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Rang-o-Noor (BY SA'DI)

(Shumara: 606)

May Allah protect us against ineligibility but make us eligible and include us in the faithful, the Muslims, the people of the Paradise, the honest and the truthful! Today, I am to write on two topics simultaneously. O Allah, make it easy and accept it!
The Meaning Of Incapable: The Supreme Court of Pakistan has declared the Pakistani Prime Minister incapable in a unanimous decision. There are so many meanings of incapable according to dictionaries. A few are as under:
(1). Dull (2) Ineligible (3) Degenerated (4) Mean (5) Uncivilized (6) Unsuitable (7) Rude (8) Impolite
It means that the Supreme Court has declared the Prime Minister as dull, incapable and degenerated fixing the above title for him which you have read but the Supreme Court has snatched away two titles i.e. the truthful and the honest. It means he has not remained truthful now but has become a lair. He has not remained honest but has become dishonest. Eight titles have been given but two have been snatched away. The Prime Minister had to leave his post according to the law. Now he has shifted to Murree. When he did not feel peace even after death, he lifted the funeral of his honour on his shoulders, came on the GT Road and at last reached his house creeping for four days.
The Prime Minister had captivated so many of our innocent oppressed companions in Lahore. When I remembered those companions in Ramazaan, I was constrained to shed tears. Those people of the Holy Quran would recite the Holy Quran in Ramazaan. Note Allah's dignity! When sobs of those believing people reached the High Throne, the man who captivated them due to his personal obduracy fell in Lahore after getting rendered incapable.
Sacred Decade Has Started: The last decade of Zul-Qa'dah is going on and the sacred decade is going to start after a few days. You may have studied the book 'The Best Days in This World." Why do we wait for this sacred decade this year, we don't know? وَالْفَجْرِ وَلَیَالٍ عَشْرٍ Allah has vowed with the nights of the first decade of Zul-Hajjah in the Holy Quran. These ten days are a great gift for the lovers and lucky people. We should resolve this year to make our fate during these ten days. These ten days can lift man from the earth to the sky. The good deeds in these ten days are more popular with Allah than Jihaad even. What will be the reward for Jihaad during these ten days? It becomes known that these days are to be earned and to gain reward. Supplications in these days are very high-ranked i.e. supplications are granted during these days and luck of the fortunate people flies very high. So, we should offer two Raka't prayer and pray to Allah that we may be granted with these ten days with complete acceptance and good. Those who complain of their ill-luck should wait for the Zul-Hajjah moon and get busy with good deeds to embellish their fate as soon as the moon is sighted. The deeds during these ten days will lift them very high.
Enmity is Against Din Only: The Supreme Court branded the Ex-Prime Minister incapable. There were ten heinous allegations on him. It is wrong that he has been branded incapable for not receiving salary from his son. He had started a vast network of cheating, fraud, robbing and fakehood. Its worst example was his son's company and he was an employee in it being even father. What need writing of salary in the papers when he did not receive salary? All this is done to conceal a fraud or black-money otherwise it is strange to write the name of the father as an employee when the company belongs to the son whereas all the affairs of the father and the son are joint. The sum total is that horrible allegations against the Ex-Prime Minister have been proved. Six high officials of six departments investigated against him and found him guilty. Then five judges of the Supreme Court found him guilty. Now look at the situation in Pakistan. If a junior official of special branch or police charges a Madrassah, Masjid or a Mujaahid, that Madrassah goes under supervision and that Mujaahid and family are troubled the maximum in every possible way. If an SHO enters a fake report against a religious Muslim, his name is included in the fourth schedule and his life is made a burden. But the man whom the Supreme Court and six departments of the country have proved guilty is moving about without let, taking out rallies, receiving protocol of Prime Minister and spending budget of billions in the name of security. Entire machinery of the government is dancing at his signals and he is threatening the army and the courts. Why is this so great discrepancy in this country? The incapable Prime Minister took out a small rally whereas so many individuals in Pakistan can take out much bigger rallies whenever they will. Why then are the threats of that incapable person tolerated? Why is he allowed to exercise so great influence on the government? Is it just because he is not a religious person but every oppression, every restriction and every law is for the sake of Madrassah, Masjid and the religious Muslims attached with Jihaad? This is the question asked by billions of Muslims in Pakistan. When the heat of this question comes down on the earth, perhaps the temperature goes out of control. The well-wishers of the country should correct this situation at once.
How is The Decade to be Gained? The best way of gaining decade of Zul-Hajjah is to inculcate the need and importance of the decade and then to seek help and capacity from Allah. Secondly, fix a charter for virtues for you for this decade just now. The people busy with domestic and financial liabilities should intend for the virtues which are easy for them. Those who have no financial appointments should fix maximum syllabus for virtues. For example, they should observe fast for nine days, complete recitation of the Holy Quran once or twice, establish Salaat Tasbeeh every night, recite Allah Akbar for one hundred times after every prayer and offer maximum supererogatory and compulsory sacrifice. Islam is, actually, a very vast and comprehensive Din. Everything in it can be made a virtue by correcting intentions and emotions. I have been recalling a blind scholar of Din in Sharjah for many days. I don't know whether he is dead or alive now. I met him long ago. His name was Sheikh Imran. He was the resident of Egypt. He was Imaam in a Masjid at a short distance where we stayed in Sharjah. We became friends in the very first meeting. He was mad-lover of Jihaad and a scholar. Hearing of Jihaad of Kashmir, he began to talk of Hazrat Maulana Anwar Shah Kashmiri acknowledging his researches. One of his habits impressed me much. He would smile most of the time. He was lost in so deep smiling suddenly as if someone had titillated him from within. This is the state of gratitude at bounty i.e. getting pleased and offering gratitude thinking of Allah's favours, bounties and attributes. This is a very great devotion. A man deprived of eyes was blessed with this devotion that the people with eyes would envy him.
Spend just one day in a way that you may remain lost in recalling the bounties and offering gratitude to Allah, you will come to know how great devotion it is and how greatly difficult it is for ungrateful people like we. In short, virtues are so many. Only the intention and passion to do good should be created. Explaining the tasks of virtue, once the Holy Prophetﷺ said, "Intercourse with wife is also a virtue." When the Sahaabah questioned with wonder, the Holy Prophetﷺ said, "How greatly sinful he would have been if he had done it at a wrong place?" It means that every attempt to avoid sin is also a virtue. When the workers in the bazaar safeguard their eyes avoiding false oaths and cheating, they will become masters of uncountable virtues. So everyone during these days should fix a syllabus of virtues according to his business and appointments and make good the loss of all his past life. The latest book "The Best Days in This World" can prove very useful in this regard if Allah wills.

لا الہ الا اللّٰہ، لا الہ الا اللّٰہ ،لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

اللہم صل علی سیدنا محمد والہ وصحبہ وبارک وسلم تسلیما کثیرا کثیرا

لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

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