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Message Corner-451

Message Corner

(Shumara 451)


 There is no Lord save Allah لا الہ الا اللہ. Hazrat Muhammadﷺ is the last prophet of Allah. It is Sha'baan 20, Thursday and the campaign "Spending in the Way of Allah" has duly started. I start the campaign by contributing to it in the name of Allah. بسم اللّٰہ مجرھاومرسھا ان ربی لغفور رحیم Goodbye!


May Allah protect us all against the fire of Hell! O brothers! How great is the fire of Hell and how small is the kernel of date. But the man who breaks the kernel of the date into two and gives its one piece in the way of Allah for His good pleasure is protected against the fire of Hell. When a Muslim sets forth to spend in Jihaad, the sky also bows low and looks at him. Please note how good description of those people is in the Holy Quran who spend a little money in Jihaad. Those who would make fun of them were rebuked so severely. Those poor fellows had very little which they brought. O brothers! It is better to give Sadaqah sometimes secretly and sometimes openly. The Holy Quran loves both. Keeping these points in view, I have made a few intentions with regard to this campaign. Two of them are as under: 1. I shall contribute to it daily if Allah wills for full forty days though it is a piece of dates. 2. I shall pray and ask forgiveness for those who work for this campaign. What intention have you made? Goodbye!


 May Allah be kind to us all! The modest tribes of Waziristan have been constrained to emigrate in intense heat. A painful pathetic situation prevails over there. Babies are dying in the laps of the mothers. Ah! The Ummah of my Holy Prophetﷺ! No matter this world is mortal. Time is not always the same. We are to see what is our duty on this occasion. The task which the Muslim intends to do for the sake of Allah certainly becomes easy. Besides the sacred campaign, we are to serve those houses also. Relief Committee has been framed. All of you should humbly beseech to Allah for your helpless Muslim brothers. Goodbye!


 May Allah grant the deeds of us all with acceptance! It is nearly 25 years old that a great scholar of tradition in the neighbouring country came to know that such and such individual had visited a Mujaahid. He met him at once and kissed his eyes with love and regards. He was happy at the good luck that he had visited Mujaahid in his life. Two points lie in this incident. First, only the lovers and learned people know the importance and position of Jihaad. Second, Jihaad was so limited short while ago but today, there is Jihaad everywhere in the world by the grace of Allah. In this progress, you and your organization have a great share. This organization gave Jihaad the gifts like argument, reason, tongue, persuasion, sacrifice, Philosophy, policy, wisdom and volunteer workers. May Allah accept it! How good it is to contribute to the organization daily! Goodbye!


 An important source of winning Allah's love is spending wealth for the good pleasure of Allah. Sadaqah has numerous excellences. A few are discussed below briefly. 1. Sadaqah cools down Allah's wrath. 2. Sadaqah is a door to the Paradise 3. Sadaqah extinguishes the heat in the grave 4. Sadaqah is a source of absolution of sins and forgiveness. 5. Sadaqah is that precious thing if it is dedicated to the dead, it benefits him. 6. Sadaqah is a source of good ending (death). 7.Sadaqah purifies the Self. 8. Sadaqah is the best source of gaining blessings and supplications of the angels. 9. Supplications are granted due to Sadaqah. 10. Seventy doors of worldly calamities close due to Sadaqah. 11. There occurs amplitude in life and livelihood due to Sadaqah. 12. Sadaqah is cure to diseases. 13. Sadaqah is protection again horrible death. The rest will be next if Allah wills. Goodbye!

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