Rang-o-Noor (BY SA'DI)

(Shumara: 661)

Only Allah knows when the Day of Judgement will fall. The signs of nearness of the Day of Judgement explained by the Holy Prophet ﷺ are discernible rapidly. Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Islam Usmaan Harooni says, "When last phase will start, the Ulama will be beaten like thieves. The Ulama will be branded as Hypocrites whereas Hypocrites will be branded as Ulama." (Anis-ul-Arwah) At another place, he says, "The rich will grow mighty and the Ulama will grow humble. At that time, Allah will lift His blessings from upon His creatures and the cities will be depopulated." (Anis-ul-Arwah)
Other Points Next: Hazrat Khawajah Mueen-ud-Din Chishti Ajmeri who was disciple and successor of Hazrat Khawajah Usman Harooni has collected his teacher's sayings in a book named "Anis-ul-Arwah." This is a brief book comprising 45 pages. I got it two days ago. I studied it in one sitting and gained great benefit by the grace of Allah. The belief gains infinite strength by reading the sayings of holy saints and heart feels life in it. When a current of life runs in the heart, the passion for Jihaad and Shahaadat also revive. According to Hazrat Khawajah Usmaan Harooni, only that person can be true saint and sufi who loves death. When love for death is created, the heart is calm and peaceful. Then one feels neither growling of Trump nor is there perturbation due to barking of Modi and his army chief. These poor helpless so-called rulers are needy of everyone. These statues of disgrace and kings for fixed period of time just threat from the tongues when their hearts tremble and shake out of fear. They can sleep peacefully neither at night nor can have any breath of relief. Their present powers will vanish after a few days and all of these Obamas will become Toni, Bush and Musharraf. Then they will rear dogs to spend the rest of their lives. Hazrat Khawajah Usman Harooni teaches us how to love death. This is the only love in the world which emboldens man. Today, my intention was to write about Hazrat Baba Farid's routines and Hazrat Khawajah Usmaan Harooni's sayings but the situation in the surroundings is very upset. So these gifts will be next if Allah wills.
One Point is Beyond Perception: The ruler over Pakistan is sometimes Prime Minister and sometimes president. Every party makes amendments in the constitution after its will. The ruler of the country in the reign of Musharraf was president. During Nawaz Sharif regime, Prime Minister was ruler and the president was an obliged servant. During the PPP regime, the ruler was Zardari and Prime Minister was his subordinate. It is a lengthy discussion which is not today's topic. I was to say that whoever becomes ruler in Pakistan is always in a hurry to develop intimacy with India. Is something buried under this chair or within this chair, we don't know? When Musharraf was not the ruler, he was at war with India at Kargil but as soon he came into power, he began to madden for intimacy with India. However, the Sharif family has some germic relations with India and the Hindus. The present Prime Minister, in his very first address, gave the offer to the Indians, "If you take one step toward intimacy, we shall take two steps." Why these two steps? Why this haste? Then he sent letter of exchange of visits between the foreign ministers. What is all this? On the other hand, the ruler should solve problems of the masses, understand India well and look at the past history and then make his policies about India. Actually, India has seated her strong lobby in Pakistan to weaken Pakistan. This lobby fulfils its mission under different guises. As soon as a ruler occupies the chair, this lobby becomes active and instills this point in the mind of that ruler "Intimacy with India is the burning question. Only you can succeed in it. If you succeed in it, there is no danger to your government. You will be appreciated all over the world." Hence every ruler is entrapped. Our present government had not yet remembered the names of ministries fully but it began to raise slogans of intimacy with India. The good point now is that culprit Modi was under charges of corruption. Attacks of Kashmiri Mujaahideen had also upset him. Hence, just to win laurels in the next elections, he started a new phase of enmity with Pakistan. Our Prime Minister also admonished Modi so severely in the open market that he will keep burning in this shame till his death. Now, he has sent his army chief who is a moving carton. He is threatening India. If the government removes barriers from the path of the Kashmiri Mujaahideen just for six months, India will receive response to every of her threat if Allah wills.
There Will be No War: We never want war between Pakistan and India. It is false blame at the door of the Mujaahideen that they want to make India and Pakistan fight. Mujaahideen just counter the Indian oppressions making her realize her worth. India had been encouraged due to a few past mistakes. We lost East Pakistan due to our shameful mistakes not due to Indian bravery. But that incident led India and her masses to the delusion of their power. The rest of the job was done by the Indian film industry. They made such films regularly as assured the starving, naked and intoxicated masses that India was invincible and she could wipe out Pakistan whenever she willed. Allah be praised that Jihaad of Kashmir inflicted crushing defeats on India and removed the delusion of Indian power. Now, India can never make mistake of waging war against us.
She has been defeated by the Mujaahideen in the atmosphere as well as on the earth. The morale of her army has fallen badly. Maximum number of uniformed individuals in the world who commit suicide are the Indian soldiers. The present army chief who had stepped into the field with the slogan "Operation All Out" has confessed his defeat. How can the country obliged to get support of fake Surgical Strike just to encourage her masses wage actual war? But the Indian lobby in Pakistan always frightens our rulers of the Indian invasion whereas India has not been able to stop Jihaad of Kashmir going on for twenty-one years despite appointing her 800,000 soldiers. She could not get her plane evacuated from five Mujaahideen. She could not defend her Parliament from invasion. She could not crush the Khalistan Movement despite thirty years' oppressions. She could not wipe out Naksal valley struggle despite losing her thousands of soldiers and policemen. She could not hamper China from building a road despite investing all her powers. She could not get steadfastness in Afghanistan despite spending trillions of dollars. India has become shallow from within. She wants to achieve her goals through threats. Her lobby active in Pakistan is spreading awe here. She wants to defeat Pakistanis through film and cricket. Instead of taking two steps of intimacy to India, if our rulers take two steps of valour, they will gain wonderful results. The horrible division of Brahman and Haraijan will shatter India. If the oppressed Muslims in India arise, there will be established three new Pakistans in India. O Allah! Bless our rulers with courage and passion!

لا الہ الا اللّٰہ، لا الہ الا اللّٰہ ،لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

اللہم صل علی سیدنا محمد والہ وصحبہ وبارک وسلم تسلیما کثیرا کثیرا

لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ