazrat Sher Ali spent several years of his life in the company of fragrant  sayings of Hazrat Imaam Hasan Basari. It was the impact of his company that love for Jihaad in the way of Allah has percolated his blood. He was a solid proof of truthfulness and persuasion to Jihaad. He was so fond of the word Jihaad and Mujaahid that he always got ready to help and support every Mujaahid. He remained in the company of great saints. He received lessons on explanation of the Holy Quran from Hazrat Lahori with whom every topic of the Holy Quran is Jihaad in the way of Allah. He explained the verses on Jihaad passionately and inculcated well the love for  Jihaad in the hearts of his pupils. During his discipleship with Hazrat Lahori, Hazrat Sher Ali Shah met Hazrat Ata Allah Shah Bukhaari. He used to tell the incidents of his company and his couplets very passionately.

    Allah had blessed Hazrat Sher Ali with so many attributes. I happened to spend a lot of time and cover long distances in his compassionate company. I was granted with the capacity to work and persuade to Jihaad again and again under his patronage. I got a chance to be his host as well as guest. That's why; I can write on his attributes and qualities in detail with openness of heart but I am content at one point only which is very useful for us. That point is, "Despite being so high-ranked, he was an easy saint. Second, he was much away laziness."

    Being easy and useful is Allah's great bounty and grace. Both journey and stay were easy in his company. Both talking to him and sitting with him were easy. Someone says, "Every human is crooked. Always try to make yourselves easy and remove your crookedness."

    Once, there had been hard labour for ten days on a journey with him as his driver. There was neither any system for meals nor full time for sleeping but his company facilitated every affair. When he got tired due to sleeplessness, he would bow his head and apply lead-ore. Doing so, a few drops of tears would fall down his eyes and he got refreshed for the next few hours.

    Allah be praised, ten days' labour proved successful. Consequently Hazrat Maulana Jalall-ud-Din had a long tour of Karachi, persuasion to Jihaad reached high walls and so many hurdles were removed. Love is a very delicious thing but its delight becomes even two-fold when there occurs some bitterness, oppression and offence at a stage. When that bitterness is removed, love becomes eternally durable.

    I had never any fancy or doubt that there would be separation from Hazrat Sher Ali in life. But love was to become eternal and durable. A chain of painful and heinous oppression against me was started in Karachi. I underwent all those patiently but the most heinous oppression also occurred. A network of misgivings was spread and arrangements for separation and distance between us were made. Those days and nights were very painful. That trouble was not out of fear of illfame of the labour which was spread very laboriously nor out of fear of decrease in my support and weakness of the organization. Such fear occurs when people are persuaded to one's own self or when a false claim is coined. Allah be praised, I have always persuaded people to Allah and His Messenger, to Jihaad in the way of Allah and His Din with the capacity  granted by Allah. The point of worry and grief was that the fact was not conveyed to him and he got offended with me. It was very shocking to me rather it was the only shock but the greatest of all the shocks of all the incidents in Karachi. All the rest was tolerable. There was no harm and grief at the separation of people from me. After a short period of that mishap, I wrote an apologetic, loving and explanatory letter to Hazrat Sher Ali Shah.

    It was Allah's grace and greatness of Hazrat Sher Ali that I received so compassionate letter that very instant that all the injuries in the heart were embalmed, removed timely bitterness and the enhanced the sweetness of love. At that time, I neither published nor propagated that letter because the object was not to win public support but just to remove offence of a saint which was done.

    Then a furtive chain of mutual love and messages continued. Once, he wrote a Persian verse one a piece of paper and sent it to me. Now I have not been able to search that paper out despite best efforts but his letter has been searched out. Let us break this sitting at that compassionate letter:

    With the name of Allah, the All-Merciful the very-Merciful


    Your letter has been a source of great delight. I am very hearitily thankdful to you. I was also so grieved and shocked due to this adverse situation. Allah be praised, all the grief is removed due to your letter. Life is uncertain. I am ill with broken health. I have undergone operation due to pain in backbone. The pain still exists. I establish prayers at the chair because I cannot sit on the ground.

    I came to know of your welfare from your messengers. Allah be praised that you are hale and hearty. Your parents and brothers are also hale and hearty. I am regularly receiving the esteemed Al-Qalam. You are also requested to forgive me whole-heartedly and pray for me.  The only request to your parents, family and brothers is to forgive me.

زادکم اللّٰہ مجدا و شرفا ورزقکم سعادۃ الدارین وحفظکم من الآفات والعاھات

وایدکم بنصر من عندہ ویکلؤکم بعین حمایتہ

ولکم منی جزیل الشکر وفائق الاحترام

Sher Ali Shah

22-5-1427 AH.

 May Allah bless Hazrat Doctor Sher Ali Shah with esteem, honour, veneration and forgiveness! Aamin.

لا الہ الا اﷲ، لا الہ الا اﷲ، لا الہ الا اﷲ محمد رسول اﷲ…

اللّٰھم صل علیٰ سیدنا محمد والہ وصحبہ وبارک وسلم تسلیما کثیرا کثیرا…

لا الہ الا اﷲ محمد رسول اﷲ

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