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Rang-o-Noor (BY SA'DI)

(Shumara: 602)

May Allah depute us to render accepted services of Din to the last breath! (Aameen) The topic of India and the Muslims has been under discussion for two weeks. I wanted to move ahead with this topic today and was to talk on an interesting point "An Iconoclast" and benefits of Inconoclasm but the book was prepared. You will ask, "Which book?" Actually, I resolved after Ramazaan to compile a book on "The Decade of Zilhajjah." A brief booklet under the name, "Gift of Zilhajah" is going to be brought out this year but the need of the hour was to write on this topic in detail. So I started compiling the book which has now been completed by the grace of Allah and will soon be published if Allah wills. I was to write introductory to that book but it is day for writing the Rang-o-Noor today. I thought of combining both with the hope that it would be more beneficial. Now study the introduction to the new book "The Best Days in this World."
ﮦ Afzal Ayyaam-ed-Dunia (The Best Days in this World: May Allah accept this book whose title is "The Best Days in this World!" These are the best days in the world in the life of a Mu'min because every good deed done during these days is dearest to Allah than other days. Hence these ten days which are called "The Decade of Zilhajah" are the days of height of delight and good luck for a Mu'min because he finds special nearness with Allah due to his deed during these days. The value of deeds during these deeds is multiplied so much that supererogations exceed obligations. Now estimate, how much obligations will have been multiplied.
ﮦ The name of the book has been derived from tradition as a blessing. In that tradition, the Holy Prophet ﷺ has called ten days of Zilhajjah, the Best Days in this world. There is always wonderful attraction, charm, efficacy and philosophy in every word uttered by the Holy Prophetﷺ. Since when I have studied the words "The Best Days in this World" consciously and attentively, the importance of these days has been imprinted on the mind. Since then, I have been drawing attention of the Muslims to it. Now, the book on this topic has been compiled. The voice from within came that the book should be named "The Best Days in the World." I hope that the very name of the book will explain the whole matter to the Muslims removing the curtain of negligence from upon them if Allah wills.
ﮦ The excellence of first decade of Zilhajjah has also been mentioned in the Holy Quran. Authentic traditions on this topic also exist. Despite all this, no activity or fervour regarding these sacred days is found with us. This collective deprival has many causes. Only Hajj and sacrifice during these days is explained. A few elderly people observe fast on the day of Arafah. Hajj and sacrifice both are big obligations but these ten days are the dearest season with us. Tasbeeh, Tehleel, Takbeer and Zikr in these days hold great sway. Charity in these days is also very important. Worship in these days is very weighty. Its days and nights are very precious. This is special season for us to accumulate asset and treasure for the Herefter. As no voice from the pulphit regarding the excellence and importance of these days is raised stressively, most of the Muslims spend these days normally rather some people fall a prey to satanic tricks and waste these days in holidaying, negligence and sinning. Allah be praised that our organization considers it its duty to persuade to complete Din besides persuasion to Jihaad. So attention was drawn to the decade of Zilhajjah due to the blessings of the organization hence excellence and importance of these days is conveyed to millions of Muslims. Allah blessed this campaign with acceptance like other campaigns of the organization. Allah be praised, millions of Muslims work hard and win reward during these days now. Thousands of Muslims observe fast from Zilhajjah 01 to 09. The atmosphere of Tasbeeh, Tahleel and Takbeer is created. Fondness for sacrifice has also increased. So many Muslims offer so many sacrificial animals. Fondness for supererogatory sacrifice along with obligatory one is also increasing. Since when persuasion to perform Hajj has been started, very pious effect is discernible everywhere. Stating these points does not mean that the Muslims were negligent of first decade of Zilhajjah, sacrifice and Hajj before the organization started persuasion to Hajj. No, not at all. This is a living Ummah. The purpose behind stating these points is that great improvement in the situation and great progress in deeds has occurred after persuasion by the organization. I am offering thanks to Allah at it. وامابنعمۃ ربک فحدث You will find millions of Muslims all over the world who learnt the importance of the decade of Zilhajjah through our organization. الحمدللّٰہ رب العالمین
ﮦ We already had a booklet named "Gift of Zilhajjah." Then the columns and messages written about the excellence and importance of the decade of Zilhajjah were included in the book. In the same way, the articles and messages written on the topic of Hajj and sacrifice were also collected. Moreover, traditions on all these topics were also collected. In this way, the book "The Best Days in this World" was compiled. I hope that this material will be useful for the speakers and leaders of prayers in Masaajid. They will be able to talk about this topic with the help of this material. I happened to visit a religious saint many years ago. During discussion, this point was also discussed that persuasion to Jihaad is the Holy Prophet's ﷺ special sunnah. He said, "Now I do not find time to study due to my appointments. If I get collective material on Jihaad, I will persuade my disciples to Jihaad through it. I told him about the publication of the book "Excellences of Jihaad." He became happy and demanded a few copies of it. Hence, I sent him many books including this one. May Allah grant the book "The Best Days in this World" with acceptance!
ﮦ Actual purpose of writing this book is to attract the Muslims to the decade of Zilhajjah and its deeds. So a few points have been mentioned again and again so that they may be inculcated in mind and become a part of life. This is the persuasion to deeds which is all beneficial for every Muslim without any harm. So you are requested to study this book from the beginning to the end very minutely, attentively and with love, act upon it and convey this book to the maximum Muslims. Many useful points are found for the pilgrims also in this book. Convey it to them also or copy the special portion on Hajj and carry them to the pilgrims. If you gain any benefit from this book, supplicate for me, my parents, children, relatives and all the concerning individuals.
ﮦ We offer thanks to Allah from the beginning to the end of the compilation of this book الحمدللّٰہ رب العالمین ...الحمدللّٰہ الذی بنعمتہ تتم الصالحات . I feed obliged to those sincere companions who cooperated with me in the compilation of this book. Only Allah gives the best reward and only He knows best their names.

لا الہ الا اللّٰہ، لا الہ الا اللّٰہ ،لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

اللہم صل علی سیدنا محمد والہ وصحبہ وبارک وسلم تسلیما کثیرا کثیرا

لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

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