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Message Corner-551

Message Corner

(Shumara 551)

Message (21-06-16):

May Allah bless with us good end at complete faith! (Persuasion) 'Itikaaf this year will also be observed in Jaami' Masjid 'Usmaan-o-Ali Bahawalpur. 'Itikaaf is one of the high worships. This is worship of special slaves of Allah. The Holy Quran percolates in the heart due to the blessings of 'Itikaaf because the Holy Quran was revealed in the state of 'Itikaaf when the Holy Prophetﷺ would observe long 'Itikaaf. The first revelation of the Holy Quran was sent down on a night probably Night of Qadar in Ramazaan during 'Itikaaf or solitude. I persuade all of you to 'Itikaaf. Those who have capacity, should make arrangements, others should start supplicating. (Glad Tidings) It is in the air that a few responsible companions of the organization are going to be released. O Allah make this news  a glad tidings! (All the Year Round) There is so great reward for fasting in heat, the yearning for heat and fasting all the year round, patience till breaking it and then enjoyments in the Hereafter.  Goodbye.

Message (22-06-16):

There are numerous mercies of Allah on Mujaahideen and Shuhada of Badr. (A Point) Generally, supplication for the Shuhada of Campaign is made first and then to conquerors but the conquerors of  the Ghazwah Badr are very high-ranked which include Chief of the prophets, chief of the angels and chief of the caliphs. So, Ghazwah Badr is the Day of Distinction and Day of punishment for the polytheists. It is filled with blessings for the believers but portance for the Infidels. O Muslims, which day will be an example for us if not this one? (Worthy of Forgiveness) Islam does not spread just with pronouncement of forgiveness. If so, go to every Infidel country, stand at the crossroads and announce forgiveness for them the very today, you will surely face countless shoes. It was the blessings of Ghazwah Badr and regular Jihaad that the Muslims entered Makkah as conquerors. Then general forgive which gave good results.  (Congratulations) The day of Badr is called the day of decision and distinction between truth and falsehood. The point in it is that those who observe the sequence of Badr, are in the right; those who have deviated from it, are in danger. Sequence of Badr is Jihaad in the way of Allah. (Strong Competition) Tomorrow, there  will be competition of day of Badr on 17th Ramazaan named competition of Badr. Its reward will be conveyed to the Shuhada of Badr. Badr smiles  to see who puts in real labour? Goodbye.

Message (23-06-16):

Allah Akbar! How sweet is the name Ghazwah Badr! Ghazwah Badr musters up courage, elevates faith higher than stars, becomes beacon of light to show path in dark ocean, ray of hope in the desert of despairs, filling power of lightning in weak bodies, showing path to come out of disgrace and slavery, telling the style of thirteen  years Makkan persuasion, answering the economic and military power of the Infidels, syllabus to wipe out ignorance from the world, method of purifying the world of Abu Jahls, joining the sky and the earth, method of bringing down the chief of angels on the earth, secret of economic stability of the believers, message to the oppressed to come out of oppression, example of honour and light for the Muslims till the Day of Judgement, the best example for the Muslims in every age. Good wishes to the Ghazwah Badr, the conquerors, the Shuhada and the land of the Ghazwah Badr. Those who have vowed not to wage Jihaad should not snatch Ghazwah Badr from the Muslims for the sake of Allah. Friday with Maghrib and Durood. Goodbye.

Message (24-06-16):

Thanks to Allah for faith, Islam, Hazrat Muhammadﷺ and the Holy Quran. What else do we need? رضیت باللہ ربا و بالاسلام دینا و بمحمدﷺ نبیّاو بالقرآن حکما واماما  Allah Almighty, Hazrat Muhamamdﷺ, Islam and the Holy Quran, are the four bounties. Whoever gets them is successful. Whoever is deprived of any of it is unsuccessful. O Allah, how can we thank You at so great bounties? انت کما اثنیت علی نفسک  Yesterday's Badr competition was won by the province Ali. Good wishes and supplications for you. I have recalled the pair of Ali and Zubair who conquered the mountains of military campaigns. Both these stepped in Jihaad from childhood. May Allah  make our children true Mujaahid! Hazrat Ali became guard of the Holy Prophetﷺ in a fierce besiege in Makkah and Hazrat Zubair first of all took up sword for Islam. The provinces Abu Bakr and Abu 'Ubaidah also stood good in Badr contest but when will the people of the Punjab come out of the portance of the rulers of the Punjab? Goodbye.


May Allah bless us all with the accepted worship of Night of Qadr. How great is the Night of Qadr! Sapphire is also a stone but more costly than millions of stones.  Musk is a also a drop of blood but more costly than gold. Night of Qadr is also a night but more precious and weightier like sapphire and musk than other nights. One night is weightier and more costly than 30,000 nights. This night falls every year stealthily and adds abundantly in the Hereafter treasures of the sincere slaves. Night of Qadr is a concealed and hidden blessing. Specifying and pronouncing a night with the help of arguments and inspiration is not correct. Secret is precious as long as it is a secret. It is beautiful and captivating. Some people have specified  27th night collecting very weighty arguments. But the fact is that it  is not the case at all. Night of Qadr can fall on 27th and any other date also. The mad-lovers should keep searching it. The needy should continue efforts. People remain busy in search for so futile things. Night of Qadr is the most beautiful night in the universe. It is filled with good, safety, love, blessings, bounties and beauty. So, search and find it. Goodbye.

Message (26-6-16):

Allah shows the scene of release of Hazrat Yousuf in the Holy Quran. Subhaan Allah! How honourable, how grand and how nice release it was. This captivity is spread at so many verses of Surah Yousuf. O Allah! When will we witness the release of our sister Aafia Siddiqui? She has spent thirteen years long period in captivity of the foreigners in poisonious torture cells with oppressive biting injuries. Allah! Allah! Allah! How did this daughter of the Muslims kept undergoing all this with faith, patience and modesty? O Allah! She is at Your mercy. Have mercy on her and give her an honourable release. Captivity of sister for brothers is bitter than death. The last decade of Ramazaan is going to start with Maghrib today. People of 'Itikaaf are collecting their  luggage for 'Itikaaf. The devotees should gird up their loins for Salaat Tasbeeh and other worships. The first night of this decade this year is very special for those who know Allah. O brothers and sisters! Demand release for your sister this time pleasing Allah. Goodbye.

Message (27-06-16):

It is Allah's great favour that more than one thousand individuals are observing 'Itikaaf this year. Jaami' Masjid Usman-o-Ali is beside itself with joy. Welcome to those who have come to observe 'Itikaaf. May Allah bless us all with the bounty of forgiveness! Supplication for you has become the part of my routine from today. I hope and request you to supplicate for me also. A few sincere companions have sent a large amount for the pre-dawn meal and breaking of fast for those who are observing 'Itikaaf. This enviable  virtue is being recorded in their Recording Books for several years. Thanks to them and supplications for them from the core of the heart. Goodbye. لاالہ الا اللہ محمد الرسول اللہ

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