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Rang-o-Noor (BY SA'DI)

(Shumara: 538)

May Allah descend tranquility upon our hearts because, the hearts sometimes, exhaust and get tired!
Cure For Boredom of The Heart: Hazrat Ali says, "Solace the hearts also by searching out wise tit-bits for them because the hearts like bodies also exhaust and get bored." (Al-Mustora 289)

    Hazrat Ali has prescribed the the cure for boredom of the hearts in wise tit-bits. Today we shall also tell a few light tit-bits in order to remove boredom from the hearts because the latest news is boring and exhausting. For example.

٭    Parvez Musharraf who had come back to become president again has escaped Pakistan whereas Jihaad as well as extremism is laughing and rejoicing but the slogan, "Pakistan First" is weeping, whereas Parvez Musharraf is stenching Dubai with his smoke. The dots of oppression, defeat and cowardice have been imprinted in his Recording Book. All are to die at last. May Allah protect us all against such stains!

٭    An in service Indian spy has been caught in Balochistan. It is a big incident with regard to national security but neither was Prime Minister nor was the Minister of Information upset at it. Perhaps both were grieved, "Why has the spy of a dear country been arrested? Most of all, he was a Hindu! Only the Muslim Mujahideen should be arrested." That's why; no pressure was mounted on India nor was the matter raised at the international level. The home address of that spy is broadcast again and again but India neither raided at his house nor at his relatives. On the other hand, if a Pakistani Muslim had been caught, raids would have been made at so many families, houses and mosques. O oppressors! Fear Allah!

٭    Neither were the negotiations nor visiting of the Prime Ministers postponed rather our investigation team was sent to Pathankot despite this incident. Actually, the situation of 1971 is being created in Pakistan due to which country was divided in two. May Allah be kind to us!

٭    There is clamour of operation again after Lahore explosion. This is the operation which has given birth to terrorism. As many more operations are made, as much terrorism will increase. But only that will think who has sympathy with this country. All are to earn the days of their power and please the foreigners. Let us go away this exhausting topic and comfort our hearts!

A Tit-Bit of Tit-Bits: What is a tit-bit? It is a laughter-provoking point. It is a true or false incident which provokes laughter. We would also take this meaning of it in childhood. Hazrat Mufti Wali Husan would say in his speech, "There is a wonderful tit-bit in this verse." Then small children would get ready to smile but no point of laughter would come to the view. Sometimes he said, "Now, I shall tell you an interesting tit-bit." Then we got ready to laugh but wish for laughing was not fulfilled. After a few years, it was exposed to us that tit-bit is not a point of laughter but it is a subtle, hidden, interesting, novel and a good point i.e. every that point which has subtlety in it. It includes pleasing discussin and laughter as well. The tit-bits that Hazrat Ali mentioned to please the hearts mean the learned and wise points hearing which the heart feels pleased, light and delight.

Present Days' Tit-Bits: These days, only the false laughter-provoking points are called tit-bits. It is also a skill. Everyone has not the capability to make others laugh. You would have seen that some people tell so false tit-bits hearing them not laughter but weeping is created but they try to make others laugh forcefully after telling that tit-bit. In the same way, some people tell so difficult a tit-bit that is imperceptible. Then they explain it when the time for laughter is over. The carton in the Al-Qalam is very interesting. One begins to laugh and pray automatically because it exposes so deep disgrace of the enemy  which covers a full article. But sometimes, the carton is so imperceptible that I contact the cartonist who explains that its object is to control laughter.

    But such laughter-provoking tit-bits demand care because so many infidel tit-bits are displayed on the internet and spread in the society. If you want to tell and listen to the tit bits; there should be no name of Allah, or a verse from the Holy Quran or mention of the Prophets and angels, or disgrace of an obligation or Sunnah and Muslims in them. Laughter should be created living within the limits of Shariah. Allah makes us laugh as well as weep. So, He has created so many lawful points to make us laugh. It is not essential that man may create laughter by telling unlawful sexual points. It is also sinful to listen and tell the tit-bits containing incidents of fornication and immodesty. How can a Muslim laugh at the point which provokes Allah's wrath?

Then Which Tit-Bits? We have learnt two meaning of a tit-bit. Which tit-bit should be told in today's sitting? Useful interesting points or laughter-provoking incidents? I have a small stock of both. But useful pleasing points are beneficial. You should not infer from the preamble that we are disappointed due to the situation. Nothing of this sort. The situation is going smoothly. All the war fronts are populated. All the tasks of Masaajid, Madaaris, Training, bringing up, eduction, construction, Hijaamah and Persuasion to Din all going on well due to Allah's grace. A grand programme of explanation of the holy verses took place in Karachi. Yesterday, there was a belief-provoking assemblage in Kohat, and an ideal training course in Peshawar. There are daily assemblages and the mad-lovers are making new preparations. So many of our companions are arrested. We pray and hope for their early release.

For The Captives: Three Shirts of Hazrat Yousaf have been mentioned in Surah Yousaf. The miracle of first shirt is that it exposes deception of brothers and hence the father knows that his son is alive. The second shirt became witness to his purity and innocence. Third shirt became glad tidings and health for the father. When this point struck me today, a number of meanings came to mind. You should also meditate on it. These days, maximum companions are captured. I have written many incantations of release in "Lutf-ul-Latif." One of them is to recite Surah Yousaf daily attentively. It means if the captive recites Surah Yousaf daily, release becomes easy. This Surah is also recited for death in Shahaadat.

For The Poor: Poverty is a priceless but difficult bounty. Very few people do away with it and score high ranks. A tried method is explained for poverty-stricken Muslims. They should recite Surah Muzzammil after Isha. Reaching the words فَاتَّخِذْہُ وَکِیلًا , stop recitation and recite حَسْبُنَا اللّٰہُ وَنِعْمَ الْوَکِیلُ for twenty-five times and complete the Surah. They should recite this Surah thus thrice or seven times daily. They will reap wonderful benefits. May Allah fulfil our needs from His hidden treasures and needy of none else!


Protect Your Din: A few hypocritical type of points have percolated our society i.e. discrepancy between the heart and the tongue. For example: if a man gives us a present, we push back his hand apparently but there is so deep lust in the heart as to cut and usurp the hand of the giver even. If someone invites us to a dinner, we refuse apparently, whereas there is yearning to enjoy that feast in the heart. This is not correct rather a dangerous disease. This habit may lead us to hypocrisy and pretension. Do not accept the gift if you don't want to but if you intend to accept it, do it happily in the very first instance. It has humility as well as gratitude in it. The giver may deem you greedy but no harm in it. We are to protect our faith. As much we are away hypocrisy, so much our faith will be safe. Accept the gift smiling regarding it as Allah's bounty. Pray for the giver and appreciate it. If you want to transfer it to someone else, do not do so in his presence. If you don't want to accept it under legal cause, refuse it humbly but the refusal should be final. It is not essential to accept every gift and feast. Do not accept the gift or feast which has harm in it for the giver or the receiver.

Stop Tit-Bits: I have two tit-bits left with me for today's sitting. One is of wonderful amplitude in meals and the second is how to take meal. Both are very useful but you will say, "O dear! laughter is not provoked. So, stop such tit-bits. More will be next." Well, we stop here. As for laughter, take a mirror, keep it by your pillow at night and go to sleep. In the morning, look into the mirror as you get up. You will laugh much and will wake up to establish prayer. When some people look into the mirror in the morning, they begin to weep. They should stop weeping, offer gratitude and laugh. May Allah keep you laughing in a state of faith!

لا الہ الا اﷲ، لا الہ الا اﷲ، لا الہ الا اﷲ محمد رسول اﷲ…

اللّٰھم صل علیٰ سیدنا محمد والہ وصحبہ وبارک وسلم تسلیما کثیرا کثیرا…

لا الہ الا اﷲ محمد رسول اﷲ

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