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Message Corner-626

Message Corner

(Shumara 626)

Message (06-01-2018):-

It is Allah's grace that there is all mercy and assistance everywhere. There are fierce operations of the Mujaahideen in Kashmir. After consecutive Shahaadat of the Muhaahideen, the only supplication was, "O Allah, please the hearts of the believers!" Allah be praised, they are getting pleased well now. 463 individuals are participating in training course in Peshawar ماشا اللہ لا قوۃ الہ باللہ. The heart is steeped in gratitude and delight. There is the situation of 'Itikaaf in Ramazan. May Allah bless all with forgiveness and mercy! Speeches on Miswak were made on Friday. Thousands of pieces of Miswak were distributed. Only this point should be inculcated that no task of Din is minor. There are dates of Sunnah Hijamah these days. Allah be praised that thousands of individuals are gaining health. There are spiritual springs on the one hand, and physical treatment to the other side, there is flood of Quranic explanation and most of all thunders lighting of Jihaad. Allah be praised that call for Hajj has been made. The lucky people print articles on Hajj and distribute them among the Muslims. The Muslims are resolving for Hajj everywhere. Keep in mind, Islamic obligations are to remain alive till the Day of Judgement. Allah deputes His lucky slaves to the service of these obligations. They perform the obligations themselves and become a part of labour which continues those obligations. Offer thanks to Allah that you have contributed to labour for Hajj also. Your labour for every deed is accepted which is a great grace of Allah when our deeds are useless with numerous weaknesses. May Allah forgive us Goodbye.

Message (11-01-2018):-

May Allah protect the Holy Sanctuaries! Love for the Holy Sanctuaries is requirement of our faith. Reverence and fondness to visit the Holy Sanctuaries is a priceless asset for Mu'min man and Mu'min woman. The Holy Sanctuaries are (1) Ka'bah, Masjid Haraam and the surrounding Makkan area whose limits are defined and prescribed. (2) The Holy Grave. It is Masjid Nabwi and its surrounding areas in Madinah. Both these points are the most sacred on the earth rather the whole universe. Guidance, mercy and resplendence descend there all the time. A host of angels is appointed there. The Holy saints are certainly present there. The souls of the Shuhaada also go there. Water of life i.e. Zam Zam springs from there. The piece of the Paradise i.e. Riaz-ul-Jannah is also found there. Most of all, there is Allah's House i.e. Ka'bah. Dates for Hajj applications are approaching. So many hearts are anxious to go there. Application dates are January 15 to 24 whereas private Hajj schemes will start their work later. If Allah takes someone there for thousands of times, the value, reverence and fondness may not abate. Whoever makes publicity and wealth his object, is deprived of its value and reverence. May Allah protect and forgive all! The task for this week is also intention for Hajj, Knowledge of Hajj, Fondness for Hajj and Persuasion to Hajj. Friday with Maghrib. Beauty Contest and the deed of Ayat-ul-Kursiy are welcomed. Goodbye.

Message (12-01-2018):-

Allah is Generous and Free of needs. He is needy neither of someone's Hajj nor Salaat nor charity nor persuasion. All that He has made obligatory to us is useful and essential for us. If a man witnesses what a Mu'min gains by performing an obligation, he will never imagine of forsaking an obligation no matter what happens. Actually, every Islamic obligation is dearer to a Muslim than his own life and soul. Man's life becomes priceless due to performing these obligations. The Holy Quran orders the Muslims to perform the obligation of Jihaad rousing the Muslims to it so forcefully that it may go beyond the limits of every pretension and excuse. It says about Hajj, "Call the people to Hajj." i.e. persuade the Muslims to Hajj so loudly and forcefully that it may stir the souls to fly to the Holy Sanctuaries to perform Hajj. واذن فی الناس با الحج Call the people to Hajj. Allah be praised that the said dictate is acted upon these days. The Mujaahideen are persuading the Muslims to Hajj. Hearing persuasion to Hajj from the tongues of the Mujaahideen, people are surprised as well as pleased and accept the persuasion by the grace of Allah. The Mujaahideen had conquered Makkah with the help of Jihaad. The Mujahideen showed fidelity to the Holy Sanctuaries. Salutations to the past, present and future Mujaahideen of Islam! Goodbye. لا الہ اللہ محمد رسول اللہ

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