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Message Corner-624

Message Corner

(Shumara 624)

Message (27-12-2017):

May Allah accept his Shahaadat forgiving him! The younger Maulvi has also passed away. O yes, lost in Jihaad, a sign of terror for the enemies, a wonderful war strategist and guartrust of lighting methods of Hazrat Salmah bin Akwa' i.e. Commander Noor Muhammad Taantray has also got killed. الھم اغفرلہ وراحمہ ولا تحرضا اجرہ ولا تفتنا بعدہ It seems that the people of the Jaish have created the season of marriages in the Occupied Kashmir. The enemy is wondered, worried as well as terrified. The young Maulvi whom the Polytheists considered the merchant of death has achieved his target after winning a long battle, waging a long Jihaad and making a great name at the age of forty seven. He has been prevailing over the BBC and the Indian media since yesterday. Owing to his regular efforts and war skills, he had become hero of the Kashmiris and a nightmare for the Indian imperialists. The Mujaahideen wished long life for such an experienced commander so that they could extend their flight to Delhi even but whoever avails himself of a glimpse of the Hereafter, does not stay here long. Salutations to Brother Noor Muhammad Shaheed from me and all the members of the organization. Goodbye لا الہ الا اللہ محمد رسول اللہ
Message (29-12-2017): May Allah accept the booklet "Sacred Supplications!" It is selling like hot cakes. The grieved and worried Muslims are getting special benefit from it. I intended to specify the task of this week to this booklet but the speed with which it is sold shows that it will be difficult to meet the demand if more persuasion to it is made. So the task of this week is the Sunnah of Miswak. Imagining the word Miswak, fragrance grips every organ from the mouth to the heart. How great favour of the Holy Prophetﷺto his Ummah which encompasses spiritual benefits as well as high stages in the Hereafter. It is said that there is purity of the mouth as well as good-pleasure of Allah in Miswak i.e. the minor benefit is purity of the mouth and major benefit is Allah's good-pleasure. Take the minor benefit that purity is a part of faith. As much deep-rooted a Mu'min faith has, as great arrangements for bodily purity and hygien he makes. Make arrangements for Miswak and rouse your family to it, convey persuasion to Miswak to seven Muslims. If possible gift him a stick of Miswak also. Friday with Magrib. Beauty Contest and the deed of Aayat-ul-Kursiy is welcomed. Goodbye لا الہ الا اللہ محمد رسول اللہ

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