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Message Corner-548

Message Corner

(Shumara 548)

Message (01-06-16): 

May Allah protect us from show, pretentison, pride, self-aggrandizement and evil-eye! The Jaish is a wonderful organization. (Thirty Miles)  Long ago, a holy man met me and said weeping, "The Jaish is a wonderful organization. One of your companions rides the bicycle thirty miles, goes from door to door, persuades the people and delivers the newspaper. (Wages) I happened to go to a place where people were talking about a Shaheed that it had been his routine for years to work on daily wages and then persuaded people to Jihaad with that wealth. When that wealth ended, he again started working on daily wages and so on. Allah accepted him soon. (Arm in the  Neck) Recently, I met a saint who said, "One  night, one of your workers met an accident and his arm was fractured. The next day, I saw him hanging his fractured arm in the neck and delivering newspapers. I said, "In this state?" He said, "Only arm is fractured. Duty is to be done." (Yesterday's Delight) Owing to business in so many campaigns and governmental oppressions, I did not stress the companions much for this special edition. I gave a short message only. But how wonderful the mad-lovers are that they stood up at a short message and made so great addition to the edition. Dear Brothers! Only Allah may give you good reward for your labour! May He protect you from smoke in the hell, accept every of your step as you have pleased me! Goodbye.لا الہ الا اللہ محمد رسول اللہ

Message (02-06-16):

Allah says, "Recite Durood for him as good wishes. Upon whom? The Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammadاللہم صل وسلم علی سیدنا محمد! O brothers, whoever is deprived of Muhamamdﷺ, is deprived of everything. He is wicked, unlucky, unfortunate, empty-handed though he is king of the whole world or a great scientist, a billionaire trader or a trillionaire industrialist. He is more deprived than animals even. It is no achievement to invent  things in the world. It is a need. Not to speak of humans, even animals invent things. Have a look at the cobweb, nest of the sparrow, caves in the jungle, hive for honey. Accumulating wealth is no eachievment. A cockroach also occupies filth and serpent also sits at the treasure of trillions. The achievement is to seek Hazrat Muhammadﷺ and recognize him, recite his Kalimah and link himself with him. In this way, he treads the path of progress, success, sagacity and light. Then make advancement as much as he likes going nearer to the Holy Prophetﷺ so much so he may endear him more than his own life, wealth and children. Friday  with Maghrib and recitation of Durood. Goodbye. لا الہ الا اللہ محمد رسول اللہ

Message (03-06-16): 

May Allah bless our hearts with light. Human heart is a  wonderful thing. Sometimes it  opens and at times closes. If it opens, it is easy to fight the lion even. When it closes, it is difficult to face a rat or a lizzard. If it opens, it is easy to sacrifice the whole wealth for the sake of Din. If it closes, it is difficult to give ten rupees even. If the heart opens, it causes predominance of one man over thousands otherwise it is difficult to advance two steps even. If the heart opens, it can procure the Holy Quran in it otherwise it thinks about dirt and filth. Hazrat Musa was ordered to go to the Pharaoh and frighten him of Allah.  Apparently, it was impossible but the apostle said, "O Allah, open my heart then I will face Pharaoh and his power." If the heart opens, every task is easy because the power and vastness of the heart is very great. When the heart begins to close, start reciting again and again رب اشرح لی صدری ویسرلی امری and demand اللھم اجعل فی قلبی نورا and make the supplication of the heart your permanent routine as اللھم یامقلب القلوب ثبت قلبی علی دینک. Also seek the tried supplication of our spiritual guide اللھم یا قوی القادر المقتدر قونی و قلبی. Good wishes of Friday for the generous people. Goodbye. لا الہ الا اللہ محمد رسول اللہ

Message: (04-06-16):  

May Allah make our hearts believing ones. We were talking of the heart. The holy Quran  has told us the supplication to correct the hearts as ربنا لاتزغ قلوبنا بعد إذ ہدیتنا و ہب لنا من لدنک رحمۃ انک أنت الوہاب O Allah, do not make our hearts crooked. It becomes known that some hearts are straight and some others are crooked. Allah's Good Name Al-Wahhaab concerns deeply with the correction of the heart. Let us work hard at our hearts this Ramazaan making our Ramazaan Campaign a source of correction of our hearts. Work devoutly, supplicate from the core of the heart linking it with its Lord. Be sure, your campaigns are not useless and formal. Its impacts are spreading far and wide in the earth and the sky. Just last year, eleven new Masaajid were constructed. The work spread so rapidly that media is ever talking of it whereas it is one of the few organizations of the world who do not pay even a penny to the media. It is Allah's grace and favour that the work is arising from the heart. Consequently, the world of Infidelity is terrorized of the organization of the poor weak people. International powers try to freeze the accounts of those who pay electricity bills with great difficulty. Which accounts? This is the treasure of the heart.  Goodbye.

Message (05-06-16):

May Allah grant our hearts with life, perception, insight, humility and protection. Sunnah supplication has been taught to us, "Demand humble, fearing and shaking heart from Allah." This is life of the heart. Moreover, demand complete, perfect and procured heart free of Infidelity, Polytheism, wrath, revenge, jealousy and lust. Demand link of faith with the heart; the faith that is percolated in the heart. O Brothers, we are to work on the heart this Ramazaan, work from the heart and work for the heart.  Whoever's heart is dead, get it resurrected from the Lord.  Whoever's heart is blind, get its eyes corrected from the All-Hearing, the All-seeing. Whoever's heart is sick, get it cured from the All-Knowing. O Brothers, a long breath and say "Allah be praised" from the core of the heart. Then a long breath and sayاستغفراللہ  Then hold your breath and say from the heart "Allah! Allah!" As for physical ailments of the heart, most of the people suffer from gas trouble. Then they rush to the doctors for ECG. Most of the machines are defective which prove heart trouble. Then they become permanent heart patients. They undergo numerous tests and as a result, the heart is ruined. The rest tomorrow if Allah wills. Goodbye.

Message (06-06-16):

May Allah bless our hearts with complete faith, health and tranquility! Surah Yaasin is heart of the Holy Quran. Its recitation is cure for the heart particularly the verseسلام قولا من رب رحیم. Its other treatments are as under.  (1). Eating ground 'Ajwah date with its Kernal.  (2). Eating ground kernel of 'Ajwah date with water in the morning. (3). Not letting belly to swell.  (4) Eating one piece of emblic jam early in the morning.  (5). Placing hand at the heart after every prayer and reciting the following supplication          اللھم یاقوی القادر المقتدر قونی و قلبی  (O Allah, O Mighty, O Sovereign, strengthen me and my heart.) My teacher used to say, "There are five Qaf in it. Every Qaf strengthens the value of the heart and opens it." (6) Having Hijaamah (7) Avoiding tests of the doctors as much as you can. (Essential point) The point about heart was under discussion that heart of the months i.e. Ramazaan has started. It is fasting in Hijaz today. There is strong possibility of fasting tomorrow i.e. Ramazaan is coming with this Maghrib. Welcome it reciting the Holy Quran with holy heart, at holy place attentively, devoutly and humbly. Feel delight at the heart. Recite Surah Al-Fatah in two Rak'at prayer alongwith routines of the new moon night. There will occur amplitude in livelihood and conquests all the year round if Allah wills. Goodbye. لاالہ الااللہ محمدرسول اللہ

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