۱۰رمضان المبارک۱۴۴۰ھ



Rang-o-Noor (BY SA'DI)

(Shumara: 608)

May Allah protect, help and be kind to the Muslims of Burma blessing them with dignity and power in their own country! Ah! there are emigration caravans stretching far and wide, innocent children staring with hollow eyes, mothers, sisters and daughters who conceal their tears and engulf their own blood. Mercy, mercy, O Allah mercy! It seems that the Buddha government of Burma will face red tempest now, the country will weep for peace and the wild beasts like Ashin Wirathu will bite their own hands with their own teeth if Allah wills.

Every Terrorist is Muslim! Every Muslim is not a terrorist but it is also true that every terrorist is a Muslim. This sentence is on everyone's lips in the world. The Jews and the Christians have made it their mission to inculcate their ideas in the minds of people through their films. That's why; they spend billions of dollars on it to mould people's thinking. They have propagated the following sentences also that every terrorist in the world is a Muslim. The French Internal Minister also repeated this sentence in a conference in Germany last year whereas it is totally wrong and mischief. The number of non-Muslim terrorists in the world is more than total number of Muslims but the difference is that invasion made by the Muslim is called terrorism but invasion of the non-Muslim is not called so. If a Muslim crushes a way-farer with his vehicle he is called terrorist whereas this act done by a Christian to crush a Muslim is not so. If a Muslim attacks a non-Muslim with his knife, he is terrorist but if the non-Muslims attack the Muslims with bombs, missiles and planes, it is not terrorism. Now keep the situation of Burma in view. The followers of Buddha are attacking the Muslims in hosts and groups and are burning complete hamlets of the Muslims. But they are called neither terrorists nor is any objection raised against Buddha religion nor is Ashin Wirathu, the ill-smelling leader of those Buddhas, called terrorist. If the Muslims had given such a treatment to the non-Muslim minority in their country, resolution in Security Council would have been passed against those Muslims, financial restrictions would have been imposed on the Muslims air-raids would have been made on them but the Buddha terrorists are free. They are shedding blood of thousands of Muslims. When the world grows so unjust, perhaps the Muslims must become terrorists so that this sentence of the enemies may prove true that every terrorist is a Muslim otherwise the situation today is that every oppressed one is a Muslim, every homeless is a Muslim and every tortured person is a Muslim. Ah! The pain of the Burma Muslims is unbearable. O Allah! Grant us with the power and capacity to do much for them.
Bin Mice Not Bin Laadin: A Buddha monk is leading the attacks on Muslims in Burma. His name is "Ashin Wirathu." The Buddhists claim that their religion preaches peace. The followers of Buddha do not eat meat of an animal, nor do they captivate birds but release the birds and fish caught by spending a lot of money. Our captived comrade who belongs to Bahar says, "Once, the followers of Buddha came to visit an area in Gaya. We filled water in a polythene bag, placed fish in it and stood on their path. Seeing the fish captivated, they were upset. They would pay us a lot, purchase these fish and release them in the river." There is this situation on the one hand but Burma on the other hand where the followers of Buddha butcher the Muslims mercilessly. In the same way, the monks of Buddha religion and their disciples attack the Muslims. Do the Muslims not hold price equal to the fish in polythene bags to them?
Actually, Buddah religion has two faces. One face is to attract the people. It is a peace, non-violence, kindness and mercy whereas second one is their actual face which they expose to the Muslims only. It is killing, massacre, violence, cruelty, oppression, barbarizing and animalion. Actually, the followers of Buddha religion dream of occupying the whole world. They regard the Muslims as the biggest hurdle in the realization of that dream. So, the Buddhists have been showing their origin with regard to the Muslims. The Buddha religion is neither a spiritual message nor is there any path of success for humanity in it. When the Chinese got rid of Buddhism, they made progress whereas the followers of Buddha still spread terrorism in Tibet etc. Their terrorist leader Dalai Lama takes refuge in India. All these people are enemies of humanity. There are also a yellow poison. They talk of spiritualism on the one hand but deny the Hereafter on the other hand. In this way, they make man slave of their bodies and their interests.
Today's world is indulged in misconceptions about Buddha religion. May Allah accept the determination and sacrifice of the Muslims of Burma because they have exposed the actual face of the Buddhas to the world! Now, it is everyone's will to see it or remain blind to it. The hosts of thousands of armed Buddhas are busy with killing and massacre and the following sentence is echoing in the world, "Every terrorist is a Muslim."
We were talking of Ashin Wirathu. He is monk and leader of the Buddhas. He makes speeches against the Muslims and instigates the killer troops. A few days ago, he called himself Bin Laadin of Burma against the Muslims whereas not a single trait is common with Bin Laadin and Ashin Wirathu. Bin Laadin was a lion who had set out from his home to help the oppressed individuals. If Wirathu is really Bin Laadin, he must come out from Burma to a Muslim country and see how the Muslims make mince of him. Bin Laadin was that good-mannered brave person who did not oppress any minority in his country rather he always helped the poor siding with the oppressed in other countries even whereas Wirathu is attacking a minority in his own country and is shedding their blood mercilessly. Bin Laadin was that brave person who countered international imperialism whereas Wirathu is that nasty person who attacks the unarmed helpless people. So instead of calling himself Bin Laadin, Wirathu should call himself a mice.
Duty of the Muslims: The Muslims of Burma are an honourable part of the Muslim Ummah. So every Muslim should feel their pain. Pronouncements of cooperation and help are made by different countries, individuals and organizations. Awakening in the Muslims is arising due to the sacrifice of the Muslims of Burma. Keep one point in mind making it a part of your temper that whenever a calamity, mishap or a disaster befalls the Muslims, a few so-called Muslims begin to put the question "What did other persons or you do in this regard?" They regard themselves exempted of every deed and every duty making it their right to criticize others. Such people are very pernicious, poisonous and wicked. They themselves do nothing but spread seditions by taunting others. Always avoid such people. Make it your habit to do your duty.
As regards case of Burma, everyone of us should consider himself a Muslim and think what he can do in this regard, then establish two Raka't prayer and supplicate, "O Allah, grant me with the power and capacity to do my duty in this regard." Holding Istikhaarah and taking advice, you should keep progressing in this field. Allah makes such people do great deeds. I should think, what I am to do for Burma. You must think what you are to do for Burma without any publicity, propagation and pretension. Just resolve to do something for the good-pleasure of Allah steeped in the passion of Islamic brotherhood if Allah will. The land of Burma is waiting for the victorious feet of the gallant Muslims.

لا الہ الا اللّٰہ، لا الہ الا اللّٰہ ،لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

اللہم صل علی سیدنا محمد والہ وصحبہ وبارک وسلم تسلیما کثیرا کثیرا

لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

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