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Message Corner-549

Message Corner

(Shumara 549)

Message (07-06-16): 

Good wishes to all the believers on the eve of Ramazaan as it is occasion of happiness. We should feel this delight in the heart. Do not lose charm of your delight with futile talk nor make your worship dubious. Whether the moon was small or big, pronouncement for the moon was correct or incorrect, we are not responsible for it. We have just got the month of Ramazaan. Now, we should get busy in serving it and gaining from it. Weight and value of every deed in Ramazaan is multiplied. Pronouncing Subhaan Allah once is equal to thousands. Spending one rupee in Jihaad is equal to thousands because the supererogations in Ramazaan become equal to obligations and there is difference of thousands between supererogations and obligations. Store maximum virtues for your Hereafter particularly the virtues that we lack in. Jiaad and Ramazaan have deep link. The Holy Quran and Ramazaan have deep intimacy. Kindness to relatives and Ramazaan have deep link. Supererogations and Ramazaan are a good couple. Hearty  congratulations to you O Ummah of Hazrat Muhammadﷺ. Death in this month is also delicious. Goodbye.

Message (08-06-19): 

The dearest place to Allah is Masjid. The Muslims always inclined to the Masjid are entitled to shade under the High Throne. Allah be praised, one of the main objective of the organization is construction, population and service to the Masaajid. Allah be thanked, like other deeds, there occurred amplitude in the tasks of Masaajid also. Rs. 34780,000 were spent on the construction, repairing, water supply and completion of papers of the Masaajid last year. We spend the only wealth on Masaajid that is contributed for this sake. We never spend Jihaad fund or Zakat on them. The matter to get pleased is that work on ten Masaajid started last year. Most of them are complete now. Others are under construction. If progress remains the same, construction of one more Masjid will be started every year if Allah wills. A few days ago, a sincere companion in Karachi resolved to construct one more Masjid. May Allah bless him with good reward according to His Dignity. How good construction of a Masjid on an open plot looks and the voice of Allah Akbar resounds from its minarets! Goodbye.

Message (09-06-16):

Allah is the Master of treasures in the skies and the earth. (Wish) The place wherein Masjid is constructed is safe from so many sins and so many virtues are done there whose counting is difficult rather impossible. Allah be praised, 75 Masaajid have been populated. The heart yearns, "When will this number reach 100 and 313? (Grand Offer) Take out Rs. 100/- from your pocket with the intention of making it asset for the Hereafter, purchase four volumes of "Explanation of Jihaad" one for yourself and distribute the other three. The price for this book is Rs.25/- for the sake of persuasion to Jihaad. Your Rs. 100/- will become very precious for you and become an asset for the Hereafter if Allah wills. Only 10,000 copies of this booklet have been published yet. Make so intense labour for persuasion to Jihaad that all the volumes may be distributed by the evening and the new edition may have to be brought out. First Friday of Ramazaan with Maghrib. Recitation of Durood be kept in mind. Goodbye.

Message (10-06-16):

May Allah make us His grateful slaves! (A Fable) Long ago, a saint would go to ask after the patients. Most of the patients said sighing,  "All is well. We are sorrowful at missing prayers in Haram due to illness." One day, he went to ask after a patient who was very happy and said, "I am grateful to Allah as He invited me to Haram. Now, it is His will that He caused me ill and threw me on the bed. It is His will to make me establish prayers any where He likes." The saint said, "You are reaping more reward than those who establish prayer in the first line in Haram. Gratitude is, no doubt, a great worship.

(Aha Heat) These days people say,  "Ah heat!" The govt. is highly cursed due to lack of electricity. Heat is surely intense but fastings in it are very sweet. We feel thirsty. The rebellious self is crushed. Man's ego is corrected. You will have observed that the land to be cultivated is broken well by ploughing and pressing. Then it gives good yield. Neither do fruits nor do flowers blossom on the floor of marble. When we are broken well due to fasting in heat, seed of faith, sincerity and fidelity grow. This labour becomes an asset for the Hereafter. So say "Aha Heat" from the heart! Goodbye.

Message (11-06-16): 

May Allah Bless us with the best house in the Hereafter. (Ten Days) If we are told that we are to spend ten days next month in such and such jungle or desert, and will have to make all the provisions for it ourselfves, how much will we arrange for those ten days? Allah tells us again and again, "You are to go to the next house in the Hereafter as "وَقَدِّمُوْالِاَنْفُسِکُمْ" Make provisions for the Hereafter but we get lost in making this mortal world. (Spontaneously) These days, the following supplication comes on the lips spontaneously, "O Allah, You have ordered"وَقَدِّمُوْالِاَنْفُسِکُمْ" Make provisions for yourselves.  O Allah make it easy to follow this dictate granting us with the capacity to act upon it. (Mask) A report is published,  "Does America rule over the world yet?" The answer was,  "The situation is much changed. America is not the same as it was before attacking Afghanistan and Iraq. Now, the world has witnessed many of her weak points i.e.  the mask on her face due to which she would frighten the world. When Shuhada and Mujaahideen removed that mask, there was recovered Obama from under it.

(The Most Important) Faith of the Mu'min who goes against his words weakens and he becomes trustless in the earth and the sky. The weight of his honour and personality lessens. So, fulfil your promise when you make it. There shold be no violation even for a minute, a day or a moment. Goodbye.

Message (12-06-16):

No abatement in Allah's Din can be overlooked. A sedition arose "We shall not pay Zakat to the Islamic caliphate but act upon the rest of Din." Hazrat Abu Bakr said, "I shall fight them. No deduction from Din can be overlooked. When the troop was sent, the sedition fled away. The Jurists write, "If people of a region say that they establish prayers without Azaan, they will be fought against because deduction from Din can't be overlooked." The reason is when once this point is overlooked, the door to seditions opens and everyone begins to deny some dictate. Alas! Allah's dictate for Jihaad in His way is openly denied and is excluded from Din rather is presented as a crime when there are 1000 verses and thousands of traditions on Jihaad. Moreover, the Holy Prophet'sﷺ blood and tooth; seeing this, the heart bursts. So much so, the word Jihaad is not uttered in so many religious congregations. If it is uttered, it is in the style of change and denial. So, labour for Jihaad is direly needed for the protection of Din. Show some fervor and passion because the campaign is growing distasteful. Goodbye.

Message (13-06-6):

Allah is a great vengeful. You have witnessed, those who laughed in May are weeping bitterly these days. They were happy at their drone attack but now their fifty individuals are killed. Surely, oppression comes back. (Twenty Thousand) It is popularity of persuasion to Jihaad that ten thousand volumes of the book "Explanation of Jihaad" have been distributed and order for ten thousand more is placed. The opponents of Jihaad should beat their heads. (Two Raka't) Establish two Raka't of gratitude player and thank Allah from the heart that He has given you so sacred organization, complete Din, true belief, the best deed and company of those who offer sacrifice. How great favour of Allah that He has saved us from denial of Jihaad. Could faith remain if we had also denied Jihaad? The deviated people do not come near you due to faith in Jihaad neither do those of Bollywood nor of Lollywood. O Allah, it is Your  favour and grace!
(Not Profession) Jihaad is not our profession. We persuade the Muslims to Jihaad just to save our faith and that of the Muslim Ummah. O brothers! the whole Ummah needs this labour. Come out of the casing of your own self, your needs and wishes and put in so hard labour that the season may change. Make peace mutually. Get light and might through counselling and prayer. Goodbye. لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

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