۱۰رمضان المبارک۱۴۴۰ھ



Rang-o-Noor (BY SA'DI)

(Shumara: 625)

Only Allah has given us eyes. May Allah show us His House i.e. Ka'bah again and again with acceptance, blessing us with His sight in the Hereafter! "Many faces on that day will be fresh sighting their Lord." (Al-Quran)

Don't Delay:- It is our good-luck that Allah's House i.e. Ka'bah is present on the earth. It is our good-luck that we have eyes. What use if these eyes do not watch Allah's House? Hajj of Allah's House is very easy these days. Who knows if it becomes difficult tomorrow! So many Muslims who stayed there are coming back in big groups. Many ages occurred in 1400 years history of Islam that Hajj became very difficult for those who lived at far off places. At times, oceans were filled with way-farers who would rob the ships and massacre the Pilgrims. It also happened that the robbers specified their lands and routes. It also happened that the Christians blocked the routes. When war breaks out these days, some air-routes become "No Fly Zones." So take initiative lest Hajj of Allah's House should become difficult again. It is very easy these days by the grace of Allah. These days, Hajj is much more cheaper than the amount spent on futile rites. Hajj can easily be performed by selling the plots that lie vacant uselessly for which our heirs are to quarrel. Plots will remain here whereas Hajj will go with us in the Hereafter on the Day when man will be in need of even one virtue. Everyone will expect what he has brought with him. Think a little please. Why are we not upset and why do we not weep if we have not visited Allah's House? Do we not have as deep love for our Lord as a sensualist lover has for his beloved?

The Situation Keeps Changing:- The government has announced Hajj policy this very month. Hajj dues and forms are to be deposited this very month. Hajj is one of the authentic Pillars of Islam. It is obligatory to the affluent people to perform Hajj at least once in life. The end and death of the Muslim who does not perform Hajj despite having power and capacity is in danger. Hajj is an amorous love and collection millions of good-lucks. Neither does wealth of a Muslim decrease nor does he face starvation by performing Hajj. By performing Hajj, we settle the most sacred places of Islam directly in our hearts. Hajj is a source of writing off all the minor and major sins. Hajj links us with Makkah and Madinah. These are the places where Allah sent down the Holy Quran. Hajj is Allah's stressive dictate. The Holy Prophetﷺput in hard labour and waged Jihaad to get Hajj started for the Muslims. Hajj is the devotion which fills the Muslims with light resplendence and purity from head to toe. Participation in the assemblage of Hajj is a source of comfort and peace for participation in assemblage on the Day of Resurrection. Every moment of Hajj is filled with faith and love. Hajj is so amorous devotion that its love is also as sweet as worship. So the Muslims who can go to perform Hajj should not delay even a moment. The situation keeps changing. When do eyes stop seeing, we don't know and we are rendered blind? We don't know when someone captures and captivates us. We don't know when a disease attacks us and confines us to bed. Why do then we deprive our eyes of the sight of Ka'bah? If we enjoy good health and have spare wealth, we should make them precious. We don't know when that wealth goes waste. As long as a devotion is easy, it is Allah's grace but those who are to remain deprived, keep putting it off till tomorrow. O brothers and sisters! this world is advancing to the Day of Judgement rapidly and is going away the age of the Holy Prophetﷺdaily. It is moving rapidly to the worst period from the best period every moment. So putting off any virtue till tomorrow in this age is very dangerous. We should hope of good future from Allah but should make our present precious. Possible, tomorrow is not better than today. Devotion of Hajj matches with the period of good health and youth. Normally, it is a great good-luck when Allah grants us with the capacity of Hajj but youth is youth and worship in youth has its special enjoyment. Every Muslim should have the anxiety to fulfil all his obligations as soon as possible because life is useless without and all loss obligations. How long will you keep putting off virtue till tomorrow? Someone says, "I shall start Tahajjud tomorrow." Why after a few days, O Allah's slave why not today? Same is the case with Hajj. We say, "We are to construct the house first, set up business, marry our children and then think of Hajj." Alas! O Muslim, how do you feel peace without visiting your Allah's House? It is correct that there is no harm in not going if we do not have the capacity to perform Hajj but if we have uncountable sources of nourishing yearning for Hajj why is there no fondness for Hajj? Does fondness also need ticket and visa? We are Allah's slaves and Ka'bah is Allah's House. If we meditate on it only, waves of fondness will arise from the heart and wet our eyes. Steeped in this fondness, when we supplicate, it will reach the High-Throne. Then the soul will gain power for light, and dreams will make sacred journeys again and again. In this way, we shall be attached with the holy Sanctuaries permanently if Allah wills.

Knife is to be worked:- The Holy Quran has given us persuasion to Hajj stating obligation and dictates of Hajj. The Muslims should study all these points in the Holy Quran. Then we will come to know how greatly Hajj is important, necessary and useful for a Muslim. But how can a Muslim go to perform Hajj because there is so long journey, so great expense and separation from home and children? Then the Holy Quran settles the issue by stating an incident. The Holy Quran tells us that an old man had great love for his son became he was blessed with that son in old age after so humble supplications. The son was also so good and pious that the father's heart and eyes were filled with love when he saw him. The son was so beautiful, holy, pious, obedient, captivating and of good morals. The father was ordered to slaughter that son with his own hands for Allah's good-pleasure. There was not one but so many tests in that dictate. The most difficult of them was to slaughter the son with his own hands. The father was loyal to Allah. The loyal people are very strange. They do not think long. They just want to fulfil the dictate issued for them. This is decision for one moment when we are to become firm. What will happen first and later is left to Allah? We are to stand firm at that moment.

The father made his son lie down, compose himself for a moment and ran the knife. The trial of two seconds was fulfilled by working the knife and the chain of prizes from Allah started which continues even today and will ever continue. If he had not run the knife at that moment, all would have been lost. But he ran the knife and slaughtered his son in his fancy. Then he got back that son and amplitude was placed in the progeny of that son and so many other uncountable bounties also started. Same is the case with every Muslim. Whoever runs the knife of sacrifice for Allah's good-pleasure, succeeds. Whoever looks here and there gains nothing. If we make intentions for Hajj, and run the knife at jewellery and plots, Hajj will certainly be performed if Allah wills and the wealth will also come back. But we should not have the intention of getting back wealth while running the knife. There should be mad-love, passion, emotions, sacrifice and sincerity.

لا الہ الا اللّٰہ، لا الہ الا اللّٰہ ،لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

اللہم صل علی سیدنا محمد والہ وصحبہ وبارک وسلم تسلیما کثیرا کثیرا

لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

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