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519-Allah's Glory

Allah's Glory

Rang-o-Noor (BY SA'DI)

(Shumara: 519)

Allah manifests new glory daily by blessing someone with honour, someone with disgrace, someone with health and some other with disease. He renders someone beggar and changes the beggar into kingکُلَّ یَوْمٍ ھُوَ فِی شَاْنٍ  الرحمن ۲۹). He remains busy with work daily. He manifests Himself with ever new glory daily. سبحان اللّٰہ وبحمدہ سبحان اللّٰہ العظیم

    Our today's sitting will revolve around one verse only. This is also Allah's  glory that He has deputed us to understand and explain a verse from His grand words. کُلَّ یَوْمٍ ھُوَ فِی شَاْن

Witness A Scene:    French Meraj planes are throwing bombs of fire and gunpowder at Afghanistan as if no humans live there. The French Air force is bombing mercilessly at the populated areas and Masaajid of Iraq. Buildings are razed to the ground and chopped bodies fly in the air. What harm have the Iraqians done to the French? The French planes are throwing cluster and daisy cutter bombs at Syria, the sacred land. The sneering fighting pilots, drinking draughts of wine, gossing with one another, stuffing burgers prepared with hams, tenderloins and eggs, puffing ill-smelling cigarettes with bodies steeped in sins, faces like skinned broilers, eyes filled with pride,  flying in the planes, throwing bombs, raising laughters and mincing bodies of the Muslims. They themselves live in peace but spread awe and fear among others. But the One who has the power to change  the situation turned everything upside down the day before yesterday. Paris was shaking with fear. Everybody was running like a frightened donkey. The rulers had lost wits. The security agencies were weeping. There was fear and terror, explosions and cries, disorder and disruption, blood and dead bodies. Fear returned to those who spread fear. Death befell those who prevail death upon others. When attack stopped, people came to senses after hours. Now there is weeping, wailing, mourning, shocks and complaints. There are flags and condoling Hypocrites on the Facebook. Why?

    Are those not humans upon whom you have been throwing bombs for years? Do these mothers whose innocent children you are killing not possess hearts in their chests? It is Allah's  decree that you have been granted respite. The oppressed is in wait for Allah's second decree. You were shaken when it came.  کُلَّ یَوْمٍ ھُوَ فِی شَاْنٍ  Allah has ever new glory daily.

کُلَّ یَوْمٍ ھُوَ فِی شَاْنٍ:  Hazrat Usmaani Writes:

Every day has a separate duty and ever new glory like killing or resurrecting someone alive, causing illness or health to someone, raising or degrading someone. (Tafseer Usmaani)

It is written in Tafseer Haqqaani:

    Abdullah bin Muneeb says that when the Messenger of Allahﷺ recited this verse before us, we said,  "What does glory mean?" He said, "Allah forgives sins and removes misery, raises a people and degrades some others." It means that all that is happening in the world now and in future and on the Day of Judgement is manifestation of Allah's gory. He is not idle who may be sitting idle after creating the world as a few religious  particularly a few European philosophers believe. (Tafseer Haqqaani)

    O oppressors! No need strutting. O the oppressed! No disappointment. We don't know which of Allah's glory manifests itself at what moment? Lo! See! The yester arrogant Bush is disgraced today. The yester Namrood Toni is disgraced now. The yester rebellious Parvez Musharraf is utterly helpless today because کُلَّ یَوْمٍ ھُوَ فِی شَاْنٍ. There is Allah's new glory every day.

The Vile Enemy:   Have you ever studied the French history. These days, our moderate intelligentsia are persecuting her like an oppressed sheep or goat. Salutations to the Muslim rulers who widened the boundaries of Islamic empire in France in 102 AH. The French soldiers kept fighting at the forefronts against the Muslims in the crusades exercising every oppression on them but they were helpless before the sons of Islam. Then the Muslims forsook Jihaad. When they lost caliphate, the crusaders fell upon them like mad dogs and each got its share. The French crushaders turned to continent Africa and occupied the Muslim countries from Maali to Al-Jazaair.  France fought against caliphate Usmaani at the forefronts. France killed the Arab Muslims mercilessly in the Arab Israel war. In the present age, her oppressions are uncountably unjustifiable. In this age, neither did a Muslim attack France nor did any Muslim break the teeth of any wicked French but she excelled all in bombing at the Muslims in every war. There is a fixed time of respite with Allah. Oppression certainly comes back at the cruel. No matter someone calls us fundamentalist or terrorist, the Afghani mud houses are dearer to us than glass houses of Paris. Those who consider Paris the land of dreams, those who go there to colour their nights but darken their graves, must have gone to Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria and shed a few drops of tears at the oppressed Shuhada whom the French have chopped and minced. When  the flood of insolence to the Messenger of Allahﷺ rose, France was leading all. When the issue of ban on veil of the Muslim women arose, France led all. Had they presumed that they were the lords of the earth and no result of their doings reaches them? But Allah is Omnipresent, Ever Alive. He is going to break the necks of the oppressors. He is the Master of earth. Do not deem His respite your achievement. This is second attack on you after Charlie Abdo but not the final one because oppression falls the oppressors.کُلَّ یَوْمٍ ھُوَ فِی شَاْنٍ There is ever new glory of Allah dialy. Now wait for His coming operation. Your atom bombs and security will not be able to incapacitate Him.

کُلَّ یَوْمٍ ھُوَ فِی شَاْنٍ  Hazrat Kaandhalvi writes:

    Allah manifests His new glory daily. He raises someone or degrades, honours someone or disgraces, blesses someone with His bounty or indulges some other in troubles due to his misdeeds, grants someone with the capacity to turn to Allah or takes someone away virtue and good due to his ill-luck, keeps someone healthy or diseased, kills someone or resurrects some other alive. In short, His elegant or awful glory changes with the situation of His creature which is also Allah's great blessing and mercy. (Ma'arif-ul-Quran)

    Hazrat Abdullah bin Umar writes in the explanation of this verse:

    "Allah manifests His new glory daily. He forgives sins, removes calamity and grants supplications" (Al-Qurtabi)

    If this verse is kept in mind, the supplicants will never get tired but keep supplicating till the manifestation of Allah's glory of acceptance, the afflicted may not despair till the manifestation of His glory and the repentant will keep seeking forgiveness hoping the manifestation of His glory of forgiveness when his sins though like mountains be written off.

    Hazrat Abu-ad-Darda narrates, "Allah manifests His new glory daily. He elevates a people or throws down the other. سبحان اللّٰہ وبحمدہ سبحان اللّٰہ العظیم

People With Double Reward: May Allah accept shahaadat of Brother Muhamamd Ishfaq! When he became administrator of Kohat division, he would write me letters regularly. He had relation of the organization as well as Ba'iat. He controlled the deteriorated situation and became a beacon of light in seditions. Whenever, he demanded appointment for Shahaadat, he was told that it is in Allah's powers. It is His glory to bless whomever He wills. Then he succeeded in getting himself appointed at the war front and was hit along his ten companions by the crusader Drone. How lucky are the Shuhada  for whom there is glad-tidings of double reward due to getting killed at the hands of the crusaders. How deep mutual love they will be having? How will they be going back remembering and thanking Allah steeped in the delight of victory with Allah's  hostage and nearness for them? It is Allah's glory that some living people are dead but the Shuhada are alive though dead. Hearty congratulations to the parents and relatives of those lucky people and hearty condolence with them on the shock of separation. Allah has new glory daily. His glory will manifest to everyone of us one day in a way that He will inflict death on us as all are to die. Just pray that the glory of Lord that manifests on that day may be the glory of mercy, forgiveness and secrecy. Congratulations to you, O the Shuhada of Islam from your Glorious Lord on this glorious death.

کُلَّ یَوْمٍ ھُوَ فِی شَاْنٍ  These days, I try to write this column brief but the explanation of this verse does not let the pen stop. So many exegesis on Arabic and Urdu lie around  me  which persuade me to include a few pearls from them also. Still I try to be brief. Imaam Qurtabi quotes an incident in its explanation.

    A Muslim ruler asked his minister, "What do you understand by the verse کُلَّ یَوْمٍ ھُوَ فِی شَاْنٍ?" The minister could not perceive. He demanded one day's time. Gaining time, he reached home utterly grieved. One of his black slaves said,  "Why  are so sad?" When he told the reason, he said, "Take me to your lord. I shall tell him its explanation." When the minster told his lord, he sent him for. The slave said, "O lord! Allah's glory is that He changes the night into the day and the day into night. He takes out the dead from the living and the living from the dead. He blesses the sick with health and the healthy with illness. He indulges the safe people into affliction and blesses the afflicted with security. He blesses the disgraced with honour and the honourable with disgrace. He changes the wealthy into indigent and the indigent into the affluent." Hearing this, the king said, " You have solaced me." Then he ordered to take back the dress from the minister dismssing him and make that slave put on that dress. Wearing that dress, the slave said, "O my lord! This is Allah's glory." (Al-Qurtabi)

    Subhan Allah! Allah made that slave who had been explaining Allah's glory this verse with certainty. We should meditate on our lives how the direction of our lives changes in moments. That was a night in Ramazaan. I took pre-dawn meal with  a cup of tea when my life was limited to the four walls only. But I broke that very fast in Kandhaar with fresh dates and good meals in a state of freedom. Then there fell a Ramazaan when I broke  a fast in the company of my parents, members of my family and my companions. Then suddenly it so happened that I was alone at the time of pre-dawn meal wandering about here and there. Life changed completely. The system of Allah's glory is secret. Those who believe in Allah's promises never despair nor lose faith. For example, there is promise of amplitude in wealth of Zakat, Sadqah and Charity. It will not occur that if you give ten rupees and you be givn seventy making you realize it. You will certainly get those seventy but how?  It is Allah's own system. He may give us today or tomorrow in cash or in the shape of a thing, by removing an illness or by blessing us with a bounty. There are the diseases that eat away man's whole wealth. Once,  while travelling by taxi, the driver said, "My father worked long in a foreign country and accumulated much wealth. Then he came back ill and had to sell everything. When he died, all his earning for thirty years had been  spent on his ailment." Indeed, Allah does what He wills. The whole creature is needy of Him. Allah manifests ever new glory daily. Success lies in remaining hopeful of Allah and remaining  attached with Him. O Glorious Lord! Embellish our state in this would and the Hereafter!

یَا حَیُّ یَا قَیُّوْمُ اَصْلِحْ لَنَا شَأْنَنَا کُلَّہْ

لا الہ الا اﷲ، لا الہ الا اﷲ، لا الہ الا اﷲ محمد رسول اﷲ…

اللّٰھم صل علیٰ سیدنا محمد والہ وصحبہ وبارک وسلم تسلیما کثیرا کثیرا…

لا الہ الا اﷲ محمد رسول اﷲ

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