Message Corner-595

Message Corner

(Shumara 595)

Message (21-05-17):

Allah loves His slaves. The satan severs Allah's slaves from Allah. Whoever tries to link Allah's slaves with Him is Allah's dear friend. Success of the campaign "Spending in the Way of Allah" lies in the fact that it is meant neither for contribution nor more efforts. If this campaign links Allah's slaves with Him, this will be victorious. Every member and speaker of the organization should make it his motto to link Allah's slaves with Him. Persuasion to faith and Jihaad is just for this sake that Allah's slaves should become conscious Muslims who believe in full Din and the Holy Quran, worship Allah, repent of sins, establish prayers for the sake of Allah, wage Jihaad, love one another, fear Allah, hope of Allah, have good fancy of Allah, remember Allah, become loyal to Allah, become helpers of Allah, live and die for the sake of Allah. Neither may any stanic power sever them from Allah nor may a sin despair them of Allah nor may the oppression of the cruel sever them from Allah. Arise with this pining and voice, other objectives of the campaign will thankselves be achieved if Allah wills. Goodbye لاالہ الااللّٰہ محمدرسول اللّٰہ

Message (25-05-17):

Allah Almighty is the Al-Fattaah Who grants victory, opens the locks, breaks the barriers and removes poverty. Allah has sent down Surah Al-Fath in the Holy Quran. It is situated in 26th Paara. It has four Raku'. You know that later scholars determined Raku' of the Holy Quran so that it might be easy to memorise and understand it. When the Holy Quran was sent down, it had no sequence of Raku'. That's why; the volumes of the Holy Quran published in Arab countries have no trace of Raku'. There are three verses of tranquility in Surah Al-Fath. One is verse of Qutub. It contains all the alphabet. Surah Al-Fath is very dear to the Holy Prophetﷺ. When it was sent down, the Holy Prophetﷺ was beside himself with joy. This Surah gave him glad tidings. Study the explanation of this Surah in "Fat-hul-Jawwaad" if Allah grants you with this capacity. You will gain much by the grace of Allah. If this Surah is recited in two Rak'at on the first night of Ramazaan, the chain of victories continues all the year round. The month of Ramazaan may start this evening or next day in Hijaaz. As far as we are concerned, we shall wait. As soon as the news of sighting of the moon comes, I shall issue the message if Allah wills. Friday with Maghrib. Beauty Contest and the deed of Aayat-ul-Kursiy should be kept in mind. Goodbye لاالہ الااللّٰہ محمدرسول اللّٰہ

Message (27-05-17):

Allah Akbar! It is Ramazaan in Hijaaz to Afghanistan today. The market for mad-love, loyalty and generosity is open. Ramazaan in Pakistan will start with Maghrib today. Some peole observe fast today in some areas from Peshawar to Gowadar. The angels are happy but the devils are upset, sad and chained. Allah has always sent His words in the month of Ramazaan. The best season to acquire divine words is Ramazaan so believe in, understand, study, recite, look at and distribute the Holy Quran percolating Allah in your hearts. Wherever Ramazaan is to start with this Maghrib, we should complete the deed of Surah Al-Fath also accomplish deeds of the moon-might. Victories lie in everything like Din, the world, fight with the enemies, removal of poverty and obstacles, grantation of amplitude by Allah and physical victories on the war fronts. This year, the collective 'Itikaaf will be held in Masjid Subhaan Allah if Allah wills. Put in hard labour to lead maximum Muslims to this blessing and benefit from it. Masjid is so spacious that one thousand individuals will be compressed in two to three lines. Wherever you address the people, the topic of 'Itikaaf should also be explained illucidating the syllabus of the Round of Training. Most of the people do not know this sequence otherwise the assemblage of 'Itikaaf may multiply to many times. May this assemblage multiply for the sake of Allah. Goodbye. لاالہ الااللّٰہ محمدرسول اللّٰہ