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Message Corner-462

Message Corner

(Shumara 462)


Only Allah is All--Alive! All the rest are mortal and needy. Today, when I recited the Aayat-ul-Kursi after the Fajr, I recalled that it was 9/11, i.e. September 11. What was then? 9/11 and the preceding period all joined with each sentence of Aayat-ul-Kursi. Subhaan Allah! How authentic is witness of the time! Man should observe patience. Time itself gives verdict. September 11 changed the world. This change proved good for some people but bad for others. After 9/11, the pronouncement came "Jihaad is wiped out from the world, Mujaahideen wiped out and Jihaad organizations banned." What was then? Time is showing all who is wiped out and who survived. Aha! Resplendence of Aayat-ulKursi is descending at the heart today. How can a short message cover it? Lo! See! Jihaad standard is all over the world whereas the white Bush of that time has become black Obama due to blackness of defeat, Toni's Britain is to break into Scotland and, the poor Parvez Musharraf is sick, culprit and helpless. So pronounce, "Allah and only Allah is the Greatest of all." Goodbye.


Allah's mercy falls shower like on those who recite Durood which is a worship as well as obedience, supplication as well as loyalty, Ziker as well as thought, nearness as well as company, expiation as well as progress, success as well as flight, mercy as well as blessing, mad love as well as  ecstasy, height as well as flight, forgiveness as well as penitance, gift as well as treasure. This is not verbosity but reality. There is proof behind every word. Competition that beautifies the souls, hearts, graves and faces starts with the Azaan of Maghrib as Friday is starting.


May Allah be kind and protect us against His punishment in the world and the Hereafter! The flood devastated valleys. The honourable people in the houses were rendered homeless, graveyards were lost and populated areas were turned into graveyards. The Holy Quran tells us why floods are caused. But the Muslims do not attend to the Holy Quran. The Holy Quran has told us the method of avoiding it but we consider our progress in modern knowledge neglecting the Holy Quran. O Brothers! It is obligatory to offer thanks at the bounties we have and feeling pride in them is unlawful. It is Allah's great favour if we, with our children, are not in tents. Thank Allah, otherwise our sins are not less. Recall every bounty and offer thanks at it. Do not consider any bounty your achievement. The Quranic method of procuring bounties are the words  ..ماشاء اللہ لاقوۃالا باللہ..  Recite them the whole day for the flood-stricken Muslims and supplicate specially for the Mujaahideen at the fronts. Today, recite the Surah Faatiha for a few times after every prayer, then true Istighfar, supplication for the flood-stricken Muslims and the Mujaahideen. The Occupied Kashmiris are in double trial. The flood below and enemy at the head. O Brothers! Supplicate specially.

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