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Message Corner-623

Message Corner

(Shumara 623)


Allah has made this world the place for doing good deeds i.e. word, action, labour struggle and effort whereas he has made the Hereafter the place for reward, good turn and payment. Only that human who does maximum good deeds in this world and hopes for good reward in the Hereafter is successful. All that Allah has given in this world i.e. life, wealth, time, capacity and health is all for virtuous deeds. The Mu'min is ever anxious to spend every moment of his life in doing virtuous deeds which is possible by the grace of Allah. The Day of Judgement is approaching every moment. Death has also started its journey towards us. Do not take up the world as a place of reward but take it as the place of deeds and keep doing virtuous deeds. Good labour in the morning and evening, day and night i.e. keep doing the virtues which continue, spread and multiply. Labour for the Al–Qalam is going on these days. How greatly have people benefitted from it is a long tale? Once, I went to a shop. The shopkeeper was reading an article in the internal page of the Al–Qalam, telling it to other people and advising them to gain lawful living. If the Al–Qalam reaches a house, the house is blessed because it is a pure persuasion to Allah. Be attached with the paper this week and attach, at least, seven individuals to it also. This deed will go a long way with you and will keep continuing if Allah wills. Good bye.

Message (19-12-2017):

The Din which Allah gave to the Final Prophet Hazrat Muhammadﷺ is very dignified still very easy. Everyone can make as much progress in his Din as he wills. The method of removal of every deprival is found in this Din. If we can't kiss the Black Stone, only indication to it with the hand is equal to kissing it. Expiation of cowardice and stinginess is found in Third Kalimah. If a man himself is not a scholar and author, he should convey the words of true scholar to others and reap full benefit. The persuasion to Allah i.e. obligations, Jihaad and message of Din found in the Al–Qalam can't be written by everyone but he can reap full reward by conveying it to others. O brothers and sisters! there is chance till the last breath. Goodbye لا الہ اللہ محمد رسول اللہ


May Allah accept our efforts! Allah has appreciated those who make the Hereafter their target and strive for it. Allah be praised, effort for the Al-Qalam is going on well. So many individuals have informed me that they have resolved to distribute the Al-Qalam every week. If supplication and contribution of the Muslim mothers and sisters is included in it, I hope, this effort will become very sacred, accepted and grateful for the Hereafter if Allah wills. Good byeلاالہ الا اللہ محمد رسول اللہ


May Allah grant us with useful knowledge! I happened to visit a relative whose marriage is imminent. I negotiated with him as, "With what intentions should marriage be arranged?" You should also memorise this intention. (i)Marriage is Allah's dictate. We are to fulfil it. (ii) Marriage is the Holy Prophet'sﷺ Sunnah. We are to fulfil it. (iii) We are to act upon the Sunnah of all the Prophets by marrying. (iv) We are to act upon the persuasions of the Holy Prophetﷺ about marriage. (v) We are to perform all the Sunnah's which can be followed only after marriage. (vi) Faith is complete through marriage (vii) We are to gain purity through marriage. (viii) Making additions to the Ummah of the Holy Prophetﷺ by marrying. (ix)We should marry so that we may be blessed with Mujaahid children. (x) Our wealth may be used by the holy, pious people. (xi) We are to gain the wealth of generosity through marriage. There are so many other intentions. If we have a look at the Quranic dictates, Traditions if the Holy Prophetﷺ and sacred practice of Sahaabah, marriage seems a factory and foundry for excellences, virtues and high stages. May Allah help the Muslims to follow the Sunnah of the Holy Prophetﷺ in this sacred deed and protect them against futile rites! The task of this week is also persuasion to the Al-Qalam. Friday with Maghrib. Beauty Contest and deed of Ayat-ul-Kursiy should be kept in mind. Goodbyeلا الہ اللہ محمد رسول اللہ

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