۱۰تا۱۶محرم الحرام۱۴۴۰ھ  بمطابق    ۲۱تا۲۷ستمبر۲۰۱۸ء



Rang-o-Noor (BY SA'DI)

(Shumara: 600)

May Allah make us true Muslim and true Mu'min so that we may be blessed with anxiety more for Islam and faith than our ownselves.
The Situation Has Exceeded Limits: The situation in Indian is deteriorating, becoming unbearable and loathsome. A leader issued the statement that they would shed blood of thousands of men if to protect the cow. Statements are issued time and again because the tongue of the Polytheists is filled with filth; the filth they eat and the urine they drink so much so they join partners with Allah. Since when Modi has come into power, the situation has exceeded statements. It has become very difficult for people like I to study Indian news as how Muslims are killed everywhere. A monkey announces that such and such Muslim was taking home the meat of cow, a crowd of monkeys, apes, baboons and pigs rushes at him at once and the dead body of a Kalimah reciting Muslim becomes cold putting several questions to the Muslims. A white-bearded Muslim in Jamu was killed. The ladies became senseless while weeping. Muslim women in trains are persecuted. Reaching the railway station, the police pushes those women into jail. What is all this? How long will it go?
The Indian Muslims do not live in rented houses. India is not the estate of someone's father. Both Hindus and Muslims became Hindus and Muslims later there. Before them, other religions were in vogue there. The Muslims ruled over whole India. No Hindu Raja and Maha Rajah has yet been able to rule over whole India. When the wretched British came to India, they transferred power to the Hindus. The British have always been bitter enemies of the Muslims. When India was partitioned, the Muslims became a minority in the area that fell under the Hindus and then life was made hard for them. Now the situation has gone too far. By Allah who is the Master of my soul and who is the One, by the Lord of Ka'bha, the Hindus are now making a great mistake; the mistake for which they will have to undergo severe punishment. The Hindus are exercising great oppression now. This oppression will go back to their houses multiplied ten times. Modi and Yogi are leading their people to Badr wherein Pharaoh and Abu Jahl led their people. O you who consider the Muslims a pile of dust, you are greatly mistaken. The hearts of the entire Muslim Ummah are injured due to you. When injured hearts of the Muslim Ummah heave sighs, they cause the houses and cities of the enemies set on fire.
Condolence: Salutations to the martyrdom of the Muslim brothers and sisters who have got killed in India due to the oppressions of Modi and Yogi. Their helplessness will change the channel of their oppressions. May Allah bless them with forgiveness and good-reward of Shahaadat and provide them graves under the feet of those who got killed in Makkah before emigration! We deeply condole with the grieved families of those Shuhada. May Allah bless them with fortitude, His protection and good reward and show them the killers mourning over their own loss? May Allah bless the Indian Muslims who are the children of conquerors with freedom, honour and capacity to follow in the footsteps of their ancestors! They need not feel fear because the Muslim is not afraid of anyone except Allah. They should not consider themselves alone. Whoever has Kalimah Tayyibha with him can never be alone. Allah is with them. They should not consider themselves helpless as they have the might and power of faith, Quran and Islam. They must scratch out the yearning to live and get freedom from the anxiety to earn and make the world, but study the life history of their ancestors like Syed Ahmad Shaheed and Aurangzeb, receive new lessons from Hazrat Naanotavi and Hazrat Gangohi, ask the solution to their problem from Haafiz Zaamin Shaheed. The people who call cowardice an exigency and politics and also those who tie them in more chains of slavery in the name of their protection are not their leaders. They should fill their hearts with yearning to visit Allah developing good fancy of Him, demand light and might from Allah, strengthen the muscles of their bodies, not to wait for any foreign aid but make themselves worthy of Allah's help.
O Muslims, be courageous. Allah absolves us of all our sins when we resolve to sacrifice for the sake of Allah. If the people who show ruffiansism in the streets and wards repent of their shortcomings from the core of their hearts and land in the filed, the monkeys like Modi ant Yogi will hide themselves in the jungles or become ashes. O Muslims, the Holy Quran calls you not to consider slavery your lot. O Muslims, the sky is bowing low and is upset to witness the scenes of Badr and Ahzaab. O Muslims, oppression has prevailed much. For how long tolerance? Is it not better to die roaring like Sultan receiving injuries in your breast and welcoming death smiling than dying like beats receiving cudgels and clubs of the host of monkeys? Death is to come one day or the other as the Muslim inflicts defeat but does not accept defeat.
No Fear: I know that India will cry out at my column. Let her do. I damn care. All the operation in India will be transferred to my file. Let her do. I damn care. She is free to shift the responsibility of every operation from Kashmir to Kaniyal Kumaari to my shoulders. Restrictions, captures, hangings and conspiracies can't frighten the Muslims. The oppressions and persecutions on the Indian and Kashmiri Muslims have provoked fire in our hearts. Be sure, reading the oppressions there, I go into a state of coma and cannot study the news due to grief, pain and exiety. A few days ago, a young Muslim in Hariyaana was beaten to death. Reading the news, I felt myself burning with fire. That young man in his picture was asking, "Am I not brother of one billion and five hundred million Muslims? Am I not in the Ummah of Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ? Why have I been killed so agitatingly? No voice for my revenge has arisen from anywhere."
Muslim soldiers and policemen of sixty Muslim countries and their fleshy rulers could speak nothing. None raised the grievous voice nor became restless and unset. I could not read that news in detail that a hot water came between my eyes and that news and I began to feel ashamed of my ideas. We are of the view not to kill the unarmed person no matter who he is. I felt my ideology flowing in the water of the Ravi River. What have those oppressors considered those Muslims? We fight with principles but our enemies do not follow any rules. They are just to shed blood and wipe out the Muslims. O Modi, O Yogi the Muslim blood is very precious. Extirpation of the Muslims is impossible. If only one real Muslim ruler comes in Pakistan, you can be taught a lesson in three to four days. Still no matter. What if we are not rulers. The Muslims are present from UP to Karnatick, Karachi to Khyber at every mountain and port so you will be held accountable for your oppressions if Allah wills. This is not threat but a bare and true fact.
The World is About to Shrink: Every Muslim should study one point minutely. The sins which stir Allah's wrath on the earth have run rampant in the world today; the sins due to which past nations were thrown headlong and wiped out. These sins are everywhere now. When Allah sent down his wrath due to the portence of those sins, human wisdom was snatched away. Those idiots made atom bombs, hydrogen bombs and stored fatal gases. Then they handed over all this system to computer and radio waves, then those idiots made satellites and let them in the atmosphere. How easy has become the destruction of those countries and the world in this situation! If a war breaks out due to a misgiving, it will engulf billions of humans. If a passionate idiot learns the secret code, he will destroy half the world. If the finger of a hacker touches a button, he will throw down all the satellites. If a lady scientists doubts her husband, she will push a button and reduce several countries to ruble. Now, the world is sitting at the pile of gunpowder and is committing fornication and Infidelity and polytheism. Only ignition with one match stick will destroy most part of the world. Neither will those who fear death nor will those who escape death be saved. Those who have started wantonness raising a circle around themselves will be killed with the bomb exploded one hundred miles away. That time is about to approach. The Muslims should repent of their sins before the start of that moment, not to accept slavery due to fear of death and disaster, multiply their yearning to visit Allah. Then death will not be of regret for them.
No Scope For Doubt: Is there any scope for doubt in the destruction of the world where idiot rulers like Trump and Modi live? Can there be any scope for doubt in the devastation of the world where the rulers of Islamic countries hate Islam and Jihaad? Can there be any doubt in the devastation of the world wherein man is less valuable than the cow that urinates lifting its tale, where thousands of innocent humans are killed daily, where the rulers are habitual of every sin and are away from virtue, where marriages of men with men, women with women and men with beasts are in vogue? None should despair at this point. The life and death both are enviable for the human who has Kalimah Tayyibha and the crown of slavery of the Holy Prophet ﷺ with him.
The purpose behind exposing these facts is that the world is racing towards death. Why should not the rest of days of life be spent in a state of faith, modesty, Jihaad and freedom? This lesson is for all the Muslims. May Allah grant us particularly the Indian Muslims with the power and capacity to act upon it!

لا الہ الا اللّٰہ، لا الہ الا اللّٰہ ،لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

اللہم صل علی سیدنا محمد والہ وصحبہ وبارک وسلم تسلیما کثیرا کثیرا

لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

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