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Message Corner-452

Message Corner

(Shumara 452)


  Allah blesses the Muslims with the month of Ramazaan. Ramazaan confers power on Islam as well as the Muslims. If there had been weakness for the Muslims in Ramazaan, neither Badr nor Makkah would have been conquered.  Both these grand victories were scored in the month of Ramazaan. Do not complain of heat nor of thirst. What is that mad-love which does not prevail hunger, thirst, trouble and afflication. Labour for Jihaad and devoted recitation of the Holy Quran become delightful and enjoyable in such hard and intense fasting. Goodbye.


The month of Ramazaan is Allah's great favour and bounty. It has started somewhere and will start here today. Do not take this difference to heart. It has been going on and will go on thus in future until great caliphate is established. Welcome the month of Ramazaan whole-heartedly. Hail Ramazaan, Hail! Welcome Ramazaan, Welcome! Two Raka't prayer at its realization. Two Raka't  prayer to seek forgiveness! Two Rak'at prayer to learn the method of gaining and spending Ramazaan. Two Rak'at prayer of Repentance lest our sins should become a source of our deprivation. Two Rak'at prayer to supplicate for the campaign. Goodbye.


 Allah is free of needs. The Ulama have announced the first Fasting in Khyber Pakhtoon Khaw and Northern Areas on Sunday. The companions everywhere should follow the local Ulama. Congratulations to those who will observe Fast tomorrow. Goodbye.


 Allah knows the secrets of the hearts. Purify your hearts to welcome the month of Ramazaan. Venerable Ramazaan is coming in the Arab States and Afghanistan today evening with Maghrib Prayer. Whereas we expect its arrival  tomorrow. The first Fasting will be on Monday. We should enhance our hearts with good Intentions and scratch out jealousy, wrath, malice, greed, avarice and pride. Make lengthy prolonged good Intentions but do not intend even tomorrow for he sake of the world. What is to be gained will automatically come. So, why to worry so much what is not to be got. Goodbye.


 May Allah forgive all the expired Muslims! A man would take out money from his pocket and say, "O Allah, it is from the Muslims who are in the graves." But there is no one to convey them reward (Thawab). O yes, such people also exist but we should keep our expired relatives in mind. It is proved from traditions that the reward (Thawab) of the Sadaqah given in the names of the expired ones reaches them. For example, someone gives Rs. 1000/- in the name of his dead father; the reward of Rs.700,000 will reach his father. This is minimum quantity. It is Allah's will to multiply it as He wills. Let us make a list of our expired relatives, friends and well-wishers and then give contribution to the organization from their side no matter it is a piece of dates. Keep it in mind that we are also to join the majority.


Allah loves those who repent of sins the maximum. Special resplendences are discernible at the present campaign of spending in the way of Allah. Try to reap them the maximum because we are to go to a lonely and dark grave. May Allah bless us with light fragrant grave! Sometime ago, messages about revival of Friday were sent. Many people acted upon them. The "Competition for Beauty" would start from Thursday, Maghrib prayer and the distance between the earth and the sky would shrink. So many  people made those deeds their routine but some others forgot. We are to ask them, "Are such things to be forgotten?" Remember  them and the best way is to remind others. In this way, you yourself will also listen. Goodbye.


May Allah keep the garden of Jihaad fresh! Jihaad is a great source of absolution of sins. Not to speak of forgiveness, Paradise lies in the shade of swords and admittance into the Paradise without accountability. Formerly, Saddaam Hussain's policy was wrong. When he became a Mujaahid, he was so  accepted that he got killed while reciting the Kalimah. It is not the lot of common rulers. It is said that the Mujaahideen have slain two killers of Saddaam Hussain: one is the Judge and the other is the executioner. The name of the organization who did this deed is Daa'ish. Thank you Daa'ish but when will the people of the Jaish slay the killers of Muhammad Afzal Goru Shaheed? Goodbye.


Spending wealth in the way of Allah i.e. Jihaad in the way of Allah is the sign of true Belief.  Today,  a few more excellences of Sadaqah.  1. Sadaqah  is cure to the hardness of the heart. 2. Sadaqah is a shade on the Day of Judgement.  3. Sadaqah extinguishes the fire ignited by man's sins. If this fire is not extinguished, it burns the sinner himself. 4. Sadaqah pushes away trials and troubles. 5. Spending ones dear wealth is the actual virtue i.e. man is blessed with this basis due to Sadaqah.  6. Sadaqah is the wealth that remains safe for man. All the rest goes waste. 7. The reward of giver  of Sadaqah keeps increasing. For example, Allah increases the reward of one piece of dates given in Jihaad equal to the Uhud mountain. Keep in mind, Jihaad with wealth is also obligatory. All these excellences are found in the books of Sunnah. The rest will be next if Allah wills.  Goodbye.  

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