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Message Corner-625

Message Corner

(Shumara 625)


May Allah grant us with the power and capacity to follow the Sunnah! Miswak is a very important and sacred Sunnah. The preachers of the Ummah should deliver, at least, one hour's lecture on Miswak. They will reap wonderful benefits in the grave and on the Day of Resurrection if Allah wills. Excellence of Miswak, its occasions, its dictates, its benefits, importance of observing purity, love for the Holy Prophet'sﷺ and Miswak etc. Eight Shuhada joined the caravan of the Chief of Shuhada after last conveying reward to the Shuhada. Tomorrow, Rabi-as-Saani 12, December 31, all the departments should make arrangements to convey reward to the Shuhada considering it their duty and good luck. Names of Shuhada are (1) Maulvi Noor Muhammad(2) Brother Umair(3) Brother Usman(4) Brother Imran(5) Brother Abu Bakr(6) Brother Tanvir Butt(7) Brother Yunus(8) Brother Umar Khataab رحمھم اللہ تعالی وتقلبھم شھدا فی سبیلہ وجعلھ من القراالمقربین. Goodbye لا الہ اللہ محمد رسول اللہ


I am writing this message in order to offer thanks to Allah for granting us with the capacity to convey reward to the Shuhada. (1) May Allah convey our greetings of love to those three young men who annihilated the Indian Army Camp in the Occupied Kashmir last night. They gave the due of Islam and their youth. (2) Hearty thanks to those who worked hard for the Al-Qalam for two weeks. May Allah bless them with His grace, good-pleasure and light in the hearts in lieu of this labour! (3) Training session at the Markaz is going on. More than two hundred individuals are doing this task. We are very heartily pleased at the arrival of so large number of people first time from Unoccupied Kashmir. Nearly eighty individuals have come from there. (4) This year, the government has announced Hajj policy much earlier. Applications will be deposited from 15th January instant. The believers are upset due to this hasty decision. So many individuals were arranging money to deposit in April. The people blessed with capacity should not be deprived of Hajj. Wealth comes and goes but Hajj is a grand obligation and bounty. The persuasion to Miswak is going on well. Miswak is distributed well. (6) The seditious and wicked people will break the law of faith and modesty this night in the name of "New Year Night". The believers should earn maximum virtues this night for protection against the portance and wickedness of those wicked people. Goodbye لاالہ اللہ محمد رسول اللہ


May Allah bless us all with special fondness for Islamic obligations! Actually, we have been spent on the earth to fulfil these obligations. This is the actual aim of our lives i.e. Kalimah Tayyibah, Salaat, Zakat, Fasting in Ramazaan, Hajj and Jihaad in the Way of Allah. Labour for Miswak was made last week. The job of this week is important and easy which is intention for Hajj, fondness for Hajj and persuasion to Hajj. The current and a past column on Hajj have been published in the Al-Qalam. Study them yourselves and convey them to seven Muslims at least. Friday with Maghrib. The deed of Aayat-ul-Kursiy and Beauty Contest is welcomed. Goodbye لا الہ اللہ محمد رسول اللہ

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