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Message Corner-544

Message Corner

(Shumara 544)

Message: (03-05-2016):

May Allah protect us against punishment in the grave! We have been born from this soil. We are to return to this soil and will be resurrected. The soil welcomes a few people at their burial and shows them its bounty and comfort. On the other hand, the soil shows its wrath at the burial of some other people. Living on the earth, everyone should give the due of the soil. The right of the earth is to do virtuous deeds on it, to pay 10th part of this production, not to usurp the soil but purify it of Infidelity and polytheision. If you give a hand-breadth of land for the Masjid, Allah as well as earth is pleased and the Paradise  is ordained. If you usurp a hand-breadth of land, Allah is displeased, the soil is wrathful and there is punishment on the Day of Judgement. O brothers! Work for Ushar is very sacred. It is your favour to the Muslims and the earth people. Today, I supplicated heartily at your labour. May Allah accept it! Goodbye.لا الہ الا اللہ محمد رسول اللہ  

Message: (05-05-2016)

   اَللّٰہُمَّ بَارِکْ لَنَا فِی رَجَبٍ وَ شَعْبَانَ وَ بَلِّغْنَا رَمَضَان   Today is a news, a pronouncement and a scene. (News) India is bragging that she has arrested twelve Mujaahideen. All lie, bare lie. O progony of Abu Jehl search even more. (Anxouncement) First phase of teaching explanation of the Holy Quran is starting. If the governors nourish its importance and pray for it, there will be ideal success. This is two  point agenda. (Scene) All the Satanic powers cry,  "No Jihaad." All the Infidel forces roar, "No Jihaad." All the Hypocrites threaten, "No Jihaad". Captivating sins say persuardingly, "No Jihaad." Black tempests, red storms and narrow torture cells say, "No Jihaad" Placing the Holy Quran in front of them, a few mad-lovers sitting on the mat say,  "Yes Jihaad!" Yes Jihaad! Yes Jihaad! Yes O Allah!" We say yes to the Holy Prophet'sﷺ order, "Yes Jihaad! Yes Jihaad!" Friday with Maghrib and recitation  of Durood. Goodbye.لا الہ الا اللہ محمد رسول اللہ

Message (07-05-2016):

May Allah end Rajab at good and start Sha'baan with good! Tomorrow Sunday is 30th Rajab. Sha'baan is starting with next Maghrib. Allah be praised, teaching of verses on Jihaad is going to start at nineteen places today. We should offer maximum thanks to Allah at this bounty. The number of male and female students reached approx 1600.  The governors should make harder labours. Men from Karachi should also come with zeal and zest. Be sure, it is a very sacred sitting of the Holy Quran, Allah's words, Allah's message and Allah's points.  Some people miss it on the plea that they cannot attend it daily. So, attend it for as many days as you can. Don't be deprived of it even if you can come for one day. The teachers should teach zealously no the matter there are two hundred or only two students. You sincerity, passion and zeal should not  abate. It is lot of the reader who comes and who misses it. You should be grateful to Allah at your own lot. Allah has deputed you to teach the part of the Holy Quran upon which the entire heretic world is agreed to wipe out. Good luck to you. Goodbye. لا الہ الا اللہ محمد رسول اللہ

Message (08-05-2016): 

May Allah bless the Muslim Ummah with victory! Sha'baan is starting with Maghrib. Excellences  of Sha'baan will be given next. A strange glad-tidings that a Masjid in Bosnia has reopened. The Crusaders demolished it in 1993. Fifteen years ago, when the Muslims tried to reconstruct it, the Crusaders killed so many Muslims but thousands of Muslims started construction of the Masjid with zest for faith this Friday. Allah be praised, the campaign for Ushar is advancing well. Hard labour which the mad-lovers are making in this heat, sunlight, storm and dust is enviable. The sweat that sprouts from every root of hair on body raises you much nearer to Allah. This is the second day of teaching phases. Blessed rain is falling at 19 cities of the country. Good luck to the students! Best wishes for the teachers! The teachers should keep in mind that their deeds gather not in the assemblage but with Allah who listens and witnesses and the Recording Angels record it. What else do you need? Goodbye. لا الہ الا اللہ محمد رسول اللہ
Message (09-05-2016):  May Allah accept brother Ihtishaam's Shahaadat!  اناللہ واناالیہ راجعون  Good luck brother Ihtshaam Shaheed!   ..بَلْ اَحْیَائٌ عِنْدَ رَبِّہِمْ یُرْزَقُون   Eight companions got killed in five days. O Allah, bless them with special accepance! Now, their names have also become blessed. Harun-ur-Rasheed, Sami Allah, Khalid Zammaan Khan, Umar,  Saraaj, Abd-us-Samad, Nazir Khan and brother Ihtshaam are symbols of bravery, valour, sincerity, loyalty and hard work. We should make maximum arrangements to convey reward to these head offering Mujaahideen. Goodbye. لا الہ الا اللہ محمد رسول اللہ

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