۱۰رمضان المبارک۱۴۴۰ھ



Rang-o-Noor (BY SA'DI)

(Shumara: 620)

May Allah bless Imaam Ibn-an-Nuhhaass with high ranks of Shahaadat, forgiveness and honour! He did favour to the Muslim Ummah by writing the book "Mashaar-ul-Ashwaaq". We were in Kot Bhalwal jail of Jammu in occupied Kashmir when this book reached us. It became a balm for our wounds and a source of peace for nights. As you have read in the last column, the author of the book got killed in Jihaad. Allah has given decree about the Shuhada that they are alive and also that He does not let their deeds go waste. So this book of the Shaheed also remained safe from going waste whereas there was neither press nor any computer in that age. On the other hand, every book in this age vanishes after ten years despite every above mentioned facility and some books vanish after the very first edition but the deed whom Allah is to promote and introduce, continues without apparent sources even. Moreover, Allah has special dealing with Shuhada. We wonder, how the message of the Shuhada of Bala Kot spread everywhere despite the fact that they got killed at a place where none could come near them to shroud and bury them. Apparently, there was the state of helplessness and estrangement as they were much away their own country, in a state of indigence, alienation and helplessness. But later on, no one remembered the names of their killers whereas their names and deeds are still alive and their persuasion has spread everywhere which is still going on. Allah deputed great rulers, great authors and preachers of Din to serve the Shuhada of Balakot. In this way, their lives still sparkle and spread light despite the lapse of two centuries. Have a look at the life of Muhammad Afzal Goru Shaheed. The state of helplessness and oppression on the one hand is that the members of his family were not allowed to visit him before hanging him when the law of the world is that the members of the family are allowed to visit the last time no matter he is killer of the president or Prime Minister or thousands of individuals. Afzal Goru was not provided with this facility even. He was informed at night suddenly that he would be hanged early in the morning. Estimate the helpless that there is a narrow cell with enemies all around and the unarmed captive in between to hear taunting remarks, taunting eyes, painful supervision and no relative far and wide. Neither were the friends nor was the family aware of it. Neither was there any link with the advocate nor was any access to a captive companion. Subhaan Allah! How strange is the oppression! Its mention and thinking begins to tear the hearts but see Allah's dignity that if the oppressor learns about the high stage of the oppressed, he will try to buy it investing entire wealth of the world. What to say about the high stage of the oppressed if he is Shaheed also. Just understand that there is all peace and comfort, progress and success. Afzal Goru spent that last night in the company of the Holy Quran. In the morning, we heard the news of his Shahaadat. Then Allah deputed us to his service. His book was compiled at once which was not an easy job but life of the Shaheed is very strange and incomprehensible but it explains much. People taunt that the organization does not value the living companions; when they get killed, it adorates them. It maybe but we value the living companions fully but we adorate the Shuhada also. The reason is that when life of the Shaheed is high-ranked, he deserves much greater adoration. Spiritual life of Shuhada itself instils its value in the hearts coercing the friends as well as enemies to appreciate it. If we had not valued Afzal Goru Shaeed, there was none in the world to value him just with conveying reward only but he was a great Shaheed. Shuhada also have their distinct stages. Afzal Goru Shaheed holds a very high stage. He got himself appreciated. We decided to promote his message just for the sake of good-pleasure of Allah. All the comrades joined us gradually. Then his book was published, an assemblage was conducted and the wave of his revenge raised the Kashmiries again. All this is miracle of Shaheed and Shahaadat. Surely, life of the Shaheed itself gets appreciated. So many politicians in India say these days that hanging of Afzal Goru was itself a great mistake. The whole country is facing its consequences. Understand an important point here that God forbid, some Prophets hold high stages. No Sahaabi, saint, Shaheed and truthful can be equal to any Prophet. However few of those Prophets have higher stages than others. Keep the second point in mind which Shaheed holds high stage only Allah knows. It does not depend on the fact which of the Shaheed became popular and how many books were written on him.
These things have no concern with superiority. Some Shuhada remain totally unknown but get very high stages. There are a few Shuhada whom none deems Shaheed but they hold very high stages. Only Allah knows the system of Shuhada as they are Allah's dear creature. Their life is certain but we do not perceive its origin; their names exists no matter we see them or not; their deeds continue no matter someone them feels or not. As for the fact that we say about a Shaheed that he was very high ranked, we form this opinion on the basis of our good fancy and indications of the Shari'ah. If Allah shows a miracle to the followers, they can estimate his greatness as our Afzal Goru Shaheed got killed in Ghazwah Hind mercilessly. He stood firm till the last as can be estimated from his writing. Then his love and yearning was instilled in the hearts rapidly. There was Allah's special assistance in the preparation of his book which itself became popular. Assemblage about him was ideal. His sacrifice made so fierce attacks on the enemy that the enemy is forced to repent of it. Now, we see a strange atmosphere of love, passions and acceptance in recent Shahaadat of our dear Talha Shaheed. I hope that tempestuous operations will start soon and the book on his biography will soon come to the view. All the emotional sittings to convey abundant reward to him and passionate writings on him indicate to his superiority. May Allah bless him with acceptance!
The point has gone too far now. I was saying that Allamah Ibn-an-Nuhhaass' book "Mashaari'-ul-Ashwaaq" is still read well. Actual book is in Arabic but it is taught in Urdu and Pashto at war fronts from Afghanistan to Kashmir and in the houses from Pakistan to Europe. The author has written it so yearningly and passionately that despite the change in language and lapse of long period, its efficacy has not become dim. The Shaheed author is himself jurist of Jihaad. No one is blessed with so deep perception of Jihaad. He raises so many learned points on the excellences of Jihaad that man is beside himself with joy. If you study his book about the Shahaadat and writing off of the debt of the indebted Shaheed, you will be upset to kiss his feet. We were leading troublesome life in Kot Bhalwal jail when that the book reached there. Then it seemed that true passionate lover for Jihaad had jumped from upon the wall of jail to revive our dying hearts. When I started reading it, the heart swelled with delight. Then I befriended the book and its author. First of all, I started teaching that book in jail. Commander Sajjad Khan Shaheed was at the forefront in expressing delight at it. Secondly, I began to write articles on the basis of a few arguments in that book which became very popular. Later on, they were published under the title "Duroos of Jihaad" (Lectures on Jihaad). They are regularly published till now even but those articles comprised more of my own points than that of the author because I was to mould them according to the current situation. Both these points were going on but I was not satisfied. I intended to translate that book into Urdu but my physical weakness, my circumstances and poor knowledge hampered my way. Translation of a book from one language to another without letting the spirit and power of the article become weak is a very uphill task. I had neither any dictionary nor atmosphere of learning. But the miracle of the Shaheed showed itself out again. Allah deputed me to this grand task. Then days and nights and even time shrunk and the job started after a little hindrance that when I think of it now, I am overwhelmed with wonder besides gratitude, "How did all this happen?" I was provided with papers, pens, ball pens, sincere companions as well as multiplicity in timings. Besides this, the facility of receiving all this from an Arab country was wonderful. In this way, the book "Excellences of Jihaad" was compiled in forty days. It is neither full translation of "Mashaari'-ul-Ashwaaq" nor summary rather it is translation at places, explanation, summary, abridgement and addition at some places. The miracle of the Shaheed is that "Excellences of Jihaad" also became popular. Then it was translated into many languages and published in a very short time. The tale of Fazaail of Jihaad in Urdu is very detailed and interesting. This book reached so many countries, was translated into so many languages and was published for so many times and in so many countries. All this is a very interesting tale which I intend to tell neither today nor in future. I had started work on "Excellences of Jihaad" in Pakistan a short time before my arrest. I intended to write the book in ten volumes. First volume comprising forty traditions of the Al-Bukhari had been prepared and had been published in Urdu and English again and again. I was captured before second volume. When I received Mashaari-al-Ashwaaq in jail, I postponed my intention of compiling my own book deeming service of this book a good luck. I appendixed the "Fazaail of Jihaad" which was published again and again to the end of that book naming it "Fazaail of Jihaad Kaamil" May Allah accept it with His grace! We have been persuading you to study chapter 28 and 29 of Fazaail of Jihaad. Allah be thanked, those who studied them, reaped a great benefit; those who have not studied them yet, should do so. I recalled the author of that book Allamah Ibn-an-Nuhhaass in this connection and hence I wrote a few above words.


لا الہ الا اللّٰہ، لا الہ الا اللّٰہ ،لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

اللہم صل علی سیدنا محمد والہ وصحبہ وبارک وسلم تسلیما کثیرا کثیرا

لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

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