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Message Corner-547

Message Corner

(Shumara 547)

Message. (26-05-16):

Allah is need free. (Future) The enemies of Islam held festivities at their success, which is no success. Now they will witness Allah's awe and splendour, dignity of Din and grandeur of Din. Allah be praised, the Muslim Ummah is not infertile. (Asset) Who gets benefit from the two Raka't prayer that we establish and supplicates to seek for success of Ramazaan? Our own benefit.  Four precious prostrations are added to the Recording Book and a little time becomes asset for the Hereafter. (Exchange) As great money exchange does a country possess and enrich  her economy, is as the wealth that we invest in Jihaad or contribute to Ramzaan campaign becomes our money exchange. Increase in your money exchange well. (Heart Yearning) A saint writes, "When I read the incidents of the  elders that they would recite so much Holy Quran, establish Nawafil, serve so much Din and study so hard, I would fancy that it was all exaggeration but when touch mobile came and I found people lost in it for hours, I believed in the incident of the ancestors." May Allah bless us with good yearning! Goodbye.

Message (27-05-16): 

Only Allah is the Creater and Sustainer. (Suggestion) Those who are to do shopping for Eid, should do just now so that last days of Ramzaan may not be lost. Those who are not to do shopping for Eid are the well-wishers. (Effect of Name) Man's name affects his personality to some extent. So we are ordered to give good names to our children. The name of new Amir-ul-Mu'mineen of Islamic Emerates is Haibat Allah (Awe and Terror). Estimate please, as soon as he was appointed, awe and terror prevailed over the Infidels and the Hypocrites. Someone said, "Hazrat  Umar has come back. Someone  said, "There will be fierce war." Some other said, "Taalibaan  have gone back to the stone age." May Allah bless the Muslims with amplitude in this appointment. (Precious) The time after Asr Prayer on Friday is very precious. This is the best time to seek needs of the heart. (News) The next edition of Al-Qalam will be the special edition on Amir-ul-Mu'mineen Mulla Akhtar Muhammad Mansur. The personnel in the Al-Qalam should put in hard labour. The writers should make the light of the heart in their pens. The buyers should buy  and distribute it generously. Deeds are presented to Allah in Sha'abaan. So earn as much as you can. Goodbye.


May Allah grant us with acceptance and forgiveness! Our dear Brother Saifullah has also joined Sajjaad Afghani, Ghazi Baba and Afzal Goru. They kept spreading the light of Jihaad on the toughest war fronts. Their tale of bravery is imprinted from Kapwarrah to Sri Nagar.  They kept fighting in the area where none could pass with a knife in his hand. There were ideal campaigns under their leadership for two years. The mother of a  Shaheed sent me good wishes saying, "We are grateful to the organization for leading Saifullah to this spot. May Allah bless the organization with a better substitute for Saifullah! We thank Allah at this bounty. May Allah bless the Muslim Ummah with such brave young men in abundance!" These are words of the parents for their son. Surely, this world is populated with such loyal Muslims, loyal to Allah, loyal to Din. Good luck to Shaheed Saifullah, Shaheed Waqas and all the other Shuhada and their parents. Goodbye.

Message (29-05-16):

May Allah bless the Muslim Ummah with Caliphate and freedom! (Progress) When a mundane, negligent and sinful Muslim comes to Din, to Masjid, to modesty and Jihaad; it is called progress. Formerly, he was wasting all and was going down, now he is purchasing eternal bounties and going up.  (Downfall) When a religious Muslim or Mujahid is indulged in the world, wealth, luxury, apparent honour and sells his priceless past for the sake of world, it is called downfall i.e. falling down and following the mortal giving up the immortal. (Competition) There remains a contest within us between progress and downfall. Whoever wants to progress till death should befriend Kalimah Tayyibah, because the Kalimah is tied with the High Throne. Catching it, if we keep ascending, we shall keep progressing. When we desert the Kalimah, we shall fall down. Understand and learn the Kalimah, teach and spread the Kalimah; Sacrifice your wealth and lives for the sake of Kalimah. Love and recite the Kalimah. Goodbye.
Message (30-05-16): Allah is Immortal. All the others are mortal. (Real Law) Everyone is to taste death.  Every kingdom and power is to fall. There is a fixed time for every thing on the earth. (History)  When it is the final law, history is determined according to it. There is everyone's date of birth and death. Every government has its beginning and ending. It has been going on in the past and will continue thus till the Day of Judgement. (False lesson) Receiving lesson from history that no religious state can exist; so none should talk of promulgation of Islam is a false lesson. Even the liberal and secular states in Pakistan could not stand. The people of past perished. Soviet Union collapsed before our eyes. The present states are also breaking. (Enmity) Real enmity of liberal secular and Ghaamidis is with Din. That's why; they term the states from Hazrat Sulaimaan to the guided caliphs as unsuccessful whereas these sacred states did their duties well. Real lesson  is,  "All the time and authority should be spent in loyality with Allah's Din."

Message (31-05-16):

May Allah accept! Special edition of the Al-Qalam is under preparation today.  It is Hazrat Amir-ul-Mu'mineen Shaheed Number containing important articles, biography, dictates and sayings and much more, I have also written the column under the title "The Best Successor" The guidance department of the organization should make maximum efforts to spread it. Those who are hit by the missiles of the enemy should be given maximum love and intimacy. Goodbye.لا الہ الا اللہ محمد الرسول اللہ

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